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it shook us like a bad dream

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:: 2018 12 March :: 8.10pm

Finally got an RX for glasses

Only one in the family who is farsighted hahaha



:: 2018 9 March :: 7.05pm
:: Mood: disappointed

Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones who make us feel the most alone.

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:: 2018 9 March :: 9.39am

I got a good girl ear rub

First time I've been that good

And I was a Looney toon



:: 2018 8 March :: 8.39am
:: Music: Portugal. The man

You don't need sympathy
They got a pill for everything
Just take that dark cloud
Ring it out to wash em down



:: 2018 8 March :: 12.19am

I have two little dogs. The smaller girl dog always humps the bigger boy dog's head when she gets excited. My dad came up with a new nick name for him: fuck face. I ask so does that make hers fucker?

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