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:: 2007 26 June :: 5.23 pm
:: Mood: moody
:: Music: High and Mighty Color - Goover

Emo Shits
If you're going to be emo and talk to all your "friends" like they're a piece of shit, then be that way.

Stop trying to make everyone feel bad for you. It got old three years ago. I don't care anymore. Every other statement out of your mouth is "no one loves me" blah blah blah.

Get over it.

Stop talking about yourself all the time and act like you give a shit about other people. Other people get depressed as well and sometimes maybe they want to talk about how their feeling and they don't want to hear about your shit. Get your head out of your ass and listen to them once in a while.

You piss me off so much. You get angry or upset about a joke and AGAIN you pull out the "no one loves me" or "no one cares about me."

Stop masturbating over people's pictures and go have a life. You're pathetic. I don't even know why I liked you in the first place.
And yes, delete me when you read this, I don't give a shit. You're just another number on my list, just another screen name on my buddy list that I don't double click.

Maybe I'll talk to you when you realize that other people have problems too, not just you.


Yeah whatever, hate comment the shit out of this entry, I don't care. are to become a shinigami..

:: 2007 4 January :: 12.55 am
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: DVD - Fast Future Generation: Good Charlotte

My current views on Good Charlotte
Well I just finished watching Fast Future Generation (for all of you non-GC fans, that's their DVD that just came out last week) and my cry count is 4. Yes, I cried four times during it and it wasn't even that kind of DVD. No, I don't feel pathetic about it, I cried more or less because of current views on them. They're not sitting too comfortably with me right now and I feel I need to express my emotion to more people than just Steph. And also because I'm lazy and don't feel like retyping everything, I'm going to put our conversation in here (editing out what's off topic). Obviously, I'm Shine Suicide if you didn't know that already. [please don't go IMing Steph about some of the things she's said 'cause some information was from one of her friends so we're not entirely sure it's true ourselves even though I wouldn't doubt it. But please don't be retarted and leave her out of this. This is more for MY views on it since this is MY place to post stuff. Thanks]

