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brandi52_lp (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2003 at 7:49pm
Current mood: happy
Hello!! So, did everyone have a good weekend? I hope so cause it would kind of suck if you didn't cause the weekdays are always even worse!! wow, I'm a loser. lol. Anyways...I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday...I came home and my niece was at my house...oh wow...that was interesting! and then she stayed at our house for like....hmm...2 more hours. and then somewhere around 6ish phil and his sis. and bro. in law came and picked me up and then we went into town and rented some movies. then we went back to his house and ate and watched a movie. wow...let me tell you guys...he's got an "interesting" family!! lol, j/k!! They're all really really nice...or they SEEM like it anyways. Once again, I'm a loser and lol, j/k. Then I got home around 12 and our power went out. lol. Oh yeah...*clears throat* everyone...Stacy says "hi!" if you haven't guessed already...I'm talkin to my good friend stacy now!! or actually...I'm not really talking to her right now cause I'm preoccupied at the moment. hmm...what else...and I babysat Erika's little sis. on Saturday...that was pretty fun then I spent the night at erika's house and went to church w/ her in the morning. and after church we went to Great Day...there's a looooong story behind that but it's too long to get into. is funny though, but pathetic. My big bro. left today to go back to college!!:'( That's's so quiet w/o him!! lol. I did get to meet his "friend" brooke before he left tho. She seems nice. I knew you guys would care...that's why I'm telling you all this stuff!! lol. But I think I'm outta stuff to say so I guess I'll talk to y'all later. Have a good rest of the weekend...and a good week!! Oh yeah...guess what?! We only got a 4 day week this week!!! lol. Just thought I'd leave you guys w/ that happy thought!! Well, once to you guys later. good night!!
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04-08-03 4:19pm

Stacy's Party was awesome.
You really missed out.
Just thought I'd let you know.

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Re:, 04-08-03 4:40pm

I know..I'm sorry I did wanna go but my dad never answered me.

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