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:: 2003 20 May :: 1.52 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: *blink182*adams song*

well hey there
goddamn...fucking bored. took like 600mg in lunch..woohoo....*hes* pissed off at me all over again..i know he only cares but w.e..tis juss pain killers anywayz.. yummyness. newayz, matt ish bein annoying..he asked me what i want foh muh birthday and for a while i said that i really didnt want anything but like 4 minutes ago i saw him after lunch and i told him to get me the staind album. coolness. so that item ish officially off oof muh birthday list. weee. hes a really nice kid when hes not busy being the most annoying person in all of the land. heh. ivan got sent up on stage for getting his lunch early. lmao "paynus!!". im in 5th hour right nowz, bored as hell. =/ ..courtney just fell on her ass,...fancy fancy. ::snickers::. Kristen loves me. <-kristen...sexy beast! lol..weee...buh yeah shes sittin next to me..shes mi sexy bytch oof course. im scrounging for money to give her so she can take the bus home. success! ..yous know what i juss realized? i havnt seen erin in such a long time...i love dat chicky, shes muh sis...buh we havnt gotten to stay at eachothers place for so damn long...i HAAAAAAAAAAVE to see what she sup to this weekend. i would sacrifice the mall if she could come over...believe me..that means ALOT. lolz. ah, im engaged now! lol. mr Josh Reinitz...spiffy. and danni thinks im hot...oh boy...thats actually mighty scary. =/ *pokes his giant man boobies because i can!* weeee. yous know what sucks most of all right now? that the b.f and the ...hm..."lover", lol want to rip eachothers throats out. yeah that kinda sucks dem beeg bawls. yesh renee, bigger than yours and zanes combined. lmao. smeeton was throwing around a grasshopper leg in lunch..it was funny to watch all of the little bitches scream and yell because they thought it was gross..that pretty much made my day right there. i gave eddie a note to give to zane in 5th hour because he has that class with him..and i got stuck in mrs. franks class today for 4th hour since mrs. sweeny ish on the field trip. got to see eddie..didnt say much to him though because he had to do novel shyt. i think he thinks im pissed off at him or something...even though im really not....theres just a bunch of stuff going on lately. like for instance, he has this 7th grade girl Christina thinking that he asked her out and that they are dating now. that pissed me off. im like wtf? now you got other chicks now and im the last one to know? thats really nice. AND even worse, he has her believing that me and him broke up and he wants me to go up to her during school and start a big scene, pretending to be all pissed off at HER. fuck that. sometimes i really dont understand that boy. it really gets me pissed. i dont know what the point of him doing all of that was, and i dont care to find out because i think ill smack him up if i have to discuss it with him. michael had something to do with it too but i dont know how much..supposedly HE was the one who told christina that eddie wanted to go out with her. its amazing how much you can think of someone and then your whole perspective about them changes within such a short period of time. i spent like 10 minutes crying in the bathroom during 3rd hour..then got in trouble by mrs. jonas. ugh i hate that bytch. oh well i guess it doesnt matter anymore. <> im purposely leaving out the reason that i was crying because i know that the person is gonna read my journal entries<> ..and yes the reason happens to be a person.....maybe a little bit of everything else as well. geh..im so sick of bein stuck in gay situations and having no way of getting out of them..or maybe there IS a way and im just too retarded to see it. alright well thats enough complaining for one day...will update again later most likely..i do whenever im bored anywayz. im out love you guys. -Steffa

spiffy advice for the day...well actually...it should ALWAYS be considered..*nods*

Well kiddies, today i learned that things slip away...and its usually people. Sometimes you dont have control, but alot of the time you do. Do you have someone really special in your life? well claim them..make sure u dont let them slip away from you, becayse things can change really fast. And if they are already gone or going..then dont just continue to sit and watch..take action and tell them how you feel inside. you may be surprised...i dont care if its ur sister, your ex, a friend, or an important guy or girl..just go tell them how you truly feel...regret is the worst feeling one can have when you see the one you love around you all the time..and you wish that you could hold them, but you cant. wish that you could always stay beside them, but you cant. wish that no matter what happened it would just be them and you forever, but it wont be. dont let that happen. hold them as dear to your heart as you possibly can. because you never realizes how much you love somebody, until you lose them.

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:: 2003 19 May :: 11.19 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: *Staind*it's Been Awhile*

<3 that song ^^^ <3
im not sure whats going through my mind right now..or why exactly its going through my mind at all. but it doesnt matte. because in the very back of my mind, way back where its not cluttered with confusing thoughts.. im happy.

relationships really blow. =/ i feel like im at the breaking point right now and i really dont know what to do at this point..which i have stated many times before as well. i guess im kinda happy too..all these mixed emotions can be too much for a girl to handle sometimes but i feel like im doing alright...in a way. god im so happy though..about me and *him* at least. so glad that i can sit and think about him now..without feeling bad or anything like that. i HATED whenever i felt like i had to hate him. it sucked. and now that were on good terms again..anythings possible.

mikes being a dork. eddies mike that is. eddi wanted to call me but my moms on the phone long distance so...another time.

me and a few of mi friends almost got in a fight today after school with a bunch of black kids who were crackin on mi new bisexual friend Luke. God, i hate it so much when people act so narrowminded and act like they have nothing better to do with their life then sit and look down on people who really arent that different from themselves! i dont see why one's sexual preference would harm another person in any way, who has NOTHING at ALL to do with it. it just proves that there are more assholes in this world than i thought.

the fight never actually happened. why you ask? because the bastards left the argument as the same individuals as they came in as: ignorant little chickenshits. hmph. its kind of a shame that nothing ended up happening. i could have used a reason to unwind from all this bullshit lately. oh well, another day.

birthdays growing close, woo hoo..only not really. id rather go crash the mall and spend it with a few people that im close with than have a big party 'nd wotnot. but certain friends of mine, which i wont mention any names of course, wanna have it their way. so i suppose ill just tag along and see how that goes.

well after i got home from school today i threw up like 4 times. fun right? well not really...I dont even know why i got that sick. but, shit happens. gotta suck it up and move right along.

well i suppose thats it for now, gonna go tend to the people im talking to online. bye for now -Steph

~*in love once again- even though i never quite fell out of it*~ always good to think ahead though ;}

if you ever had the feeling that it was impossible to look at someone after a load of bullshit..and realize that you needed them more then you ever imagined..you'd be wrong my friend. if i have advice of the day for you guys, its dont let petty shit get in the way of your heart because sometimes it gets so very gray that it cant see through to get through the conflict..and you end up screwing up everything with the person you love. yep...thats mi refrain for the day. gona leave you all with some stained. fancy fancy- - - -

And everything I can't remember
As fucked up as it all may seem
The consequences that i've rendered
I've stretched myself beyond my means-
It's been awhile
Since I've gone and fucked things up
Just like I always do
and it's been awhile
But all that shit seems to disappear when I'm with you-
Why must I feel this way?
Just make this go away
Just one more peaceful day-
And it's been awhile
Since I could...
Look at myself straight
And it's been awhile
Since I said I'm sorry
And it's been awhile
Since I've seen the way
the candles light your face
And it's been awhile
But I can still remember just the way you taste*~

weee...bye guys.

