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:: 2005 1 November :: 11.24 pm
:: Mood: sad

thought id update, life really sucks sometimes. Im happy tho, just because you are...even tho i dont act like it sometimes. Okay another thing, JENN you need to like call me or something, i dont want you to hate me and im scared to call you. You really dont need to hate me, and ONE more thing everyone...I got my hair cut off, Its REALLY short. Ok im done, later everyone

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:: 2005 19 October :: 11.31 pm
:: Mood: contemplative

Wish i could put something meaningful in this thing. Nothing in my life has really changed, im still a very broing person. I still screw things up, i might of really done it this time fault, i just really need to change some of my ways...for many different reasons. Oh well, just hope i dont forever lose a friend because of it...well im out, later everyone.

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:: 2005 18 May :: 8.25 pm
:: Mood: calm

Havent updated for a while. Not much going on really, hoping for a job so i can get out lol...People in my house are going crazy, I mean REALLY nuts. Its annoying, other than that things are cool. Time has been going by SLOW, and so far my break has been extremly boring. Oh well, maybe someone will come along and save me lol...bye everyone

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:: 2005 11 May :: 8.50 pm
:: Mood: Confused/Sad

This has been the worst day of my life, i seriously mean that. I wish the next few weeks would go by faster than usual. It has to get better, time will tell. Its cool tho, ive got this under control. I dont really have anything to look forward to anytime soon. Im going to get a hold of Chris and TJ and see if they want to do something this weekend. We've been friends since we were baby's but lately we havent seen each other much and that really sucks. So i hope i get to spend some time with them this summer. Well ima go now...bye everyone.....God bless

I love you

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:: 2005 10 May :: 3.34 pm
:: Mood: complacent

Well, not really much to say. Today was a long day, now that schools out all i have to do is watch family matters, step by step, boy meets world, than full house. YEAAA, a lot time on my hands to think, and I did to much of it. My head and heart hurt now lol. The past year ive learned a lot about myself, I have a lot of flaws that I really need to work on. AH well, hopefully i get some help from the man up stairs. Ive been stupid, thats all im going to say. Anyway...i had a nice cigar taste in my mouth this morning, it was nice let me tell you. I brushed my teeth yesterday after i took a few puffs, but still it was there this morning. I cant imagine what full time smokers go through every morning. I bet its a wonderful aroma lol.....i dont see me doing it again for a long time. Althought the peach tasted very nice. Well ima go now, ill update later. later everybody

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