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10-24-2002 11:38am

I dunno exactly how this particular feature works, so I'll just say this... your heart is full of conflict, and if you always try to solve it yourself, you will eventually drown in pain. Look to your loved ones one in a while for help.


05-17-2003 09:43pm

I'm the......................... WHAAAAAT???? THE SECOND???? .......ahem... one to sign your guestbook. *pouts*


05-18-2003 01:00pm

That poem was about you, Jackie-chan.


07-16-2003 12:23am

phweee..anime^ ^ you read yami no matsuei? *oogles over hisoka* i love shounen ai.. mye..i wanna live in friend lived in tokyo..emi..*rambles endlessly*


07-18-2003 12:23am

is this a cedar springs resident's journal?


08-13-2003 02:00pm


i know not what to say-eth in thine guest-ish-book-ish.

we need to find our piece for the fall play, like now!!


11-23-2004 03:27pm



06-15-2005 01:41pm

Hello Jackie. I'm not quite sure you'll remember me but it's Connie. I wanted to apoligize for how I treated you in high school. It was wrong of me. I saw your parents not to long ago and had tried to e-mail you to say happy birthday. Anyways. If you ever want to get ahold of me just email me or call at 633-2209 ok? I am different than who i was.. that's why I'm writing to say I'm sorry...

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