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:: 2003 19 May :: 1.59 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: *Manson*Coma White*

fancy fancy
hey thurr pplz...im in muh 5th hour in school right now, oh the joy. supposed to beh doin work but being such the successful procrostinator as i am, it doesnt look like thats happening any time soon. saw zane today after 2nd hour...im starting to doubt that he really cares much about anything bad thats happened between us recently...which is a good thing because i dont feel like being on bad terms wit him..he still means alot to mes. =/ yesh i know, pathetic right? eat me. thinking about taking eddie up on that open relationship offer... =/ ..too much shit goin on lately with guys...grr damn them all to hell. >:D i dont know for sure if im going to though, it still seems kind of *slooty* to mes. i talked to kathy about it all last night, because i was in the middle of thinking about a bunch of crap. eddies sweet but hes really clingy...to his best friend mike 'nd shit. and whenever something bad happens between the two of them, hes all pissy to meh and that just doesnt work out with mes. soz yeah. i talked to zane last night til like 2 in the morning..scary scary..oh well ive lasted longer on the phone b4....but its just weird because of everything that has happened between me and him lately...it doesnt seem that we would be so buddy buddy but i guess that weve been through enough together already and nothing else really matters. i dont know if thats exactly good or bad...must think about it though. he has a girlfriend but hes gonna break up with her i think because he doesnt really like her or something like that..its all really complicated. bottom line: me and him are really close again and im just on the breaking point of not knowing what the hell im gonna do anymore. kathy gives good advice though, mhm. im not gonna put it in here but i will say that its being taken into some serious consideration as of right nows. *nods* hmmm lets see...i hate school and i wanner go home. school ish just a really...REALLY big gay wad of gay gayness. so there. ivan, youre sucha paynus head..or should i say "emmit"..hmm..::strokes the long russian beard:: bwah. iight wells thats about it for my rambling today,....will update when i fucking feel like it. =) love you losers. -Steffa

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:: 2003 18 May :: 5.49 pm
:: Mood: mellow yellowv =) .::snickers::.
:: Music: ~*Jackoff Jill*Star no Star*~

~*shifts eyes*~ ...its a conspiracy!!!!
well hey there children, whats happenin? i see you have chosen to read another one of my ever so exciting journal entries..good for you. very well then. where shall i begin? tis the weekend (yay) but tis the END of the dayum weekend (sunday) blergh. i just got back inside the house from tanning and im now talking to curtis and emma (john). oh joy. i miss eddie so much. i havnt seen him since friday when we all went to the mall. i suppose ill start telling that long and adventerous story right about now ~*swish*~ Well i got home from school on friday thinking that i was gonna go to the mall that night, seeing as we all had been discussing it all week long in school. then for the longest time i didnt think i was gonna go because me and renee were bums and we couldnt find a ride. well at the last minute mes datty came to the rescue and he ended up taking me and renee there at around 8ish. once we got there we werent there but about 2 minutes before eddie came running towards us. (nyaww) =) he was with bryan and quiggum (quinton). maria and jess were also around there before we started walking around, so we exchanged hi's and all of dat good stuff and went on our way into the mall. dum diddy dum. first on our journey, we went to sports authority and played ont he exercising equipment and shyt...twas fun. then bryan took off and his around the store somewhere. the first time, i caught him, the second time, we almost caught him and everybody split up to look for him, it was like, *longs to just shove eddie underneath a clothing rack and have her way with him* teehee...but when bryan took off again we all just decided to go outside of sports authority and sit in those little massagy chairs to wait for him to come around. i stand by what i said before renee, keep your man on a damn leash! lolz jp i wuv yous bryan! =P ....but when he finally did come around...we still just sat there and did nothing for a while but talk. renee convinced me to sit on eddies lap, heh. we just talked for a while before i told quinton that he was a woman..then we all got up and went to go walk around the mall some more, searching for whatever we could find to keep ourselves company. everybody but me started clapping for some reason..okay? riiight..then quinton was the only one left clapping after a while, and one of those icky rent a cops came up and yelled at him..twas quite amusing if i do say so myself..which i do so there! as soon as the rent a cop turned to walk away quinton clapped once more like the douche that he is. the rent a cop came back and talked to him AGAIN and threatened to kick him out of the mall. we all yelled at quinton later and called him names and crap, so its all taken care of now. ::smirk:: Anyway, then we all walked to books-a-million, where we sat in the chairs in the back of the store by the food book section. we all just talked and acted retarded only to find out later on that there was a camera overhead the entire time. =/ lol. oh well! we met some pretty fancy kids who came by and discussed the origins of monkeys in a barrel and wotnot wiff us. and how they reminded us of animal crackers. that was some funny shyt. a while after awl of that "excitement", quinton got called up and he had to leave. i STILL say that his parents were somewhere in the mall looking after him. heh heh. well quinton got up to leave, and feeling as bubbly as i was last night i snuck after him at a certain distance and when he least expected it i ran up and kneed him in the balls from behind. it was quite funny =) and yet, im STILL not THAT evil. ::grins:: anywayz, i ran back to de otherz and shared that brilliant little story with them. then we just hung out in there for a while longer, does it REALLY matter what went on? ::smirks at eddie:: ill never te-ell!! ;D all of that happened with us knowing that the cameras were there too..goddamn what the hell were we all on? lolz. wellz, then a lil later i realized i had to pee, as i often do. for future reference, i pee ALOT. lolz. so we all took a trip outside of the bookstore to the bathroom right next to it. the bathroom..oh man..OH ..MAN..it smelt like piss. damn bathrooms, always gotta be smellin like some rotten animals. no matter,tis that glorious time of the month so i had no other choice but to subject myself to the "unknown". geh. "they only sell the ones that you have to finger your damn self to get em' in!!!" lmao Renee. heh. After we got out of the bathroom we ventured over to the candy machine, where a fight broke out, between me and bryan of course, over my pack of starbursts. it ended by me grabbing his nuts, which he claims i "punched", and he let go of the pack and i skipped away. lol i felt really really bad about it later on though cus bryans "the homie"(lmao) and all..i swwie bryan! ::glompz him:: ...kk..THEN we went BACK to books a million for some odd reason and went back to where we had been sitting before. some more stuff went on which i will never tell,lol. and then eventually we did depart from out lounging wonderland, if you can stomach it. We were on our way to the oasis to go to ghiradellis because i had just been called by the mum and she reminded me that i had to be home before 11. damn her and her narrowmindedness! anyway, we were walking through the mall to go back to the oasis when a different rent a cop stopped us and told us that since the mall had been closing all the time we were in the bookstore, we had to walk around out back to get to the oasis. damn him! i spit on him! no no, i PISS on him! and his crappy shiny shoes! hmph! Soz, we did what we were told to by once. we walked....aAAAAAAAnd we wwwalked...AAAAAAnd we walked some more..in between there, there was alot of boob pinching, grabbing, and punching. and lots and lots of grabbing eddies ass because he has the nicest bum in AWL the land..no seriously..its awesome. then there was some talk of orgys and that sort. and eventually we finally made it to the oasis. once we got there, we went straight into ghiradellis, where we ran into jew boy! (josh) natalie, and jen and some other pplz. sadly enough, i didnt get to sit on josh and feed him pork like i did last time, lol. but ill get u back josh! in a way, i kinda did because when he ran into the bathroom to avoid me sittin on his lap, i followed him and pulled him out of the mens bathroom and forced him into the womans bathroom where i stood in front of the door and wouldnt let him out for a while. then later on i mooched off of his soda. then him and his ppl left ghiradellis and went back outside into the oasis and me,bryan,eddie, and renee sat for a while. i felt like i was gona throw up so i bolted for the bathroom, just to find out that it was locked. whodda thunk is eh? gayness...thank god i DIDNT end up yarfin awl over the dayum place because the only other bathroom would have been the one in the movie theater and you do NOT go in theer at night...too dayum packed...well..THEN, eddie started to paint renees nails black and then one of the guys who was sweeping the floor came up and told us that we had to leave because we werent eating. it was pretty gay..no no..HE was pretty gay. nobody loves him. hmph. Then we all trotted along to the oasis entrance by the movie theater to sit and wait for bryans dad to come get all of us bums. kristen saw mes and out of nowhere she came speeding towards me to give me a hug, then renee stepped in front of me and BONK!! kristen fell on her ass on de floor. nyaww, mi poor sexi bytch ;) even tho it wAs kinda funny..she probably thought it was too..even tho she told renee that she hated her..lolz. wells we just stood and talked for a while after that, i said hi to kaitlyn then bryans dad came and picked us up. the ride home..well that wasnt really anything special. not much happened..talk of sum41 mostly, which theres DEFINATELY nothing wrong wiff dat. weeee. wen i got home i waited for the parental units to go to sleep..then i went online and talked to eddie,renee, and bryan. taint u glad im done talking about all that karap? good because here comes what happened on saturday. u KNO u love me..maybe not. well lucky for you guys, i didnt really do anything saturday. bryan had dumped renee the night before out of nowhere..we had talked about that more on saturday morning and i had a LOOONG discussion about it with him and guess what! theyre together again. as IF i would let it end up any other way! pssh! i give myself maybe a little credit for them being back together but i didnt really do anything more then talk to bryan and emphasize logical points about them that he already knew. sometimes all someone needs is a good coaxing. or a good "punch" in tha balls. ;) bryan. lol. nyaww they make a cute couple. theys two of mah good friends soz im glad dat theyre "an item" whoa that sounds all oldish..lol. well, eddie slept over at bryans saturday night, kewlness. i pulled another 1am online session talking to bryan for a while then talking to eddie until i dozed off. mes loves dat chyld =) i wish i was over there wiff hims tho =( . well all that has gone by and looky here! today is sunday! im procrostinating about doing my homework because it hink its completely gay and bogus..some novel project for my u.s history class...i have to do a few journal entries based on like 3 of those chapters. fun fun fun! only..not really...AT ALL. hmph. not only that but i still gotta clean up muh room a bit, tisnt that bad but still, im a neat freak if you get me in the mood. ...::looks around::...::slaps you::..not THAT mood douchy, GOD! heh..well anywayz i did accomplish SOME stuff...since mes mums has bin layin dwn most of the day cus shes sicky suck sick! poor mums =( i did the dishes and some laundry..good for me..then wandered int he computer room as always..talked to some pplz and then went tanning and came back and this is where im at now! so im gonna end all of you guys' torment and just leave you with a birthday list, once again because all of my friends are badgering me about what i want for muh birthday. tis so close too, i cant believe its in like 12 days! (cheap self-promotion) teehee. wellz thats it soz heres the list and imma go! love you guys! -Stephanie

