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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2003 at 9:21pm
Current mood: unfeely
I'm trying to find my Neo
have you seen him?
I don't know what he looks like
or what his personality is
but all i know is that
he's the One
the prophetess told me so.

She told me
when i first woke up
from the drugged sleep i was in
a mere battery
in the matrix of life.

The prophetess told me
as i stood in her kitchen
trying not to fidget
knowing i was still in the dream world
"you will fall in love with
the One"
she said
looking wise like a grandmother
in her apron while cooking her
sugar cookies in the oven.

I just stood there
shocked and confused
as she offered me a warm cookie
fresh from the oven.
I knew that the cookie
really wasn't there
but i couldn't help but wonder
if she was just joking
that i wouldn't fall in love with the One.

So i went back to the ship
and buried what she said
in my pile of memories,
not knowing that it would come true.

Then i met Neo
Morpheus told me to get him
and my heart cracked
i began to care about him
and i began to believe in the One.

Have you seen my Neo?
I think i lost him
in the flight from the Agents to the ship.
I'm afraid
that he's gone...
gone forever...

And i never got
to tell him
"i love you"
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05-02-03 10:25pm

There is no spoon.

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05-02-03 10:44pm

He's going to make it. (As are you kt, you're gonna make it thru everything life throws at you cuz you're strong and you got all of us by your side cheering you on.)

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Re:, 05-03-03 10:40am

don't forget me. i guess i don't know what i am in the mix of things, probably that little old lady with the apron on who tries to tell you things.

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Re: Re:, 05-03-03 11:06am

Okay this talking in song lyrics is getting confusing. What? The cookies weren't really there? How sad. I know I'd cry if my cookies weren't real. I mean if they weren't real, how could you eat them? I like eating. But I don't have to worry I guess because all my cookies have come in material form. Mmm, I like chocolate chip the best. No wait, Mint chocolate chip. Mmmmm... I don't like them fresh out of the oven, though, because then the chocolate all mushy and I get it all over my face and my mom's like, "Kyle, wipe off your hands before you even think of touching anything!" and then as I walk to the bathroom i forget and rub my hands down the hall as I go down there so there's big streaks and Then my mom finds it and she's mad and i gotta clean it up and then pick up my underwear where I left it in the livingroom floor. But I'm getting better last time I remembered to wash my hands but not my face and I went outside and talked to the neighbors and my face was all smeared up with mint chocolate, I wondered why everything smelled like lysterine outside... anyway I hope whoever wrote this lyrics feels better, i forget cause i'm posting off of Kristy's comment and it only shows her. iBuenos Mediodi`a!

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Re: Re: Re:, 05-03-03 12:41pm

ummm...mayhap ed should explain...this is a poem she wrote aboot Trinity in the Matrix...great movie...

Danke for the commentary, cuz the poem DOES have a double meaning and it looks like esther and kristy got it, rachel just was herself, and kyle, you made me giggle muchly ^_^

So this is Trinity~still looking for my Neo signing off!!!

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05-03-03 12:59pm

Oh man Kyle, you are just too funny. *snicker*

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Re:, 05-03-03 3:04pm

kyle kyle kyle, you are nuts. but we love you anyways.

trinity, neo isn't easy to find remember? you've been looking for him your entire life.

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05-04-03 11:15pm

I'm trying to believe that I've found my Neo but I'm full of doubt.

I wish I was in the Matrix so I could just reassure myself that "There is no spoon" but I'm not, I'm in "the real world" and I can't just pretend none of this exsists so I can get rid of my doubt.

But for now, I'll take my cookie and walk out the door not worrying about it and re-enter the Matrix.

But I do hope you will find your Neo and that he truly is the special someone just for you.

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