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:: 2006 16 March :: 10.21 am

So....I miss people

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:: 2005 6 July :: 11.32 pm
:: Mood: anxious

party in two days........


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:: 2005 13 June :: 12.42 pm
:: Mood: blah

I hate to say it but-i miss Cedar alittle bit. Not really high school-but everyone whos up there.

Sam is moving away-which kinda sucks. We'v been fighting for far to long.
Sarah is just hot....and i miss her.
Matt i havnt talked to in forever.
Mishy i havnt talked to in forever.
My dad...i really havnt talked to him much either.

i need a job

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:: 2005 12 May :: 11.36 pm

So me and the Matt are planing on opening a business-and frankly i think it will be really great. I'm not going to post it on woohu however because you bitches will steal our idea...and open it first...cause your bitches.

So..do seniors have to make up these days next week?

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:: 2005 10 April :: 12.31 am

so who is going to hell's bridge tommorrow?

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:: 2005 29 March :: 7.24 pm

I LOST 6.5 POUNDS! Thats like...15lbs total! ...i am a happy kid- still a fat kid...but ... a happy one

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:: 2005 22 March :: 6.37 am

We have all done it.
We all still do it.
We have heard it, we have spoke it.
Yet...no one seems to think that perhaps-if we really just looked at the main problem here-it really isnt all that big of deal. Its not worth telling a hundred people-or bring a hundred people into it. And it sucks that that is invetitable because by human nature, even the smallest of arguments or fights...in a way creates a war-and we all have to convert others to our side and our points of view. But in the end if any of us plan to grow from an experience, we wont.

And we can try as hard as we want to just be completely honest with people-but that isnt going to happen...because if every one walked around saying what they thought all the time...no one would ever feel good. And no one would probably be friends. Because things are always interpreted the wrong way or ...whatever

My only reason for this journal is to say that :people have thoughts-thats why we have brains- and shit happens....
its really not worth getting our panties in a bunch

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:: 2005 26 February :: 7.02 pm

oh yes- i also forgot to add...that I SAW BOOBS:) We got hit on by creepy guys, humped, and stared at by old men-wow what a night it was.

Strippers are very giggly.....but "Bunny" i tell you what....she was flexible....

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:: 2005 26 February :: 6.59 pm
:: Mood: impressed

Go see Constantine! OH MY GOD...the camera angles the special effects it was mind bogglingly good. It looked like a comic book story board from front to finish.

I want to see it again-Im broke and i would pay another $7.50 to see it again-its that good.....im giddly

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:: 2005 15 February :: 10.22 am
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Eric Clapton

drop it like its hot
I just relized today that I have not gone to a strip club yet-I'm 18 now...i can do that! So i think either Wednesday or Saturday me and Amber are gonna go see some people get naked-its gonna be great.

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:: 2005 27 January :: 10.05 am
:: Mood: confused

My biggest fear at this point, is what might be said now. . I mean I have enough faith that people wont be picking sides, but after all thats been said-or has been neglected to be said, I dont know what might be going through some peoples head. I feel like I'v stepped back in middle school and all that was trivial and dumb has come back with a vengence. Hopefully through this silence there has been an agreement to just...let it go

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:: 2005 22 January :: 4.23 pm

Im so sick of this shit. Its like i dont know anything anymore, all these new things happening and im the last to hear of any of them. I tried ya know, maybe not enough but i fucking tried-so apparently it makes no fucking difference and no one cared in the first place. I want to know what the fuck is going on, if people would just be fucking honest then i wouldnt feel like shit right now....so thanks

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:: 2005 15 January :: 9.34 pm
:: Mood: accomplished

To all those who hate their nose:

Everybody grows a nose.
I see a nose on every face. I see noses every place!
A nose between each pair of eyes. Noses! Noses! Every size.
They grow on every kind of head. They come in blue...and pink...and red.
Some are very, very long. Some are very, very strong.
Everywhere a fellow goes, he sees some new, new kind of nose.
A nose is useful. After all...
some play horns...and some play ball.
A nose is good for making holes...in trees...and roofs...and barber poles.
But sometimes noses aren't much fun. They sniffle. They get burned by the sun.
A nose gets punched...and bumped on doors...and bumped on walls...and bumped on floors!
Sometimes your nose will make you sad. Sometimes your nose will make you mad.
Just suppose you had no nose!
Then you could never smell a rose...or pie...or chicken a la king. You'd never smell a single thing!
And one thing more. Suppose...no nose...
Where would all our glasses sit? They'd all fall off! Just THINK of it!
And that's why everybody grows, between his eyes, some kind of nose!


**Now if this my friends doesnt change your mind about noses-i dont know what will.

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:: 2005 5 January :: 1.52 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: postal service

fix this
I hate being unsure. I have no reason to be unsure. Or to dought. But what is it that makes me wonder, that makes me second guess. Why do i worry, or care. Everything was fine, it would have been fine now i have to wonder and guess and feel like im eight years old

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:: 2004 22 November :: 11.02 am

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Good luck


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