~*Spiffariffic Birthday list....."thing"*~ .......yeah whatever.
1) money
2) cherry celli fone cover
3) more money
4) spencers gift certificate
5) american hi fi cd
6) marilyn manson cd
7) hot topic gift certificate
8) jelly bracelets
9) new nofx cd..has NO idea what the name ish
10) new staind cd, "14 shades of gray" or whatever the freck its kawled
11) the cd for that band cold...you know..the people who sing that song "stupid girl"
12) even MORE money..bwahhahahha
13) a wee tiny gary backpack..gary being from spongebob you asscrackers
14) any article of clothing with cherries on it..yesh yesh cus cherries r super sexi
15) .....stuf.....

k thats it so byes!!!!! *waves frantically*

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:: 2003 11 May :: 1.17 pm

some bullshit..
heres some more quizzes because i have no life. =/ taint that just fancy?
you are the obligatory goth!...hmmmm

what sim are you!?
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You are Botan Rice Candy:
Ol' tried and true- you have mild flavor and an
edible wrapper. Ooooh I could eat you all up,
baby ^^

Which Japanese snack are you?
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You are Nicky,
Although you are the spawn of Satan you like
nothing better then rocking out in your room
and have no interest in running Hell. Your only
friends are two metal heads named John and
Pete, a camp wannabe actor room mate, a geeky
little girl and a talking dog.

Which Little Nicky character are you?
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You are the Jamie Lloyd saga!

What Saga from the Halloween Series are you?
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Congrats you are Micheal Myers-Have a bad

What Scary movie killer are you?
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You're Michael Myers. you stalk your sister laurie
strode until you are almost burned to death.
the nightmare is never over with you, you devil

Which Movie Killer Are You REALLY?
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You are Pyrokinetic!

What's Your Magic Power?
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so there you have it. *poofs away*

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:: 2003 11 May :: 12.09 pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: "Headstrong"-Trapt

sick sick sick...
hey there buhdees. havnt updated in a while, my b. im so fucking tired right now and i feel like shit. my throat hurts, head hurts, everything just hurts this morning. my situation with that guy that ive mentioned several times in the past couple entries? hell get his. i feel bad because its sort of amusing to sit back and watch and for once, not be the one thats getting their heart ripped out. i still feel the same way though. love is fucking bogus. and nothing right now can convince me otherwise. im talking to bryan and emma (john) on aim right now. well, i went to the mall the past couple of nights. it was pretty fun because i got to see eddie on friday night at the mall. <3 him. hes a really sweet guy and i feel like there would have been no better time for him to come into my life. with all of this **** bullshit, like i sed...NO BETER TIME. i finally feel semi free of my feelings for him. i feel bad that hes been hurting lately but its like he has no remorse whatsoever for what he has put me through. like he doesnt even care. hell, if he really does then he sure as fuck isnt showing it. but i guess you can say that im happy now. if happy is even something remotely possible to feel at this time. im glad that im realizing all of this now. its never to late you know, to realize that youre something more than what youve been holding yourself to be. i actually confronted him about alot of things that might actually have been better to keep in the dark, but at least he knows now. and i believe it is better that way, for the bother of us, even though the reality of "the both of us" will never again be as appealing to me as it has in the past. well buhdee, since you havnt been updated in quite the long while, bryan and renee are going out. im really happy for them because they are both really great people. i wouldnt have it any other way.<> you know these desires you get every so often to punch somebody in the face? kathy..WHAT was she wearing on friday? lol. god im glad that i finally got myself out of that situation and im sorry to be talking so much about it but you have no idea how great it feels to step out of those shoes and look at the big picture for once. i was jealous of THAT>? that thing? and i stress the word thing to the highest extent known to man. i need to stop laughing before the headache concumes my entire body and i end up having a spasm. heh. i really cant help it though. i wish i could have always laughed at this situation as i am now. and to everyone thats ever wanted to openly smack me in the face for the simple fact that i brought myself to his level to begin with...thanks, i needed that. and for everyone who said that it was gonna be ok and i doubted..i owe you. im not much candy to the eyes indeed, but i know that im better than that. there are enough prostitutes on this earth and she just takes the cake, ha. but in all honesty, which is something ive been having problems with myself lately, the impossible has happened. things truly ARE better now. whether its because of eddie, or my other friends constantly reassuring me of what i never thought to be a possibility, ...then again...maybe it was myself all along. people come and go in your life. and while you may wish to look back on the memories and cherish them, its not always the best thing if it brings you the most tears. im glad im not doing that to myself, even though now and again i think about it. about him, i mean. it makes me cringe to know that me, and even people out there who may be just like me, would think of hurting themselves over people who wouldnt even think to do anything like that for the other person. love isnt a word that you just toss around. and just as amazing it can make one feel, it can be that painful in return. my advice to anyone out there, i may not know the exact words to explain what love really is, but i know it when i feel it. if you dont plan on being there in the long-run, save the both of you the heartache and dont even say it. it just fucks with someones mind and makes them think that you give a damn, when the honest truth is that you dont. im not going to ramble on about anything else because for what ive done to myself doesnt give me the right to preach on to someone else. this just helps me release a bit and have something i can look back on in case i ever need it again. in case i ever get the feeling in the pit of my being that he does care about me..i can look back on this and save myself from falling into all of that again. because none of it was worth it. and nothing at all ever will be again. whatever color my heart is now, be it gray as it feels, shit happens. but i dont ever wanna go through that again. this may just as well be me repeating what i have numerous times both outlloud, and in my head. but you had a choice to read this or not, so if you dont like it, you shouldnt be here. may i suggest rotten.com or possibly freakhole.com
have a nice day you guys
happy mother's day.
@---->----Love Alwayz----<----@

