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:: 2008 20 June :: 8.00pm
:: Mood: Contented

Don't Cross the Streams
RGay: We could play rock band i have a voice like an angel

Emlah: An angel getting it's neck wrung by an angry god.

RGay: Only if he had marshmellow hands :>

Emlah: XD Angry marshmallow god.

RGay: Ghostbusters XD

Emlah: So true. XD

RGay: Just remember em... Dont cross the streams.

My friends are stupid. XDD

Just finished Ironside, the sequel to Tithe, by Holly Black. She writes pretty epicly.
Currently working through Carrie by Stephen King - looove the movie, reading the book.
Need to read more of the NECRONOMICON e--e;
Finally made my little brother's duct tape wallet I promised him.
Hopefully get my business going.


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:: 2008 19 June :: 11.53pm
:: Mood: Cynical, quiet, out of it, etc.
:: Music: Scary Kids Scaring Kids

So it's been like.. forever.
And I think this place might be moar private than LJ. Though I don't want privacy.. or something.
I don't remember.

Shit has happened.
A lot of shit.
Maybe I'll spill my guts tomorrow.

.. probably.

Right now, quiet time.



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:: 2007 26 June :: 5.23pm
:: Mood: moody
:: Music: High and Mighty Color - Goover

Emo Shits
If you're going to be emo and talk to all your "friends" like they're a piece of shit, then be that way.

Stop trying to make everyone feel bad for you. It got old three years ago. I don't care anymore. Every other statement out of your mouth is "no one loves me" blah blah blah.

Get over it.

Stop talking about yourself all the time and act like you give a shit about other people. Other people get depressed as well and sometimes maybe they want to talk about how their feeling and they don't want to hear about your shit. Get your head out of your ass and listen to them once in a while.

You piss me off so much. You get angry or upset about a joke and AGAIN you pull out the "no one loves me" or "no one cares about me."

Stop masturbating over people's pictures and go have a life. You're pathetic. I don't even know why I liked you in the first place.
And yes, delete me when you read this, I don't give a shit. You're just another number on my list, just another screen name on my buddy list that I don't double click.

Maybe I'll talk to you when you realize that other people have problems too, not just you.


Yeah whatever, hate comment the shit out of this entry, I don't care.

..you are to become a shinigami..

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