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:: 2016 2 March :: 1.07 pm

This year I'm less pathetic. I'm always honest to myself. I found a new specialty. Making coffee. Yes. I enjoy making coffee, but I'm not a professional Barista yet. My manager gave me this title.

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:: 2015 20 October :: 3.02 pm

I've been busy lately. I started working at McDonald's in August. I'm still working there right now, but I feel it's a very tiring job and low salary. I can't expect too much though because I'm not an expert who deserves to earn a high pay. Sometimes I feel discouraged.


Piercings. I talked about getting a piercing in here before. The first time I got my ears pierced was in high school. I think I was 16 years old. It was ages ago, but I'm still obsessed with it. I would like 2 more piercings on my ears though. I'll think again later.

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:: 2015 15 June :: 11.24 pm

Going back home to get my driver's license. The test has 50 questions. I hope I pass. I really need the license to drive all over the city without any worries. More job hunting. It's been a year and a half. I haven't settled yet. Moving from one workplace to another. Where will be my next stop?


:: 2015 4 June :: 12.44 am

On Sunday, my family came and we went to the mall. My sister went to the camera store to buy some new tripods, but it took her pretty long and I got bored. I went to a bookstore. The first time I went to a bookstore this year. It had english books. I went to the young adult section and saw this book called Ghostgirl. It looked something like Emily the Strange. I wanted to buy it, but wasn't sure if I should. I'm still pondering. I want something to read at work when everything is done. When I'm on break, I can read something that takes my mind off of my co-workers. I get tired of them sometimes. They make me feel like I want to be alone. If I have something to read, I'll feel less stupid. There aren't that many books or choices either. English books in Thailand are expensive. It's the price of a very expensive meal. I can't use my phone at work either since it's not allowed. Only emergency calls.


:: 2015 2 June :: 12.17 am

I might be buying a new phone in about 4 months. The cheap one I bought with an unpopular brand name isn't doing it for me. It lags a lot and the battery reduced so much. From 75% to 19% in 3 hours. That's insane. I always have at least 10% left. If I want to make a call immediately, I can't. After I touch one of the buttons, I have to wait a while for it to come up.

Work was ok. Today is Buddha day in Thailand, so many place was closed. I had to eat microwave food.


:: 2015 24 May :: 7.05 pm

Today is my day off and I'm spending it alone. I woke up at noon to do the laundry then went to sleep until the laundry finishes. After it finished, I went back to sleep again but I didn't fall asleep completely. I had that laxative tea and it gave me a stomach ache until 5pm. I went outside to do some shopping on stock up on some canned food in case I can't go out for any reason. Sometimes I get off late. I had my air condition on. Tomorrow, I won't have to buy any food. I'll be eating the leftovers for lunch. Then some tuna and crackers for dinner. I spent a lot of money today to get all the shopping done. I won't be spending more tomorrow. My salary is enough to get by on my own. If I save up and not eat too much, I would be starving and eventually end up binging, which happened before. Trying to enjoy resting before going back to work tomorrow. Work isn't challenging, but I'm the new staff so they don't let me do everything even though I could, but I would be doing it soon anyways when someone goes on a vacation. It's so easy being in front of the grill, stove and deep fryer. Who doesn't know how to make hamburgers?


:: 2015 30 April :: 11.37 am

Going to have a nice and peaceful day today.

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