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:: 2003 28 April :: 8.15 pm
:: Mood: determined
:: Music: ~*ClOsEr*~NiNe InCh NaIlS

gesh what...shh...cmmere ::motions hand:: ...g2 tell you somethin..close...closer....::whispers into your ear:: i wanna fuck youz lyk an animal! ::smax ur @ss n skipz away::
nnnnd this is a few quizzes courtesy of me stealing them from eeners journal diary thingy mabobber.... http://www.woohu.com/xsexibonitamamix yup that her..so what r u waiting for huh? ::spins around in the street:: watto u waiting for?!??!?! ::gets hit by a bus:: ..smash....well damn...

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

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You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You
probably just don't give a damn,but it's
everyone else's fault if you don't because
you're too awesome to have any real faults.

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Star light,
star bright,
what images will I see tonite?

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You see the would in Red, Green, and Blue
To you, the world is logical. Everything happens
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Which Mall Monkey Character Are You?
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Info Grey
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What Color is Your Heart?
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You are a number one: A rebel.
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WhAt kInd Of kId ArE yOU?
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You are one of the many faces of scream. You follow
your leader who is a sick fuck who was scarred
for life by his slutty mother who decided to
forget all about him and his life.

Which slasher killer are you
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You are Buttercup.  Your beauty is beyond compare and only marred by your misery.  You live your life hoping for the return of your one and only true love.  Until then you will contin
You are Buttercup, your beauty is beyond compare
and only marred by your misery. You live your
life hoping for the return of your one and only
true love. Until then you will continue to
lament but you may marry someone else to pass
the time!

"A princess bride personality test!"
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*~ What kind of dreamer are you? ~*
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you are BLACK! you sometimes get easily depressed
or let down. try not to spend all your time in
a bad mood. you only live once so make the best
of it and be happy :D

*~*What color best describes you?*~* (now with pictures!!!!)
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Life of the bedroom

What sex catagory do you fit?
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You are: KETCHUP! A good loyal friend with a
sense of humor.

---What fast food condiment are you?---
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You are The Fouton
You are the Fouton. Trusty companion who's always
there. You may say "WTF? A fouton isn't a
person!" Well if you've ever had a fouton
you'd know. And its an honor to be considered
a fouton. It's always a comfort to have you
around. People come to you when they're sad or
tired, or when they're happy. It's great to be
you, you're also very trendy :D So enjoy life

Which Platonic Sex Character are you?
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Which Sexy Comic Book Woman Are You?
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You're "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls.
You don't want the world to see you because you
don't think that they'd understand, and
sometimes you bleed just to know you're alive.
You're way intense and rather scary. You may
want to consider professional therapy.

@-->-- Which Sappy Love Song Are You? --<--@
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princess aurora
You are Princess Aurora, born of royal blood, but
the most sweet and innocent girl that ever
lived. Graced with beauty and talent, each day
is full of promise. Stay clear of evil women,
and rely on the help of your personal fairies
to help you find the prince in your dreams.

A Royal Princess Quiz of a Disney Sort
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You are a Goth Cheerleader!

What type of cheerleader are you?
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You truly understand and care about people! Keep it

Do you understand depressed people?
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Vampire Ho
Vampire Ho

What type of vampire are you?
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Worship your Toaster
You are independent and you need to have your life
perfect and well planned. You have an amazing
understanding of other people, have you ever
considered a career as a therapist?

What is your inner toaster?
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Which lifesytles GC song are you?
You're "Bloody Valentine" (Woohoo for
you! This is my ultimate favorite new gc

Which young and hopeless GC song are you?
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I am Juliet, from Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet's:
Juliet -
The daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet. A
beautiful thirteen-year-old girl, Juliet begins
the play as a naïve child who has thought
little about love and marriage. She grows up
quickly, though upon falling in love with
Romeo, the son of her family's great enemy.
Though she loves Romeo as profoundly as he
loves her, Juliet nevertheless demonstrates a
more level and sober head than does her
paramour. Until a falling out near the end of
the play, the Nurse is Juliet's closest, and,
it seems, only confidante and friend. She fakes
her death upon being ordered into an unwanted
marrige and Romeo, thinking Juliet dead, kills
himself in her tomb. Upon awakening and seeing
Romeo dead, Juliet stabs herself with Romeo's

* Which Tragic Shakespearean Heroin are You? *
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which punk love song are you?
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Goddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strange
darkness and sadness lurk about you.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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You are blue. You are somewhat innocent, in the fact that your genius only extends to the physical world. You have a false sense of contentness. You are usually the quiet one, the genius. Everyone can count on you to help when they have problems, but you only fall short of being able to solve your own.

What inner color are you?


What Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
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bangin' brunette 1
Your the perky one out of the bunch. Right when you
wake up your ready to go and cheerful. You have
your ups and downs but rarely. You come off
innocent which can full people. Sometimes shy
but everyone has a shy side to them. All in all
your perfect the way you are.

Which Bangin' Brunette Are You?
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You are a Tie!
You are a tie. Isn't poetic justice great? We would
all watch as you strung her up by it. It's
ironic. Don'tcha think?

How would you do away with Avril Lavigne?
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Chrome Polish
You're CHROME nail polish! Simple and sleek, yet
fun and modern. It may take a while for people
to get used to your innovative ideas because
they find them to be too "new-

What kind of nail polish are you?
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You wanna kill Avril
Avril Lavigne, she's a disgrace to your kind.

What annoying Celebrity would you most likely wanna kill?
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YAY!  I'm Faith!
Which Female Buffy Character are you? Find out!


alrighty well thats awl foh nows soz buhbyeeeez!!!!!



