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maybe this year will be better than the last.

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:: 2002 10 December :: 9.28 pm
:: Music: Kid rock and sheryl crow- picture

I really like my new journal colors.

I've decided green is my new favorite color. Hooray.

Wow. I'm an updating machine tonight. Sorry.

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:: 2002 10 December :: 8.48 pm
:: Music: ben folds- still fighting it

Hey did you hear?

We're not even saying Goodbye these days.


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:: 2002 10 December :: 8.37 pm

I'd like a refund please.

::Make things happen when you get the oppurtunity. ::

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:: 2002 10 December :: 8.16 pm


P.S. Don't ever tell.

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:: 2002 10 December :: 8.05 pm
:: Mood: tired of this.


Nope. I dont want to be the burden.

Blah. You suck.

AND. I hate that I have to hear YOUR voice YOU are stupid. Stay out of my business.

YOU ruin everything but then I love you again. Idiot.


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:: 2002 10 December :: 10.52 am
:: Mood: i wannnnt to go hommmmmmmmmme.
:: Music: ooh computer lab. ooh .




Keep your opinions to yourself please.

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:: 2002 8 December :: 9.47 pm
:: Mood: funny
:: Music: uhh

A conversation with my mom.
StaceyW126: it s 9:38
StaceyW126: just so you know
Jessalyn62: ok
Jessalyn62: i know i asked andy and i changed the cock
Jessalyn62: clock
Jessalyn62: oops lol
StaceyW126: ha
Jessalyn62: woops. just call me butterfingers.

Um.. Oops! :) hahaha.

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:: 2002 8 December :: 9.18 pm
:: Mood: stupid
:: Music: counting crows=-long december

I wish you would.




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:: 2002 7 December :: 1.22 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: ---


braˇzen (brĒzen) adj.

1.Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity. See Synonyms - shameless.
2.Having a loud, usually harsh, resonant sound
3.Made of brass.
4.Resembling brass, as in color or strength.

:he ha: I'm bored.

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:: 2002 4 December :: 7.40 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: kid rock and sheryl crow- picture

I'm sitting here trying to think of what to write.

Um. I have so much crap....bleah!~!! Yeah, so lately it REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY RELAKRJSDLKfjasdklgjasdkl;gj really seems like most of my friends...uh how do i put this? Don't really want to be my friend. Yeah...I guess that's it. So I have a question. Have I turned into a complete bitch within the last few weeks? or few months what. Yeah I don't just really seems like ...I'm being avoided by my friends?? enough of that.

My mom's telling me to get off this. grr.

Okay, lets call him Ted. Well. I'm stupid and yup thats all. I'm stupid . BAHHHHHHH.

I'm so effing frusterated and there is not one problem I can solve.

I really really really hate school. more and more. every day. I know i'm not the only one but whatever. ugh. this morning I begged my mom for a complete half hour or more to let me stay home. first i told her i didnt feel well. Which was mostly true. But really I just didn't want to go to school because..I just don't like it I guess. (well duh, not a lot of people LIKE school) hmm. Yeah I begged her forever but she wouldn't let me stay home. I ended up bawling my eyes out (drama queen) for a really long time because I'm stupid like that and I do that a lot. But I don't think it was all because of not being able to stay home. Even though in a way it was...But it was a bunch of other things too.

Yup. I just can't stand it anymore. You know. Mmmhmm.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease. UGH! bye.

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:: 2002 2 December :: 9.10 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: sheryl crow and kid rock- picture (?)

I just called to say I love you, come back home.

Two current annoyances:

::My little brother singing EVERY WORD of the Pokemon' theme song at the beginning AND the end of every episode that he watches every day. (I think soon I may be able to sing along with it too)


::::But I DO love this song! Aww, it's sweet =) Makes me want to cry. =(

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:: 2002 1 December :: 9.27 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: some klq tune.

drive it into the sunlight.

I hate when friends betray you.

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:: 2002 1 December :: 1.42 pm
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: ben folds-jackson cannery

It's four in the mornin'. Mother don't know that I'm goin far away



Anyway. Um.. Get ready for the WILDE CHRISTMAS at 4:30. woooohooooo. (note the sarcasm.) I love family gatherings. (not) So, I have to go to my aunts house. With my 20-some cousins and 40 some relatives...or something like that. I don't know, but there is a lot.

My hair is a mess.

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:: 2002 1 December :: 1.31 am
:: Mood: stupid.
:: Music: nothing...totally silent.

one hundred.

Oh God. The thought just totally hit me. duh. ugh.

It's been longer than I thought. My head hurts.


I forgot how mad I used to be.

Ugh. Why don't you just fuck off?

I wanted to sleep.

Just please leave me alone. Please....

Hey look, It's December.

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:: 2002 30 November :: 7.53 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: counting crows-long december.

if you think that i could be forgiven, i wish you would.

Bah. I had Jess over. We made Christmas cookies and listened to Christmas music. For three hours. That's a long time. But it was fun.

I bought a Swirl dress the other day. Another one. Yes, I already had one, and I bought another one. I don't really know why. Just because. They're fun.

We're going to Florida during Christmas. I don't really want to. Well, I kind of want to go to Florida, but not during Christmas. It's supposed to be snowy on Christmas. Florida is not snowy. And we are going to open our presents before Christmas. Before we leave. Which is wrong too. =( What am I going to do on Christmas? Go out and roll around in the SAND?! Last year I went out in my PJ's barefoot and ran around in the snow with my kitty. And then Stef and Mom locked the door. That was fun. Even though I don't like snow, I still think Christmas is not Christmas without snow. .....Oh well. Maybe I'll get tan..or something. More like..burned..but whatever.

So yeah. That's all for now I guess. Hmmm.... yeah. bye bye.


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