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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2002 at 8:47pm
Current mood: blank
Subject: what is this world anymore?
mikeymcdermed: wuslity over quantity is the way friendships should go.
mikeymcdermed: for anyone.

volleyballchix8: she thinks i'm a bad, horrible person
exitboot: Yep
volleyballchix8: i am... in her eyes
exitboot: Yep
volleyballchix8: yet different in other peoples...
exitboot: That's the way the world works.
exitboot: Or if you're like me.. Everyone loves you..
volleyballchix8: i wish everyone loved me
volleyballchix8: but it seems like no one does
exitboot: No you don't.
volleyballchix8: i think everyone would like to be loved
exitboot: :shrugs:
volleyballchix8: so why wouldn't i want everyone to love me
exitboot: Because it sucks.

being loved.. i think.. is a certain privilage that the fortunate ones get to have. if your lucky, you get to love someone and have them love you back. what a thing... to have someone you love, love you just as much back. that... would be the most wonderful thing. but i'm looking to hard.

mikeymcdermed: i guess.
mikeymcdermed: but.
volleyballchix8: but what?
mikeymcdermed: its not something that should be tried to be obtained.
volleyballchix8: tis true
mikeymcdermed: its something that niether side tries to find.
mikeymcdermed: but does.
volleyballchix8: i think that yes... i am to young to love.. but at the same time.. when something feels right... then..
mikeymcdermed: nope.
mikeymcdermed: love has no age limit.
mikeymcdermed: maturity yes.
volleyballchix8: i don't think my person exists
mikeymcdermed: your wrong.
mikeymcdermed: by deduction thier is on efor everyone.
volleyballchix8: but i he has to love me in return
mikeymcdermed: they may not be perfect but statistically they are better than everyone else.
mikeymcdermed: so there is one person for everyone.
mikeymcdermed: no shit.
volleyballchix8: yeah.. that's why it's hard
mikeymcdermed: not really.
mikeymcdermed: you just have to look in the right places.
volleyballchix8: well i must be looking too hard then
volleyballchix8: gosh.. i'm so neive

have a good night guys.
friends... you know who you are... even if it doesn't seem like it all the time, i love you. i'm always thinking about you, and always loving you guys. you all know that my friends are my everything. so even if it doesn't seem like it... i do... i do love you. good night
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the big L-word, 02-03-02 10:25pm a messed up thing. but i blame it on the english language. "friend" love is so much different from other forms, i mean, i could say that i love my sister, i love my dad, i love my cousins, i love my job, i love betty and robby, i love chocolate-peanut butter pudding and punk rock music and cheesy teen fashion magazines....and if you look at all of that, does it make any sense? i'm saying about 300 different things and I mean all of them to be true but i mean them all totally differently.

To summarize...
Love is objective. Don't get confused, don't get confusing. Say what you mean. My honest recommendation is to avoid that word for as much as you can because it is often misconstrued and painful when lost.

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Re: the big L-word, 02-04-02 8:51pm

i dunno... i agree that love can be taken so many ways. but the best way to deal with it is realize that loving grape koolaid is cool, but with people its different. i only tell my closest friends that i love them. its deffinitly not a word that i throw around. so love, but know if you lose it something changed, or something. just because you fall in love doesnt mean you cant fall out of it. and... love your parnets. and flowers. and trees.

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Re: Re: the big L-word, 02-04-02 10:01pm

I think we're saying the same thing though. You'll say that you love grape cool-aid without thinking. But if the English language had a word for loving an object, an item, a material possesion, we could use that and everything would make sense. But there's not. So while youd don't mean that you'd want to have a life-long relationship with your grape-koolaid, it sounds the same. Which is stupid. So it just needs to be watched a little more closely.

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Re: Re: the big L-word, 02-04-02 10:04pm

also: you can fall out, but never to the same place you started. you'll never end up just the same as you were before "it" hit you.

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