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As The Time Passes..

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:: 2006 3 September :: 11.17 pm

College is fun.

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:: 2006 2 August :: 2.19 pm


What the hell is that robot ^^ and why did i put it up!? :)

And i think this name is hilarious too :)
College! 2 weeks! This could be excting

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:: 2005 24 February :: 12.20 am
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: the get up kids- mass pike

so im sitting here alone..
at 12.30
doing nothing
listening to music
talking to the girl i just turned away
and i have this fucking feeling in my stomach that won't go away
like something bad is going to happen
or maybe it is just emptiness, like a great void
and i can't stand it at all
and i won't to be over it and i wanna be happy
real happy
i want someone
i need someone
well, i would like someone at least

now im going to watch Smallville
the seasons where clark and lana were a thing

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:: 2004 13 December :: 11.21 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: new amsterdams-goodbye

to the plaza
a really nice place
but my mom is going on a spending spree
this is not going to be good, we aren't going to have any money haha..

need something
...or to be superman

i need someone, or to be superman

what a dilemma

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:: 2004 30 September :: 11.06 pm

I wanna be clark kent

I wanna model my life after him

Except minus his wussy trait he had around lana.

I wanna be him.

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:: 2004 27 September :: 12.59 am
:: Mood: rushed
:: Music: Jimmy Eat World-Firestarter


Haha summer was nothign special. I hyped it up to much and it didnt live up to what it was suppose to be at all.

Oh well at least im meeting a lot of new people. Getting away from all these people ive been aroudn since god knows when and that i hate.

I still don't get lots of people. Or i cannot find a girl that i think is normal. That i can actually relate too. They are all the same and are all with the guys.

Eh, they'll come around :)
Or i'll find someone good

I'm the bitch you hated
filth infatuated
I'm the pain you tasted
well intoxicated

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:: 2004 4 May :: 9.20 pm
:: Music: Blackalicious-Make you feel that way

Here we go again

Weekend was great. Funnest time in a real long time. Just recently met these girls from another schoool and they are alot of fun.

14 days til summer.

I got nothing. This week is going slow and i want it to end as soon as possible for no concious reason. I need summer.

Mayber later

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:: 2003 17 March :: 12.46 pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: Everclear-A Beautiful Life

Happy Birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear me
Happy Birthday to me

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:: 2002 22 August :: 10.03 pm
:: Mood: good
:: Music: Dispatch-Two coins

Highschool started monday on the beginning of this week. Ive had tryouts all week long, tonight being the last day. I'm kinda outta shape, but I expect I did good enough to make the team.
My classes are all pretty good.. I know alot of people in them and the such.
And man the women in my grade are so gorgeous. So many of them are so hot. I can tell high school will be great already..haha..They are all pretty nice too.

I dont know what else much more to say right now..Ill update later next month or whenever I feel I have enough stuff to say.

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:: 2002 22 March :: 10.05 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Smashing Pumpkins-Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Coming back
Hell its been what..
3 months?
since my last post..

And nothing has really changed for me..

I had my birthday..
I have my Confirmation soon..
I graduate from 8th grade soon..

I picked my classes for Highschool..Lets hope I picked right eh?
Other than that I can't say I have changed a whole lot.
I think I might be a little more outgoing than I was..then again maybe not, I can't ever tell.
I'm feeling great..Nothing seems to be wrong..'cept for the every now and then occasional sshit..
Well for now, I'm gone.
I will definetly be posting more..

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:: 2002 6 January :: 5.45 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: The Strokes-Is This It

Lord Of The Rings
Today Is Sunday...Yesterday I saw Lord of the Rings twice..Once with my dad, then I was going to go with all my friends again but I got mixed up and went to the wrong AMC theatre, so I ended up watching it by myself..I want to see it again..Im on the first book..I have highschool placement tests next weekend..Should be a breeze...Nothings happening...I want something to..Gets boring. I just hope I get to go to the High School I want..Oh well who cares..School tomorrow.. Haven't posted it awhile cause nothings been happining.

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:: 2002 3 January :: 10.48 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: Alien Ant Farm-Death Day

When It Comes.
Alas! Today started out grand..I was happy, fun, lively..Preferably I like school better than home...Home can get boring after a few hours..Not like I like school now or anything, I just like hangin' with my friends..Alas!(...Ahhahah..What a great word..)Hell..I need some New years resoulutions..

1.Use the word "Alas" more often in common day discussions.

2.Use the word "grand" more often.

3. Find CD case and CD's

4.DO NOT be all...Around anyone..Its time to speak up a tad bit more.

5.Be happy, glad, and dont hold things down, dont lock problems up..

Well their they..Enjoy...Alas! I feel that this grand post has to end.

"Don't be low, You better watch the road.
Don'be be low. You got the strength..and the balls"

When the time comes..I will fulfill my dreams.

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:: 2002 2 January :: 10.36 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: Alien Ant Farm-Movies

The time passes
First day back to school after Christmas Break..Alot of things happened that I didnt know about. I never hear alot of things 'til the end anway.

My old girlfriends boyfriend broke up with her. Oppurtunity opened? Who knows. I should probably get over her, It most likely wont happen. I'm too afraid, I get shy around girls and cant do a thing..I'll just wait 'til High School and see what happens. What else .. What else..Well I still haven't found my cd case, with all my cds in it. Lets see..I missed a party over Chritmas Break cause I couldnt' find a ride...

The time passes and people just keep on going..

"I want you, to be free. Don't worry about me. And just like, the movies, We play out our last...scen"

Lets see if this works..I think thats right.

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:: 2002 1 January :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: The Get Up Kids-One Year Later

New Years
New Years has come! is up again! Happy New years everyone.

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