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08-14-2003 03:25am

Hey, thanks for posting about my drawing - glad you like it. You wanted to know how to post pictures.... well... its kindof complicated but, the easiest way to explain is if you have the site of a pic - you enter this in your journal entry....

if you have questions just post on my journal


10-18-2003 01:47am

I love you more that chi-chi beans! Lets make a plan to take over the east coast! Mwahahhahaha! Fear the powers of the flaming ass!


10-25-2003 12:48am

Hey there! Just posting to let you know that I've read your journal.. If you ever feel like reading mine, don't be afraid to stop by or anything. I don't mind at all. =P

Very cute icon. It reminds me of Inuyasha and --Oh wait. It is from Inuyasha. XD *Idiot* Later days. B-)


02-01-2004 03:41pm

thanks fro posting in my guestbook
i like the words floating across the screen . its very nice


02-06-2004 08:45pm

i see that u feel me on the whole "stay single relationship thing". well, i hope you don't ever go through shit i do.


04-21-2004 07:33pm

I'm not the strangest one signing this thing.


04-23-2004 08:51am

hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, i figured i'd return the favor! lol and yes, jack does rock thats why i had to make my journal that theme heh ^_^
i hope you dont mind but i'm gonna add you to my friends list!!


05-24-2004 10:43pm

bottle o' rum


06-25-2004 07:26pm

*Stares at word that go across you journal* Oh um hi!*waves* Ummmm... I forgot what I was gonna say. OH WELL! I like your journal and your icon!


01-02-2005 05:24pm



02-14-2005 03:00pm

You posted in my Guestbook. So I thought I'd kindly return the favor.



03-07-2005 02:12pm

Proper etiquette, indeed. I thought I'd return the guestbook signing favor.


06-07-2005 04:38pm

I found your guestbook entry, and being the nice guy I am, I'm posting in yours.



08-27-2005 02:08pm

Someday, When I am needing to get trashed. I'll drive down I-69 to buy some real alcohol like Everclear 195. I might just keep going then I can finally meet you. Unless you think that'll be creepy.

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