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01-24-2004 12:04am

Hello, my dear Jacqui Jean.

I've decided to type you a little entry in your Guestbook, because... It's always fun to receive these types of things.

So, uh... Now I'm at loss for words. So, enjoy yourself. "Rock on", like you always say. Take care.

Ta, for now, m'dear.

- J U S T I N E -


10-10-2004 11:06am

boo! did i scare you? huh huh? yeah i did.

so um yeah not much going on here. just thought i'd pop in and say "hola".
u rock m'dear


01-22-2005 03:09pm

Thanx for everything and have a lovely day!


02-24-2005 04:01pm

hello jacqui

i just wanted to say that i love you a lot. you're always there for me and i hope i'm always here for you. i will always try and i love you times 50000 and 1

-allison elizabeth

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