Shine Suicide (9:36:21 PM): <333
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:38:27 PM): HI!
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:38:27 PM): so whatcha doin?
Shine Suicide (9:39:09 PM): nothing. at all. my mom won't let me watch fast future generation until she goes to bed but i'm about to fall asleep NOW. >.<
Shine Suicide (9:39:11 PM): you?
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:39:30 PM): yikes!
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:39:31 PM): dude i've watched it twice, they're such fuckin dorks
Shine Suicide (9:39:37 PM): SHHH
Shine Suicide (9:39:40 PM): dont say ANYTHING
Shine Suicide (9:39:41 PM): about it
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:40:15 PM): i'm kinda pissed/dumbfounded about benj getting engaged to sophie...dumbslut
Shine Suicide (9:40:26 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:40:31 PM): she gave him coke...he's done coke with her...ew
Shine Suicide (9:40:48 PM): i don't like what the twins have become
Shine Suicide (9:40:59 PM): i want to go back in time and savour the good ol' days
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:41:20 PM): one of my friends knows them cuz she met them at warped tour in like 2003 or somethin, and they've been friends since then
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:41:41 PM): and that's what she said, but she also said that he told her it wasn't true, but 3 sources have said it
Shine Suicide (9:41:53 PM): they just don't want us to know about it
Shine Suicide (9:41:58 PM): but it breaks my heart
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:42:02 PM): yeah
Shine Suicide (9:42:10 PM): i would absolutly die if i heard billy was doing that shit too
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:42:23 PM): this album better be the best album ever
Shine Suicide (9:42:28 PM): yeah, really
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:42:36 PM): no i think he's only smoked weed, she hasn't said he's done what benj does
Shine Suicide (9:42:59 PM): good charlottes been like, my life support and i'm on the verge of giving up on them..
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:43:25 PM): she said benj hurt his foot and got pain pills for it, and joel walked in on him one day taking them and he asked him if he was in pain and benj said no and she said joel started yelling at him and telling him he's wasting his life
Shine Suicide (9:43:26 PM): i miss the old days when benji and joel were single and wishing that they had girlfriends and sang about heartache and shit
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:43:45 PM): yeah now what do they sing about? everything they sing about they're doing themselves
Shine Suicide (9:43:54 PM): guns and knives
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:43:58 PM): they have the lifestyles of the rich and famous
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:44:09 PM): yeah cuz they're hangin around thugs in LA
Shine Suicide (9:44:35 PM): i wouldn't be surprised if there's like, a hard core rap song on the album that makes me throw up
Shine Suicide (9:44:43 PM): it's bad enough that it's getting harder to look at them
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:45:05 PM): there was supposed to be a song with The Game, but they scrapped it and they're not putting it on the album...or so i heard
Shine Suicide (9:45:13 PM): they better not
Shine Suicide (9:45:28 PM): they need to go back to hanging out with sxe punk bands
Shine Suicide (9:45:40 PM): not druggie piece of shit rappers with food in their grillz
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:45:40 PM): yeah
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:45:45 PM): lol
Shine Suicide (9:45:47 PM): =]
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:46:02 PM): i kinda like Game, i think he's cute
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:46:07 PM): and he doesn't have a grill
Shine Suicide (9:46:13 PM): i'm talking in general
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:46:17 PM): yeah i know
Shine Suicide (9:48:08 PM): so anyway
Shine Suicide (9:48:15 PM): what's that about billy and weed?
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:49:34 PM): that's all he's ever done, she says...same with paul. he smokes cigs like a chimney, drinks beer, and smokes pot, but no hard drugs.
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:50:12 PM): that all still bothers me though, i mean who are we to tell them what to do in their personal private lives, but they're starting to sing about one thing, and then do another, or sing about things that they never used to give a shit about
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:50:26 PM): like in kyhomg
Shine Suicide (9:50:30 PM): that's exactly how i feel
Shine Suicide (9:51:02 PM): even if it's "just weed" it still hurts because I know what that shit does to people *points to my mom* and it breaks my heart to know that the person I look up to also does it
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:52:20 PM): they used to be the reason i stayed off drugs and drinking, cuz i knew that they did it in their past but they stopped, and look how far they've gotten...they're doing exactly what i want to do as a career and i used to think that staying off drugs was the only way i'd be able to focus on my music and shit. and now they have so much money that they have nothing left to spend it on but drugs
Shine Suicide (9:52:50 PM): and they seem to be neglecting the fans a lot more
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:52:58 PM): yeah
Shine Suicide (9:53:14 PM): even though they had the meet and greets and came out after the show, they're kind of withdrawling
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:53:31 PM): just watch FFG and think about what Joel says about hollywood and famous people in the cab, then think about what they're doing now, how they live and shit.
