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70billion (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2003 at 10:16pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Enya-anywhere is
Subject: I saw you Sitting up there then I look again and you were gone oh well I will see you Monday
Today I had a Band consert nothing exiting. I got a new pair of shoes. They are like dress bowling shoes if there is such a thing they are super cool. I guess my step mom is have cantractions every 9 minutes or something so Tomorrow I might have a new little brother named zach. Well There is another boring entry for you good night
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05-18-03 10:29pm

are they the coolest kicks in the cave?

because that's what kelso would say and i argued for hours that if my life were That 70s Show you would be my Kelso...without all the pot and stupidity

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Re:, 05-19-03 11:09am

they are the coolest kicks in the cave even though some people think they are stupid and ugly. If you get a camrea and if you wanted to to a spin off of that 70's show I would play the part of the person who is kelso. We could call it "that charlie's show"

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05-19-03 10:59am

Your shoes are so ugly! Just kidding...


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05-19-03 11:05am

I'm just kidding Robby. I love you and your shoes are awesome. *smiles* geez. i was just joking. gotta love the shoes...

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