you think about yourself too much and you ruin who you love


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:: 2018 9 December :: 10.59pm

the pebble cannot change the course of a river

all it can do is hope to be picked up and carried for a while

thankful to be part of the journey



:: 2018 9 December :: 9.52pm

when every shitty thing you know about yourself is shoved right in your disappointing face and you're forced to smell your own shit sundae

I don't want to wake up.



:: 2018 8 December :: 6.59pm

fuck everything

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:: 2018 8 December :: 9.07am

sickness from hell
first time I've been this sick in a few years

every time I swallow I wake up because it hurts so bad. went to the doctor just to be told there's nothing they can do.

just what I needed, another worthless egocentric doctor who can't help. and an expensive medical bill before x mass. woo.



:: 2018 22 November :: 6.39am

I'm just waiting for you to let go

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