Shine Suicide (9:53:47 PM): they seem like "oh great.. ANOTHER fan wants a picture and an autograph, will it ever stop?"
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:53:53 PM): yeah benj didn't come out cuz he was with sophie, or my nickname for her "aussie coke whore"
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:54:12 PM): yeah they should be happy we STILL want their pictures and autographs after how many years?
Shine Suicide (9:54:21 PM): exactly!
Shine Suicide (9:54:50 PM): whatever happened to it being about the fans? I mean okay, they put off the album 'cause it wasn't right and they wanted something better for the fans.. but they don't act like it
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:55:32 PM): yeah the 2 year break that they took was spent doing stupid DJing crap at shitty LA clubs and hanging out doing drugs with rappers and shit
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:56:12 PM): i want this album right now. march is too fucking far
Shine Suicide (9:56:16 PM): at least they were still recording, but it's also fucked up that they would just do whatever they wanted while billy and paul just sat over there *points over there* waiting
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:56:36 PM): i want to hear this shit they've been saving for us to make it "better" for us
Shine Suicide (9:56:54 PM): yeah, i want to see what's so great about it
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:56:58 PM): yeah i haven't heard anything about what billy and paul were doing during their little break
Shine Suicide (9:57:20 PM): i think billy and paul should go start their own project to work on when the twins are being retarted
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:57:32 PM): the best one i've heard so far is misery, like the full version of it
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:57:43 PM): the river kinda pisses me off, like they're doing "sinful" things, and in the river they're like asking for forgiveness for it
Shine Suicide (9:57:50 PM): i like the sound of the river, but i'm sick of all the religious shit
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:57:54 PM): which is 24/7
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:58:37 PM): yeah me too, and i'm a little on the religous side myself...
Shine Suicide (9:59:14 PM): well to me, it just feels like they're trying to push it onto us when they're not even doing the "right" thing in the eyes of god
Shine Suicide (9:59:40 PM): like, they want us to be something but they don't provide the right example of it
RUbYSoHo8779 (9:59:58 PM): i mean it's like "hi we're gonna ignore our fans and claim that we're making a better album for them that's why we're pushing it back so far, but really we're just doing coke with whores and being hypocrites"
Shine Suicide (10:00:20 PM): *while wasting all our recording time DJing in clubs
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:01:20 PM): yeah they don't exactly do "the right thing" themselves so how can they expect us too?
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:01:20 PM): yeah
Shine Suicide (10:01:55 PM): like, they know that they're role modles and that all their fans look up to them, and they STILL put out the worst of their image
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:02:03 PM): yep
Shine Suicide (10:02:08 PM): i'm hoping this DVD will help change my mind at LEAST until the album comes out
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:03:53 PM): i mean yes the fans are getting older and we don't need "role models" so much anymore cuz we're pretty grown up now, but it still bothers me that i've looked up to them for so long, they've been my whole reason for believing what i believe and wanting to do what they do as a career, but then to find out that they're fucking around with drugs like coke only since they've moved to LA really kills me
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:04:31 PM): just pay really close attention to what joel says in the cab when he's talking to marvin jarrett about hollywood...way hypocritical of him now
Shine Suicide (10:04:36 PM): what ever happened to East Coast Riders?
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:04:39 PM): dunno
Shine Suicide (10:04:47 PM): yeah, i read his quote on the boards
Shine Suicide (10:05:10 PM): he's a hyppocrite (if i'm using that in the right context)
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:05:17 PM): yes you are
Shine Suicide (10:05:45 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:05:59 PM): are you watching it now or later?
Shine Suicide (10:06:27 PM): i'm about to put it in, but i didn't want to stop our conversation
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:06:45 PM): no go watch it, then COME BACK and talk to me if you're not dead asleep
Shine Suicide (10:07:08 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:07:32 PM): i'm gonna go chill with my family for a bit, they're watching jackass i think
Shine Suicide (10:07:49 PM): oh, i was gonna say you put it on too so if i have to comment, you'll know exactly where i'm at
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:08:16 PM): oh i pretty much know it all by heart right now
Shine Suicide (10:08:23 PM): =P loser
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:08:27 PM): hehe
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:08:46 PM): k go watch them be fuckheads!
Shine Suicide (10:09:11 PM): allright, do you want me to IM you during it, or completely after?
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:09:20 PM): you can during if you want to
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:09:35 PM): like if you see them being TOTAL shitheads, you can go "WTF!"
Shine Suicide (10:09:41 PM): lol ok