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:: 2003 25 April :: 9.18 pm
:: Music: *Fr0m de InSyDe*

~*the most horrible feeling...ever*~
someone...all i kno is thats it not me. i cant jump to conclusions because im not exactly sure whats going on right now with them..if anything is at all. but it seems so much easier to think the worst and only the worst..rather than have all of the other painful options open and laid out on the table. it was much easier when i wasnt involved..much easier when i didnt hurt..when everything i thought didnt involve him..when it didnt matter where he was or who he was with because i had my own thing goin on at the time. where did all of that time go huh? why am i suddenly forced to feel all of this piling up on itself and not letting me have a moments peace? why do my emotions always get the best of me and tear me apart inside. why do i always allow myself to be utterly controlled by these feelings and held down by the very thing that i come to hate the most in the end? why do we as human beings always want what we cant have? and never rest and have a single moment of peace unless we either have it..or getting it is so hopeless that the conflict no longer lingers throughout our body and plagues the very depths of our minds and souls. why cant we just allow ourselves to instead, fall away from these every emotions and just lie motionless on the floor secluded from all of humanity through our darkest hours. have you ever loved someone so much that the very thought of losing them to another constantly tortured your soul? youve loved them so much youve even hated them. and maybe youre even hating the wrong people because not one person can be to blame for the actions of two. its the lonliest position in the world to want ever so much, the happiness of the one that you love. but to know that if they do in fact achieve their vision of tru happiness...that it isnt with you. am i supposed to just stand back and watch all of this happen around me until i have degrated myself to a meer hollow existance of what i used to be? to feel so helpless and know that theres absolutely nothing that you can do about it..the clock is ticking down and the thoughts just keep racing through your head of whats going on at that moment, at that place. somwehere in the back of your mind you long to be there, supervising every single action that goes on...but deep inside of your heart you know that you couldnt bear to open yourself to that much hurt. the hurt only causes confusion and the more that you face only drives you deeper off of the egde of simply...nowhere. the person who once made your heart jump out of your chest pounding with such pure glee and excitement is now the very thing that brings the most pain and sadness to your life. what is a girl to do? sit and watch while the wind carries her breath away? watch as her heart disinigrates into a talc and drift off into the distance of where she never wanted to end up? here lies a broken heart on the floor and with nothing to tell her that it could have been different. do you know what it feels like to have no idea what the fuck you did wrong? no one tells you anything at all so you just figure that its alright. until the love of your life just all of a sudden up and slips from beneath your grip and you can no longer withstand the agony. it causes you to release without a fight because you realize that theres no point in carrying on. tis' pointless to want ant want and try so hard to achieve the heart of who will never give his heart back in return. you want so much to be the one that he holds dear to him every night. whispering that everything will just be alright..because thats all that you want to hear. one moment alone with him and you feel like the world and everything with it has just disappeared and the only two people left standing are you and him, him and you. why couldnt it just stay like that and why are there these people who have to come and take that away? i suppose it would just be too simple if we all got what we wanted in life. and everything always carried out with a happy ending and smiles on everyones faces and colorful balloons with fancy castles of enchantment, princesses and wicked witches. its all too perfect. so you send yourself back to where you belong. and after all of this, you dont even long to belong anymore. you just want to slip away fromt he world...as the one you love so dear has slipped away from you. this is my refrain. the world..everything else..when does the pain end? where does it all go when its over? will i ever see that joyous time for which i long soo much to greet with open arms? cry me a river.


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:: 2003 28 March :: 12.25 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Linkin Park-From The Inside-Meteora

im back...finally.
alrighty boys and gurls..this ones for Curtis because he has just informed me that I havnt written in here in like...forever...so..hi! yeah i was actually missing mah lil journal thing believe it or not because like..the REAL one that i write in..yeah i kinda lost the key to it like a dumbass so enough of that. heh. im home from school right now because there was a field trip to the stupid space center and you kno what? steph doesnt like space. the whole science thing in general just kinda freaks me out. too many big words. *nods* well since then...renees birthday has coome amongst us and as of right now since mah mommy ish out shopping with her buddy...I am awaiting renees Linkin Park cd to arrive. Thats right boys and gurls. Linkin Park's new album ish FINALLY out and has bin foh like 4 days now..pretty fancy right? damn straight. anyway, its a REALLY REALLY R E A L L Y good album and you ALL have to go out and buy it..even if you dont like them. you know why? because I said so. AND because if you dont im gonna beat the living daylight out of you all. thankyou come again. Anyway, im pretty bored and kinda tired right now. Going through some retarted junk right now and what sucks the most out of all that is because I dont think Erin ish coming down this weekend and since i have to babysit on Sunday morning I cant go up to West Palm to stay at her house. *tear* Damn, i really need to talk to her too, we havn't seen eachother in forever and like, damn you know what else? i hate relationships...everything ALWAYS end really crappy or for that matter..doesnt even begin. i just cant escape all of this bad luck I get from relationships..I think im going to become a nun...yes thats it. I shall walk amongst the holy ones and eat of the bread and water. ::eye twitches:: ..Okay maybe not. But whatever. Geh...this whole "life" thing..i dont understand it...whyz it gotta be so gay huh? whyee? what have I personally ever done to "the powers that be" and whoever else may be up there staring down my shirt right now...::pulls shirt against self tighter:: yeah thats right..i see you @$$holez. ::shakes fist at the sky:: Anyway, school is okay i guess...except im failing my u.s history class and theres like..nothing i can do about it. i didnt think it was possible for me to feel bad about it but I realize the more ppl bytch at me about it the worse I feel about myself..whodda thunk it homez? riight..Well school is STILL boring, STILL gay, STILL retarded, and yes, for the record, I STILL hate it. Nothing changes there. Well this isnt much for my little return that you all have been waiting for..But that's just too bad. Yes im styll a bytch...nothing has changed there either. I kno, "damn", right? w.e ..Im SO glad that theres no school on monday..its like a teachers planning day or something ::shrugs:: i dont really care, a free day is a free day to me, I dont ask questions anymore. Yeah..see i don't have much to say right now...Most of my little problems right now involving other people I cant place in here..for one...I dont want a bunch of strangers knowing about it even though I post crap in here all the time..and it might just be a privacy issue for them also, taking into consideration that one of the last times that i wrote in here about one of my friends I was bytched out for it. ::stares at a wad of my friends:: WHICH one was it? nooobody knows. probably more than one though..thats just how much they all love me. geh. ::rubs eyes:: ...friggin sleepy. and yet im still blasting rock music..maybe thats an attempt to wake myself up a little easier...the world..may never know. Well I guess thats about it for now. Ill try to post in here more often but as life goes on im finding it harder to stay loyal to this little thing..Without saying too much or too little..But i guess ill just find another way to deliver anyway. So without any further interruptions, some LP lyrics to keep you all off my back about making such a short entry. love always, .::Stephanie::.
_Linkin Park_Faint_Meteroa_
I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard
A handful of complaints but I can't help the fact
That everyone can see these scars
I am what I want you to want, what I want you to feel
But it's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you
To just believe this is real
So I let go watching you turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here 'cause you're all that I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I am a little bit insecure, a little unconfident
'Cause you don't understand, I do what I can
But sometimes I don't make sense
I am what you never want to say, but I've never had a doubt
It's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you
For once just to hear me out
So I let go watching you turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here 'cause you're all that I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Hear me out now
You're going to listen to me
Like it or not
Right now
Hear me out now
You're going to listen to me
Like it or not
Right now

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

*love, pe@ce, chicken grease*

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:: 2003 18 March :: 6.56 pm
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: swing swing

it smells like urine.
5 witty pieces advice for the day.
1) If it looks like shit, it IS shit.
2) if your glass of water smells like urine, dont drink it. It's probably urine
3) The same thing goes for a glass of gatorade.
4) The Watermelon flavored gatorade smells like urine. Do NOT drink it.
5) Follow this witty advice for the day.

This has been the daily 5, by Stephanie. Have a nice day @$$h013$.

