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User:Chelsea_Louise (user# 1244)
Location: The Big HC!, Michigan, United States
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Bio:i am cool. i have red hair and im 5'5 with poopy brown eyes. i have millions of people that love me and for the millions that hate me...WATCH YOUR BACK!!! haha! i love to giggle and make others smile. i allmost allways have a smile on my face. im poor white trash. my parents hate each other yet their still together. i have a HUGE grandma and grandpa roesly had 12 kids, 57 grand kids (im the youngest girl out of the 57!!), and 73 great grand kids. wow! yeah! lol! i go to tri county high school. i hate my school i wish that one day (of course when no one is in it) that it burns down to the ground and i would never have to go there again. muhahahaha! and yeah...i'm just a child stuck in a teenagers body. i get confused and distracted easly and i LOVE FRENCH FRIES and good charrlotte.
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Interests:(15) aerosmith, and a buncha other stuff too! haha!, and orange. i love all kinds of music. rap, anything really. except for oprea...ive never heard it when i hear ill let you know my recation to it. i love good charlotte, country, grean day, green, my favorite colors are black, new rock, old rock, pink, r&b, simple plan, weezer, white
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