*this is where I put it on*

Shine Suicide (10:30:07 PM): lmfao, the part where benji was talking (sitting next to paul) then the lady starts going off in japanese and he has this "wtf" look on his face.. priceless
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:32:27 PM): yeah he's really a dork in this
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:32:36 PM): wait till he yells at the computer
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:32:38 PM): like me
Shine Suicide (10:32:54 PM): shhhhhhhhh
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:33:02 PM): i don't like that it's edited though, like the language
Shine Suicide (10:33:14 PM): really? ew thats gay
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:33:27 PM): yeah, like their fans are 5 or something
Shine Suicide (10:33:31 PM): lol

Shine Suicide (10:39:07 PM): that editing was fucked up, i have NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THEY JUST SAID! arrrrgh fuckers.
Shine Suicide (10:39:35 PM): they need to learn how to use that nifty parental advisory sticker
Shine Suicide (10:47:54 PM): i'm just gonna keep throwing my side notes out here for when you get back. "fashion is about adapting something to who you are" so what.. MADE is going to start having pot leafs on it?
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:49:58 PM): hhehehehee
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:50:02 PM): omfg i love you
Shine Suicide (10:50:14 PM): <3
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:51:11 PM): what part are you at now?
Shine Suicide (10:51:30 PM): they just examined the dudes car and they're putting clothes on
Auto response from RUbYSoHo8779 (10:51:30 PM): "Stefani" (10:48:24 PM):"fashion is about adapting something to who you are" so what.. MADE is going to start having pot leafs on it?
Shine Suicide (10:51:33 PM): elevator
Shine Suicide (10:51:45 PM): car
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:51:45 PM): oh
Shine Suicide (10:52:40 PM): dj name
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:52:52 PM): hehe
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:52:52 PM): DJ Tanner....
Shine Suicide (10:52:57 PM): yea
Shine Suicide (10:53:31 PM): i want the fucking jap version of this song [predictable]
Shine Suicide (10:53:32 PM): NOW
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:53:37 PM): haha
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:53:42 PM): jap? haha
Shine Suicide (10:53:47 PM): yea
Shine Suicide (10:53:50 PM): i love me some japs
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:53:59 PM): BAHHAHAHHAHAA
Shine Suicide (10:58:45 PM): joel "i can't identify with 'shaking that ass' "
benji "I DO!"
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:59:13 PM): yeah...i definitely like joel a little more for saying that though
Shine Suicide (10:59:18 PM): yeah me too
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:59:22 PM): haha benj is a punk ass
Shine Suicide (10:59:29 PM): it made me chuckle
Shine Suicide (10:59:39 PM): HAHA
Shine Suicide (10:59:45 PM): "motivating people to lose weight"
Shine Suicide (10:59:47 PM): >.<
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:59:48 PM): yeah
RUbYSoHo8779 (10:59:53 PM): paul is my hero
Shine Suicide (10:59:58 PM): lmao me too
Shine Suicide (11:01:08 PM): joel wants more.. what more could they fucking get? they had a meaningful song in the top 10.. HELLO Hold On you dumbshit.
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:01:22 PM): yeah
Shine Suicide (11:01:23 PM): i want to smack him now
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:01:26 PM): yeah
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:01:45 PM): nothing is ever enough, he's like a perfectionist and he wants to be the best...
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:01:59 PM): he doesn't realize that to so many of us, they are
Shine Suicide (11:02:08 PM): "i want to be remembered for something" blah blah blah. HOW ABOUT STOPPING 90% OF YOUR FANS FROM COMMITING SUICIDE??
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:02:29 PM): yeah that was a retarded statement
Shine Suicide (11:02:33 PM): mhmm
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:02:47 PM): has he forgotten the past like....5 years?
Shine Suicide (11:02:55 PM): drugs = yes
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:02:59 PM): haha
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:03:04 PM): that's so dumb
Shine Suicide (11:03:11 PM): he's dumb
Shine Suicide (11:04:20 PM): handle it better.. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT.. how about you handle it better than you do and actually DO SHIT FOR THE FANS AND NOT YOURSELF. biggest band in the world, BULLSHIT that will NEVER happen 'cause 70% of the world already hates good charlotte
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:04:37 PM): yeah
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:04:54 PM): actually i think it's just the US 70% that hates them
Shine Suicide (11:05:12 PM): knows what a famous person should act like or say.. oh my god don't even get me fucking started on that statement
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:05:17 PM): a lot of other countries aren't like us, they like them a lot
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:05:19 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:05:23 PM): yeah