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:: 2003 15 March :: 2.30 am
:: Mood: lonely

well hey thurr people! ish 230 in de mornin and iy ish uppity up up up! and veddy lonely....freckin skittles dude..they turn on you...tra la la! zane juss signed off a li while ago soz that rehelli sux..iy told him i didnt mind if he wanted to sign off and go to bed but of course i did...heh..so for now iy juss sit alone in the dark and stare at the computer screen blankley until sum1 worth talking to signs on...still hasnt happened yet....i wonder how erins doin and if shes pi$$ed off at meh for not getting a hold of her on her birthday...well...i tried TWICE to call her buh sum1 was on the other line both times so she cant blame meh 4 that..and its not like she has made an attempt to call here in a while so i cant rehelli do anything about that either..shes prolly busy with her ppl up there and that doesnt have anything to do with meh so yah...what can u do? ...anyway...zane was over here earlier and we had funness..it was rehelli scary tho acus mah sister was on top bunk singin over and over again..\"my hair is so beautiful tonight\"...right....and just for the record...it wasnt beautiful. nope not at all. so stick that in your blount and smoke it. yes i said blount. k? ..k! hey ivan! yeah im talkin ta you! would you laugh..if i told i was gunna smak u with a squirrel..would you cry..if i told u i wasnt kidding...would you not...try to pick up and run...can i smack..your face..tonight?......let me reassure you that yes i can smack your face whenever i please. guess what...go shorty...cus its yer birthday..but u kno what? i really dont give a f**k if its yer birthday..and apparently neither does 50cent. take it from him boys and girls, hanging upside for two hours during a video shoot that really has no productive outcome anyway..does NOT do anything for your career. thankyou come again. omg! im in a serious dilemma here! mr piggy has NO ..name...NO..name...wait wait..::backs up::..yesh...i have lil piggy stuffed animal who is the cutest thing ever..u kno why? bcus zane ish awesome ..::hugz hym::...but...you see..he needs a name....suggestions? anyone? no? screw you. hey laides! dont ya hate it wen yur man has a penis?!?! dah!....schweet...omg iy juss realized how long iss ben since iy actually made a post in here that wasnt like 3 or 4 lines long...amazering homes....dont u wanna grow up to beh juss lyk meh? of course you do! ::pats ur head:: guess what! i have no friggin idea..o man...i cant wait until the new linkin park album comes out tho..im in some serious withdrawl like whoa... end my godforsaken torment already and just release your freaking album! ::grabs mike and chester by the collar:: a wee tiny woman is depending on you!!! bloody hell! man....green chickens..pink chickens...what the hell is the difference?!?!?!??!??!?!??!?! why are there always chickens>?!!?! get them out of hhere!!!! they eat mice....willard...woohoo...shpidoinkal..and 2 beans....TWO..beans..on yer face..every tuesday...walk like an egyptian..tu times...ten years...whoa...tra la la la la...i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored i am typing this because i am so bored i am so bored i am so bored...right now..some litte kid is crying and pointing at their computer screen screaming for their mummy or datti to stop that crackpot who keeps on yelling obscenities into their journal...so i guess this is where i add that no drugs have been abused during the making of this journal entry. nor have any human beings been harmed or maimed in any way during the making of this journal entry. stephanie will not be responsible for anyone throwing themselves of off various structures including but not limited to: rooftops, briidges,piers,cliffs. do not try this at home* ok? good good...time for a little heart to heart conversation.son. sit down...i would like to have a word with you. :::shuts the door::... ...nevermind..go home...go home now..what?!??!? thats crazy...omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ...what u ask? absolutely nothing! boredom is So evil....cant you see that? or do you need me to make it any clearer for you!? dude...i have a story to write for language arts and i am really not in the mood to do it so if anyone out there would like to submit a story entitled \"the dream\"...you do that..you do that REAL good...and dont falll down the stairs because we KNO thats bound to happen....but no..not in this lifetime...not now..not after..YOU kno...you DO..kno right>> of course you do..yes yes..::nods::....this happened many moons ago..back wen..::looks around::...back when SHE was around....and he didnt kno..back when before you died....you ALWAYS saw the ring...back wen....erin was henny and steph was...well...not quite...and back when renee confessed her undying love to ivan ...and WAY before ivan slept with jason....wait..what?..eh heh..moving right along...but thats alll in the past now.... but i fearr i must save that stoory for another day..when we are both cats and tiny little monkeies crawl amongst the bottem of the deepest end of the ocean...a day when little kids dont fall in lakes because they think that spongebopb really does exist...and a day when christina aguilera decides to wear underwear....so goodbye for now my friends. goodbye. -Stephie

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:: 2003 9 March :: 12.24 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: "The Art Of Losing"-American Hi Fi ::nudge nudge, wink wink::

~*My Birthday Crap I Want*~
Mi Birthday List foh awl u losers out thurr! =) juss playin iy luh mah peeperz!
1)money..moneyz alwayz peachy.
2)a cherry cell fone cover
3)a hot topic gift certificate
4)a big gary stuffed animal! (from spongebob)..uhm...i saw one at claires..hes really spiffy!
5)the American Hi-Fi album, "The Art of Losing"
6)Bath & Bodyworkz Crap
=) !
now i KNO what youre all thinking...."does she ACTUALLY think that im gonna get her something for her birthday!? ha!" ...Well let me reassure you sweetheart. Yes, yes i DO think that youre getting me one of those items above for my birthday. And YES its gonna be good or ill beat the living crap out of you. .........I love u! buhbyes! -Stephie

p.s...for all you people who CLAIM to be my friend...my birthday isnt until May 30th, you have a while. good luck. ::pushes you out the door::

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:: 2003 4 March :: 2.31 pm

this..this right here...yeah..
hey thurr people iy ish in mah 5th hour klass in school..how fancy! omg iy havnt written in here in a while and..yeah....nobuhdee loves me...i dont get any friggin love from anybuhdee...no comments no nothing! and after ALL that ive done for you guys ! Kiss mi ass! kiss it and die! i love you! only nawt rehelly....aighty den iy ish owt ~*lyk dat*~ Steffa

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:: 2003 23 February :: 9.22 am
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: One Headlight-De Wallflowerz

