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:: 2005 30 October :: 9.13 pm
check that out!

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:: 2005 24 October :: 9.41 pm

well.. right now it's going pretty shitty. i feel like shit, becuase i've got this huge ass headache. i miss jessie. and soccer is over. i find it pretty ironic that kenny sourwine got moved up over me. well i'ma get going cya

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:: 2005 13 October :: 8.54 pm

some reason i don't think she does love me much any more for some reason. just the way she act's. it seems like she just blows me off. well them are the feelings for my day so im off

:: 2005 11 October :: 8.31 pm

fuck that kid, damn. thats all i here _____ this and ________ that. i hope he'd fall off the face of the earth

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:: 2005 5 October :: 10.24 pm

it's been awhile so here is my thoughts right now
i don't care about life anymore. i don't give a shit about what happens anymore. i'm getting sick of the imature kids on the damn soccer team. yeah i may joke around with them but it fucking hurts. No matter what i do that keep doing it. I don't care any more. then other shit that i going on that really bothers me. but i guess i have no other choice and won't find out whats going on. so i guess i'm going to go with the flow. so fuck school and fuck life i'm done.

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:: 2005 30 September :: 10.15 pm

I fucking hate her mom.

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:: 2005 18 September :: 1.00 am

gah! i don't like that person very much she don't make and damn sense
I love you jessie

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:: 2005 10 September :: 11.59 pm


Edit i can't express my feelings right now, if i did i'm sure id get it trouble. i've got this real bad feeling inside me right now. i don't no what it is. just something about jessie, i don't want to know what the feeling truely is.

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:: 2005 8 September :: 10.20 pm

Gah! i screwed up.
Life sucks

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:: 2005 1 September :: 11.37 pm

i've got a bad feeling where this is going :(

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:: 2005 30 August :: 7.24 am

i love it when she wakes me up. it feels great! to wake up next to her. i wish i could do it more often. I love you jessica

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:: 2005 28 August :: 11.02 pm

WOW! this is funny, i'm sitting here in the recliner. beth is right next to me. playing with reeba in the play pen. and maddie is going crazy because she can't get to the baby. she runs back and barks. trying to get beth out of the way
i think it's pretty funny to me.

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:: 2005 28 August :: 10.02 pm

well today was pretty good.. today i went to church and mc. sprts and duhums. i got new cleats and mcs. then at duhnums i got keeper gloves. it was good. tommrow is gonna be good except for orentation. but then jessica comes up. that means we can hang out. I love her so much. :)
then i have soccer :( that is gonna suck because i'm really sore. well i'ma get going talk to you all later
i love you jessica!

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:: 2005 27 August :: 11.00 am

well life has been pretty good lately. i got up early yesterday to go to soccer. it was pretty good except i had to work with Gary, he isn't very good at soccer. but it went allright. then i came home and slept for a couple of hours. then i went and hung out with jessica during nap time. then shawn hause beeped me and asked me if i'd mow the soccer fields which i said "Yes" but it was fun. it was me, my music and the open feild. very relaxing lol. After i had gotten done out there 3 hours later i had came home and the family + beth went out to dinner. we went to "Fire Mountain" it was good. some reason i didn't eat as much as usally. i don't no why. That was yesterday.
Today i have to go to a wedding at 1:00
that is all i really have to do today. :(

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:: 2005 24 August :: 10.37 pm
:: Mood: great

days of my life
well... today went good, i had a scrimage tonight, well the team did. we won, 4-0 i had a shut out it was good. but with like 8 minutes to go i jumped up to get a ball, and just before then my brace, one of the straps let go. so when i came down my knee poped out of place again. but i got back up and finished the game. then after that i came back here and my and jessica hung out and cuddle it was nice. But tommrow i have soccer in the morning. then after i get done with soccer i have to go watch the kids with jessica because michele has to go some where. which wont be bad because me and jessie can spend some time together. not quality time, but time. The only problem is that there are a couple of kids that go to michele's daycare that i am not to fond of. but i am going to think on the good side because i'm going to get paid. which i need the money. :) well i am going to get going. I love you jessica

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