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:05:57 PM): his girlfriend just got arrested for driving BACKWARDS DOWN THE FREEWAY while STONED AND ON PAINKILLERS!
Shine Suicide (11:06:06 PM): dear lord
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:06:29 PM): and i don' tlike her cuz she doesn't have a career plus he doesn't need to be around people like that
Shine Suicide (11:06:38 PM): exactly
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:07:06 PM): i read somewhere that he was glad to be done with hilary cuz he didn't want anymore drama...THEN DON'T FUCKIN DATE NICOLE RICHIE YOU FUCKTARD!
Shine Suicide (11:07:17 PM): hah true
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:07:50 PM): every video of her is of her covering up her face while paparazzi snap away, and all that shit she does is DRAMA!
Shine Suicide (11:08:01 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:08:20 PM): i don't get him/them at all
Shine Suicide (11:08:28 PM): same here
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:08:34 PM): benj too, cuz he's been dating sophie for like 3 months, and now they're engaged?
Shine Suicide (11:08:43 PM): that's fucked up
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:08:54 PM): can't wait to see how long they last....i'm betting on less than a year
Shine Suicide (11:09:08 PM): sheah, really
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:09:18 PM): she'll get pregnant with coke babies
Shine Suicide (11:09:24 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:09:30 PM): i can see it coming
Shine Suicide (11:09:40 PM): and if she gets pregnant, she probably wont stop doing it
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:10:34 PM): everyone will be all "benji where's your blushing bride?" and he'll have to say "she's not blushing anymore, she's SNOW WHITE! and her and the baby are in the ICU at Cedar Sinai Hospital cuz the baby is underweight"
Shine Suicide (11:10:50 PM): yeah really
Shine Suicide (11:10:51 PM): lmao
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:12:09 PM): i fucking hate how they act like they're all for us, and then they put out a DVD of them totally raving about Japanese fans, saying how they get so excited and they have so much energy, when they could totally say the same damn thing about us! we freak the fuck out when they tour
Shine Suicide (11:12:26 PM): yeah really
Shine Suicide (11:12:37 PM): but these candid shots of japan just make me want to move there even more
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:13:12 PM): yeah it is a pretty cool place, but so is new york and parts of philly and LA itself aside from the wannabe celebrities....
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:13:29 PM): LA has so much history, like Hollywood is the coolest place i've ever been
Shine Suicide (11:13:42 PM): but japan is different, everone there is unique and they're all about being themselves and i love it
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:13:56 PM): yeah that is pretty cool
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:14:15 PM): i just don't like how since they've moved to hollywood they've forgotten about us little freaks..
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:14:29 PM): and i mean freak in the nicest way possible
Shine Suicide (11:14:49 PM): like, everyone here is just jealous of what everyone else has and they want it all but in japan they're cool just being wrapped up in funky patterns and being original and not trying to be someone else
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:15:03 PM): yeah i really admire that
Shine Suicide (11:15:24 PM): and yeah, that was THE first thing that pissed me off about them before i heard about all this drug shit. "east coast till the day we die" welp.. they aren't dead, so what the fuck happened?
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:15:34 PM): yeah
Shine Suicide (11:15:52 PM): and i'm only like, 40 minutes into this dvd and i've cried twice
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:15:59 PM): they moved to LA now they're throwing up west gang signs and shit
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:16:07 PM): i only cried once
Shine Suicide (11:16:15 PM): i'm not even half way through
Shine Suicide (11:16:20 PM): -_-
Shine Suicide (11:16:21 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:17:04 PM): i just wish they'd move back to maryland, or at least stop dating LA girls or doing stupid club shit out there, wasting their time
Shine Suicide (11:17:11 PM): yeah
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:17:24 PM): i mean you take breaks to relax, and doing that shit is like a 2nd job
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:17:57 PM): everytime i hear about joel doing a new DJ set at some club, i'm like "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ALBUM! I WANT IT NOW!"
Shine Suicide (11:18:16 PM): yeah! right man.. gimme gimme gimme
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:18:26 PM): they've had long enough
Shine Suicide (11:18:39 PM): way too long
Shine Suicide (11:23:06 PM): O.O FUCK PEARL JAM.
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:23:13 PM): YEAH!
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:23:45 PM): he's an old bitter guy who's band hasn't sold SHIT in like 10 years
Shine Suicide (11:23:59 PM): lmao yeah really so he needs to shut his mouth