now why u gotta be sucha whore!? k sorry i just like saying that...and omg this fucking rash on mah neck that ive had 4 lyk 4ever is annoying the hell out of me!!!!!!::f*cking kills something so goddamn f*cking fast!!!!!!!!!::.....whew...almost lost mah temper there 4 a sec...ok anywayz, im here to talk about yesterday..bcuz nothing good has happened so far this morning...nobody loves this morning. ::forces this morning to die in my arms tonight bcuz it MUST have been something i said:: like..that nobody loves this morning...k yeah...AAAAAAAANYWAYZ..like i havnt said that enough...yesterday was great. JUST f*cking great. ok well it started out by me getting up at lyk 6 in the morning to get ready for a dentist appointment that i had scheduled for 9. then..yeah we left at 830 bcuz mah dad dropped me off there..then he just left me there...so i got called in to the dentist peeeeerson and they told me that we hadta wait until mah mom showed up b4 they could do anything to meh. "is there any chance that you may be pregnant?"-dentist assistent b4 she put on the x-ray thingy. "why yes, yes there is. ::laffs::...but..i was kidding."-me ..yeah that was funny..but dude..the lady..if you SAW the lady...she creepy! k so yah...after i got a couple holes drilled in my mouth and then filled again...because THATS real efficiant...i went out to this uniform store with mah mom mah grandma and mah sister to get mah sis some uniforms for school...but really..what ELSE could they be for? ::strokes long russian beard:: then we all went out to olive garden. "they say when youre here...youre family..so can i put my feet up on the table?"-my grandma "jokingly" as the waiter stood right behind her..lol. yeah she just kinda looked at him all..scaredified and was like.."im kidding...im kidding" yeah it was pritty great. i didnt really eat anything because joy to the world, my fucking face hurts. k soz wen iy got home mah mom and mah grandma went back out to windixie and left meh at home..i called zane over bcuz iy was bored and he came trottin over. yupyup. i was playin bloodrayne soz he just kynda watched for a while..then mah ppl came back home and we helped unload groceryz and junk. then i attacked zane and mah sis pushed me off the couch (bcuz she has this huge obbsession over zane..sorry zane...sorry it had to be you..lol)...and..yeah. that was quite interesting...then same came over after she went on her jog....all 3 of us hung out in mah room and then we went to 711...we were screaming and crap wen we got out...i was just hyper but i think that theres something wrong with zane and sam..lol juss playin buhdees. ::stares into space:: what? ...k!...we got back home and samz sis ashley joined us..sam watched a movie with mah mom and bcuz me ash and zane were being annoying we all decided to hang out side where we proceeded to attack zane..scream..and run around alot..we all took turns ridin down the street on zanes sk8board on our stomach..interesting...ashley almost got hit by a car..and yeah..peachy eh? i swear to god that zane and ashley were plotting to kill me the entire time...bcuz wen I almost got hit by a car..they took their jolly ol' tyme gettin to meh while i was speeding dwn the street at like 150 miles an hour! on a sk8board...rrrriiight....k nevermind that..lol. then we just did some more..screaming..jumping..anf smacking of zanes ass...and yeah. pritty interesting if iy do say so miself..which i do....so stop calling me! ::licks eyeball:: k soz then wen it got REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY dark we all went bak inside mah house...also bcuz emilee kept on running away with zanes sk8board but THATS another story...we hung out with sam bcuz the movie had ended and she was banging on mah door..lol...it was scary..."stephanies not wearing a bra!!!!!!"-emilee.....dont worry about that bcuz i WONT go there...lol....but..yeah...then sam took a pic of me ashley and zane when i was humping zanes bum and ashley was trying to kill him..it was great you shouldda bin there..buh u werent were you? no. so stfu. =) alrighty then wells im out lyk dat soz...yeah...o yeah by the way im starting a webpage and i really dont have that much done yet buh for what IS there its pritty prittiful so far...you can check it out if you want at http://www.geocities.com/sekzkitten03/index.html
and thats a rap! OoOo would you look at this/....linkin park is gunna be on the next making the video on mtv! i MUST see it...::eyes go all crooked and psycho:: k well iy dunno y i told yall that buh i did so now you KNOW erin maynard...k! bye!- Stephie

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:: 2003 18 February :: 1.47 pm
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: "My Goddess"-The Exies

Hey thurr peoples im lyk so friggin bored right now. im in mah 5th hour class in school..oh joy. i feel lyk crap and iy juss called mah mom to come pick meh up buh of course..no she cant. so thats just great. my days going just perfect so far. ugh. note the excitement. Ivan told me in 4th hour on the way to lunch that Zane got sick in his 3rd hour class soz im gunna call him l8er and check in on him. =( mi poor baby. that really sucks, i just hope that iy wasnt the reason that he got sick bcuz im pretty sure that i was sick before him. this class iss so friggin boring im going insane. iy cant wait until this day is over.bleh. iy ran out of cough drops and thats just great bcuz its the only thing thats been keeping meh alive for the past couple dayz. wellz iy gesh thats about it..gunna go tayke sum more oof dem quiz thingys on quizilla...soz iy ish owt ~*lyk dat*~ Pynkie

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:: 2003 17 February :: 7.54 am
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: ~*American Hi Fi*~The Art of Losing*~

CaRnIvAl TaLeZ (oOoO fun!)
hey there ppl! ::blows nose:: well have i got QUITE the tale for you! yesh i do mhm ::nods head:: wellz, here we go...on saturday, hen came dwn to mah house from west palm bcuz im kewl lyk that...AND bcuz mi dad picked her up...yeah...then..we went to de carnival! yeah that was pretty great..cept iy ended up gimping out after a couple rides bcuz i had already bin sick and lyk..iy ended up throwing up on the syde oof de swingz. yeah not cool..but erin and zane were tro0perz about it and they didnt kik mi @$$ for gimping out...go them. k well, then iy watched them go on a couple rides with mah sister...the dragons man...THE DRAGONS...this was rehelly funny acuz lyk..mah mum came over and asked if zane,erin,and emilee (mah sis 4 yall hoo 4got), got on the ryde yet..and iy didnt kno soz iy was lyk...::lookz at de dragons:: ..now ya see...awl de dragons were goin awl slow spinnin and crap and then there was this one who was goin completely psychotically out of control and so i looked at mah mom and waz lyk, "yup theyre on that one" ::points to crazy dragon:: omg it was so funny buh iy gesh you hadta beh there. shortly after that we met up with this kid nick (h0o iy dont rehelly kno at awl)...and this kid quinton(sp?)..hoo is in mah 1st hour and iy have known him foh lyk..2 years now..anyway hes pritty kewl beans..buh goin back to mah "jolly" talez @ de carni...yeah so we met up with them and ran into de funhouse acouple tymes acuz were lozers lyk that...buh it was pritty fun. iy stole some of q'z (quintonz) ch1cken dat he bought and we were all messing around with this lil hand sanatizer dispenser...erin broke it once and then me and Q were fighting over it...which didnt go over so well bcuz he ended up busting the top off rite in front ov the people at de food stand. heh. den meh,renee,henny hen hen pie,zane,nick,quinton and jessicaM went over to de cliff hanger ryde..which only meh,jessica,henny hen pie,and renee actually rode. it was pritty funny bcuz the entire time,,wenever wwe would loop really low and beh near ppl..we would scream "PENIS!!!!!" omg it was so great rofl. then omg man..the moshing...after quinton,nick, and jessica disowned us..meh zane and renee went and "moshed" eacho0ther in the parking lot. meaning that we were ramming into eachother...yeah..it was pritty great cept renees big ass! (lol) knocked meh on de floor..buh actually that was pritty funny...or at least iy thot it was. then mah parents prvided and ryde home foh renee and zane....or at least renee.. once we dropped off renee, meh,zane, and erin chilled at mah place for a while and layed on mah bed watchin a movie...it was the poltergeist movie called "the legacy" or whatever...lmao...::drags woman across the floor::-psycho baby. awlritey then...im movin on to day 2 at the carni bcuz iy cant think of anything else that entertaining that happened on day wun. wellz..me and hen met up with renee and zane at the fireball...we went on the fireball..and then wen we got off we were walking around and we met up again wiith quinton, building up our wee tiny "posse" again, lol. we walked around 4 a while and decided that we wanted to get in line for the tornado ryde...so we did...buh the stupid lil wheel thingy was too hard to spin and even wen u got it goin it styll wasnt that fast. so then wen we got off oof dat ryde..we went over to get on de dragonz...buh wen it was our turn to go on we got yelled at by de carni guy controlling the ryde...he sed dat we wurr too big 4 de ryde...so we ended up leaving that and going to buy more ch1cken...which ended up bein pritty funny acuz i sent renee to get 2 things of chicken...and then the lady came up with another one and sed "is this yours?" and handed renee another chicken...renee looked at it 4 a couple seconds and then iy told her to pick it up and walk away...so basicly we got 3 things of chicken 4 de price oof wun. you know y? cuz we behz criminalz! (plays eminem beat in de background) buh nawt rehelly...wellz..den after dat we walked around for a bit..AGAIN..and decided to git sum funnel cakes...iy went up there with erin and renee and then i wanted to go try and scare zane and quinton bcuz zanes always scarin meh when he jumps out from behind things...yeah you wouldnt understand...and soz lyk..iy went over there and sat with them 4 a few..and we shared a "group hug" which was very interesting...and zane styll had sum powder on his face from sharing quintons funnel cake with him soz iy licked it off 0=D yepyep! then quinton and zane kept trying to get me to pee in the bush (bcuz iy sed dat iy had to go to de bafroom) and lyk..NO! never! soz we juss chilled on a wee tiny curb until erin and renee came back wiff another funnel cake. we awl shared dat wun and den iy made quinton go buy meh a soda. wen he got back we awl walked back over to de cliffhanger ryde buh it was closed soz we sat on de curb and did a whole bunch of nothing 4 lyk...4ever. zane went to git sum more chicken and iy juss continued laying on renees shoulder and yelling at quinton for messing around with mah fone that he was juss supposed to beh holding.annd..yeah. then we awl went to get in lyne 4 de ferris wheel. once we got on it erin dared everywun to "do a little dance" on the pole that was on the middle of out lil box thingy we were sittin in 4 de ryde. omg it was so funny...she walked around it...zane did a super sexi dance according to erin who was "turned on" by it..lol! and iy crouched dwn and humped the pole. renee and quinton jipped us, hmph. well aaaaaaanyway...after dat we got in line for the 1001 however u spell it..thingy...o well its big! long! and white! ::smax forehead:: oiy..buh anywayz...yeah we were awl killing eachother in de lyne essept erin who kept on gittin ran into by ppl and looked lyk she was de boredest person in awl de land. y didnt rehelly kno what to say acuz besides the fact that iy had to watch out for renee and quintons "sneak attacks", iy was feeling the same way az henny hen hen. wen we finally got on dat ryde, it was SOOOOOOOO great. every time we would swing down by de ppl wed scream "PENIS! VAGINA! BOOBIES! and MALE GENITALZ!" haha, twas so gr8..iy wanted to go on it again buh every tyme we went back, the lines were way too friggin long. quinton left the "posse" after dat ryde..which sucked bcuz iy had no ass to spank after that...wellz...we got in lyne at de cliffhanger again, meeting up with mah lil sister and her friends jessie and april...and then it started to rain. the line was originally rehely long 4 de ryde, buh lyk,since it started to pour rain, everyone left except meh,erin,zane,renee and this guy and his girlfriend...we had bin notified that jessies sister heather had bin missing so wen we went up in the air on the ryde we tried to look for her and me and erin were screaming things lyk "heather come home! we miss you! heather!" omg i laffed so hard. ...we all got SOAKING wet iy swear..iy have never felt SO much water go up mi ass in mah entire lyf. erin was joking around how if meh renee and her had awl bin wearing white skirts with white shirts, that zane would beh the happiest man alive...bcuz he had bin on the lift right behind us during the ride. wellz, iy couldnt provide a ryde for renee and iy had to go to the bathroom, so de remaining members of the crew, inclusing meh zane erin and renee, wallked to the syde of the church to go in the church bathroomz, buh they were locked. soz iy let renee use mah celll fone to get a ryde from her mommy, and we kept on heading towards de porta potties in search of a place where iy could go pee. we walked past that kid nick we saw the day b4 and krystle dominguez...which iy thot was pritty funny bcuz i REALLY dont lyk her for personal reasonz...and she was like talkin to zane and shyt sayin somethin lyk "arent you gunna come hang out with us?" and iy thot it was really nice on zanes part that he didnt disown meh erin and renee and that he stayed with the group. awww, ilove you zany! ::pets hair::....wellz shortly after that, renee left us to go get her ryde home and meh zane and erin met back up with mah parents at the end of it awl. awl in awll...wen i look bak at the past two dayz...and then go back to blow my nose...i think it blew over pretty damn well...iy saw ppl iy loved and ppl iy hated and it was pretty great altogether. soz now iy must ask miself now that iy have lyk 20 billion cases of the flu. am i REALLY ready for next year? ill get back to you on that.