Shine Suicide (11:27:31 PM): ROTFLMFAO
Shine Suicide (11:27:40 PM): "if starbucks made a patch, i'd so buy it"
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:27:43 PM): haha
Shine Suicide (11:27:45 PM): <333
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:27:49 PM): yeah he's a silly ass
Shine Suicide (11:28:01 PM): that just completed my love for starbucks
Shine Suicide (11:28:02 PM): <3
Shine Suicide (11:28:57 PM): as in the "i'm now complete, or whole" type way, not "complete" as in finished
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:29:07 PM): k
Shine Suicide (11:29:25 PM): awh joel sneezed that was cute
Shine Suicide (11:30:12 PM): yeah.. i know something you can shoot into your arm to stop you from drinking starbucks. why don't you liquify the shit you do and shoot that up there
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:30:20 PM): yeah my friend cait thought it was gross, she was like "i would have at least sneezed into my shirt so my germs wouldn't go everywhere"
Shine Suicide (11:30:30 PM): lol
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:30:41 PM): how bout that?
Shine Suicide (11:30:43 PM): he probably has
Shine Suicide (11:30:58 PM): i don't doubt anything anymore
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:31:35 PM): how bout we finish the album and then put it out and then tour and then make all the fans forget what stupid pricks we were on our break....
Shine Suicide (11:32:02 PM): well the album IS finished.. they're just getting it ready and shit
Shine Suicide (11:32:09 PM): there better be another fucking meet and greet
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:32:19 PM): ugh
Shine Suicide (11:32:19 PM): i need to yell at them that their fansite is crap
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:32:19 PM): yeah and we better get pictures WITH them!
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:32:26 PM): lol
Shine Suicide (11:32:27 PM): that too
Shine Suicide (11:33:00 PM): lmao
Shine Suicide (11:33:22 PM): they have all this fucking money now and they're being given all this shit for free...
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:33:32 PM): yeah ain't that the life...
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:33:42 PM): BEST IDEA I EVER HEARD!
Shine Suicide (11:33:43 PM): give something back to the fans
Shine Suicide (11:34:02 PM): BUT they have to prove that they're fans 'cause a free show, all the haters in the world might take that oppertunity
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:34:25 PM): i mean the prices aren't that bad for their tickets, my dad paid 95 bucks for me to see christina aguilera in april, but her show is like a SHOW! it has a circus theme and costume changes and shit
Shine Suicide (11:34:34 PM): lol
Shine Suicide (11:35:12 PM): i don't care.. people have to pay for transportation and shit and merchandise. some fans dont even have the 25 bucks to go
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:35:20 PM): that sucks
Shine Suicide (11:35:28 PM): it's called being poor
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:35:54 PM): i know...i used to be poor before i moved to where i live now

Shine Suicide (11:49:14 PM): benjis so short <3
RUbYSoHo8779 (11:49:55 PM): yeah...i never really realized how much shorter he was than joel until that one shot in the beginning where they're walking next to each other with their backs turned to the camera
Shine Suicide (11:50:05 PM): lol
Shine Suicide (12:16:44 AM): my cry count is now up to 4

So yeah, it really didn't change my view much. Maybe the album will. But until then, I don't have that much respect for Benji and Joel at the moment. Oh and if you actually read all that, could you please comment and tell me? I know it's long, I want to know who actually read through it.

And I'm going to throw some Good Charlotte lyrics back in their face..

I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes,
but those are just a long lost memory of mine. are to become a shinigami..

:: 2006 2 December :: 2.37 pm
:: Mood: thirsty
:: Music: PINK SPIDERS'''s.automatic..
So are you cunning now?

So wow.. this week had WAY too many ups and downs.
I hung out with Tiff and we make pretty thingys.
I got pissed at my asst. manager before I even started my shift the one day, I went out to the car and thought about just going home.. but I need the money.
The I hung out with Eric.. he set is car on fire.. lmfao. AND THEN he locked his fucking keys in the car.. WITH IT RUNNING! Then I saw Tiff at her work.
Yesterday.. I went to get my check, and go cash it.. and the fucking bank won't cash my check because I'm 18. The account type I have supposedly won't allow me to cash a check until my mom comes in a takes her name off of my account. EVEN THOUGH I cashed a check last week.. while I was 18. Then I called Eric to see if he could get some money for me.. and he took forever to get it up to me.. I thought he was never coming.
And at one point during my BORINGASS shift..(I seriously wanted to go home from bordom).. I saw this kid in my work.. leather jacket, short black hair, OVERLY tight spandex jeans.. I ran up to Ann and was like "OH MY GOD, That kid back there, see him?, he looks JUST like the lead singer of the Pink Spiders.. put him in a pink and black striped shirt and that's so him. But he looks too young to be him.. I dunno. I doubt it's him.. he said they never even heard of this mall since their from like, Tennessee."
So I got over it after he left.. and then.. I see another person come in. This black glasses.. and not the most attractive kid on the block. I stared at him.. with that "I think I know you" look. He caught my eye and was like "Where's your country section?" I point to the last isle and say "Right over there" and I turn to Pete and I'm like "That looks like the drummer from the pink spiders.. what the fuck. He's got the glasses..." so I convince him to walk over to him and ask.. but as Pete's walking towards him, he leaves. So I run to the punk section and grab the Teenage Graffiti cd and show Pete the picture. I point to the drummer "That's who was just in our store.. and *points to Matt* that was the other one that was in here earlier.. it HAS to be them.."
I ran to the back to get my digital camera from my bag. Then there were some girls in line buying Teenage Graffiti, and went up to them "Is that REALLY them?" and all of the girls are like "YEAH!! Do you have a sharpie?" and I was like "All we have here are regular pens.. sorry.." And I was talking to the one girl who wasn't in line.. and I told her that she should try and find them and tell them to come in here again. So she leaves, and then a little later I see them all walk by and look in, and I'm just staring at them.. I turn around to make it look like I'm doing work and I turn back around and they're walking in. Matt went over to look at a DVD rack and I walk towards him.. I say "Excuse me.. Pink Spiders?" and his eyes just light up. I go "Hi! I'm Stefani, we met in October but I doubt you remember.. it was a the Good Charlotte show.." and I explained how only my picture with Jon turned out and asked if I could get one with him.. we took three 'cause Pete didn't know how to take pictures and Matt was like "We'll keep taking it until it's right!"
I tried to get Matt to remeber who I was.. I told him how in October, I bought their CD from him and he taught me how to open it, and I was like "Jeeze, I work in a music store too and you taught me how to open a cd. Yeah, do you guys know the Concord Mall in Delaware?" and he's all "We don't know anything around here..hah" and I was like "Oh.. 'cause I was going to say.. you guys should come visit me there *nudges his arm* I work at FYE" (NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN). He was like "That was a while ago wasn't it?" and I said "Yeah, October 20th.. I had red hair then.." he goes "Ohh.." and then I said "Yeah.. I was making fun of your merch guy for looking like the singer from Fall Out Boy.. and he had never heard of Fall Out Boy.." and he gave me one of those "That sounds familiar.. but I've seen so many fans since then.." kind of looks. I said "That's allright, don't hurt yourself. Thanks sooo much for the picture and it was great seeing you guys again" then my asst Manager was all "GET BACK TO WORK" and I said "I AM" (with emphasis, and little loud 'cause the girls staking the Pink Spiders were talking loudly). He comes up to me and was like "I don't want that snotty ass attitude, I tell you to do something, I want you to do it. Next time you do something like that, I'm writing you up." Yeah, next time. That's why he wrote me up for that time, because I supposedly yelled at him. Wtf.
I was too shy to go over and talk to the other guys.. I don't know why.. probably because it wasn't in a normal "where you meet bands" setting (aka, their shows). Now at the show, I left the line to buy GC merch to go meet them. But here, I was just walking around and was even too shy to ask if they wanted help. >.<

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