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:: 2003 13 February :: 8.41 pm
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omg!!!!!!! y the hell is everyone so damn bitchy!?!?!? i f*cking HATE people. you all need to die. so go f**king die loser.

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yupyup..juss adding some more quiz results in there..nothin out of the ordinary here.::shuvels dead body into a ditch::


Which DOA2 character are you?
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Boo- Fun, up to no good

What Mario Character Are You?
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You are Yoshi! You are a fruit-freak and
unfortunatly for you .. the occasional baby-
sitter for baby mario! You are the best of
sidekicks .. if only you could talk a bit more!

What Male Super Mario series character are you?
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perfect 10

You Should Pose For Perfect 10!

This is the connoisseur's magazine, and you've got the hot natural breasts which Perfect 10 requires.

You'll stand out in the crowd of silicone and saline enhanced girls.

While Playboy girls may have more fame, you'll have the satisfaction of wowing guys with your natural assets.

The surgically enhanced Playboy girls will be jealous of your perfect tits.

You truly are a Perfect 10!

What Porn Magazine Would Kill to Have You On the Cover?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

so bye! -Pynkie

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:: 2003 31 January :: 10.52 am
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makin soup soup soup for mi tummy tummy tummy soz herez sum quizzes quizzes quizzes for joo awl! -*Pynkie*


What Canine does your Problem Solving?
brought to you by Quizilla

The Craft. You can often bully people and rule by
peer pressure domination - not the best
qualities are they?

What movie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

White cheeze
Your White Cheese!!!!!

Which cheeze are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You should have boobs that you're ashamed of.  Most likely because you probably have really nice boobs now, and I don't.  Damnit.  Give someone else a chance to have nice boobs, and%2
You should have boobs that you're ashamed of. Most
likely because you probably have really nice
boobs now, and I don't. Damnit. Give someone
else a chance to have nice boobs, and you take
these crappy ones!

What Kind Of Boobs SHOULD You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

you are an axe murderer

Are you going to grow up to be an axe murderer?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your ideal is Lestat! He's gorgeous, a talented
singer and the only problem is he'll probably
love himself more than you!

which anne rice vampire (male) is ideal for you?
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You are a cutie!

What Is Your Style?
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Movie Star Barbie
You are Movie Star Barbie.

*Which Barbie Are You?*
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Jay and Paige - soulmates.
You're Jay and Paige! Having known each other for
15 years, it was obvious to everyone except
yourselves that you'd be in a relationship at
some point. You'll be together for ever, GO

*Which Orgy slash pair are you??*
brought to you by Quizilla

Beetlejuice & The Deets

*Your ideal animated family*
brought to you by Quizilla

Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head

*~* Which 'Toy Story' toy are you? *~*
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you are BLACK! you sometimes get easily depressed
or let down. try not to spend all your time in
a bad mood. you only live once so make the best
of it and be happy :D

*~*What color best describes you?*~* (now with pictures!!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

you are a PUNK! you are hardcore, love bands like
blink 182, new found glory, and saves the day.

*~*WhAt HiGh ScHoOl LaBeL aRe YoU?*~* (with pictures!)
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.ur the more relaxed curse. for some odd ball
reason ur never actually angry when u curse,
its just part of ur daily vocab. u should have
ur mouth washed out with soap.

.which curse r u?.
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:: 2003 30 January :: 6.49 pm
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god! what a cheesy song title!
yeah..more...too lazy to type..must move on... -Pynkie
o yeah! any of mi friends that read this...i have a new email addy...tyz sekzkitten03@yahoo.com ...so stop emailing me at the msi or sykobiatch one alrighty lewcers? yeah..bye! ~*lyk dat*~

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are maroon. You represent cunning stength, but usually a manipulative power evolves from it. You are vengeful and impure, and have nearly lost all hope at become beautiful inside again.

What inner color are you?

Goddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strange
darkness and sadness lurk about you.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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What Is Your Animal Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

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