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:: 2009 24 November :: 9.18pm
:: Music: nostaligic music

wow so long
so its been forever, havent done these things in so long. It was a trip reading back through all that i have been through. so much that i have shut out. so anyone reading this knows, i actually moved to florida. have been talking to my mom happily. I go to school at florida gulf coast university and i am seriously still as confused as i ever was.

here fgoes nothing, maybe i will keep up with this,....

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:: 2009 28 January :: 1.25am

Just thought I would stop by every now and then to say whats up, and let everyone know that I am alive. I am alive, doing semi-well. Still working the crappy Telemarketing job that I hate, and I just recently got another job. That one is a babysitting job that starts in March, hopefully my boss will let me keep my job now as well. I'm still with Joe (it was 3 years in August) and that's about it. I'm living with my mother, her "friend" and her daughter which is complete suckage but I deal. I spend a lot of time with Joe, I speak to my dad....occasionally. He still doesn't call me, ever but whatever I deal. I guess I've just learned that is the way he is and I can't get mad, well, I can but I can't take it out on him because nothing will ever change. Well, that is really it!

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:: 2008 26 November :: 12.42am
:: Mood: nostalgic

I can't believe I always forget about my Woohu. It's sad. This was my first journal site, and I love it. I just wish others here were still active. No one that I used to talk to is really on here and it makes me sad. If anyone is interested you can find me a few different ways.

FACEBOOK: Search for me (Marissa Fein) just tell me who you are, and that you're from WOOHU.
MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=609403 - There is my link, send me a message and let me know who you are and that you are from WOOHU :)

AIM: Defectivexbeauty
YAHOO: lovesalosinggame

Livejournal (that I barely use): riss___
Melodramatic.com: dorktothemax

So, that aside things are going ok. So much has been going on in my life it would take me ages to update everyone. If you'd like to talk, just find me and I would be glad to indulge in some intelligent conversation, witty banter, or just shooting the shit :)

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:: 2008 13 June :: 10.22pm
:: Mood: high

Doo doo doo doo :)
Sooo crazy. Why am I so overwhelmed? Things haven't felt this way for a longgg time. It's ok though, I'll do it because I'm good like that. I just want a job already. PLEASEEEE give me a job, seriousssssly.

Blahhh I want life to slow the fuck down A TAD!

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:: 2008 12 June :: 8.22pm

Ahhh so much shit to do - SO LITTLE TIME :(

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:: 2008 26 May :: 1.01pm


My moms new dog....

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:: 2008 21 May :: 12.47pm

I am officially jobless. I gave my job to Joe because I thought that these people were hiring me and then they decided to "go with family". I have the worst luck EVER. Well, I have two one day a week babysitting jobs but that is CLEARLY not going to be enough to hold me over considering I have to pay bills, even though Joe is going to give me money for that. I need to start looking for a job.

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:: 2008 10 May :: 12.17pm

I guess in a way I've learned to accept that sometimes, bad things happen. My life could be worse, and I know that. I think I've increasingly been learning, and becoming a better person. I'm a good person and that is what gets me through the day. Yeah, I have my bad points but there are definitely more positives than negatives. Haha, Marissa seeing the glass as half full, not half empty - that would surprise people, that's for damn sure. My mom want to give the dog away because she has nipping problems and whatnot, I'm upset about that. I really like the dog, and if I could take her I would in a heartbeat. I don't have my own place though so that is pretty much not an option. I wish I just had a big lump sum of cash to pay off my bills, because then I could start a little re-newed debt free life, that would be nice. I can dream.

Things are OK, like I said before, things could be worse. Things are alright with Joe, and my job, and next week I'm going to be making a little cash by work 4 days at my job ($250) and then I'm babysitting for Tracey on wednesday from 4-11 or so, and thats at least $10/hour, probably more, plus she'll compensate me for travel fees. Then on friday I'll get $50 from Jill. This will definitely help towards paying off the Nextel (don't ask, longgggg story).

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:: 2008 28 April :: 8.56am

Whoa, I haven't been on here in like almost a year!
Holy crap, it's been forever and woohu was my first
love. Well, I'm back now. I can't guarantee you how
often I'll be on here but I will try my hardest. Now,
I'm going to read my entries and see how retarded
my life was over the past I think 4 or 5 years.

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:: 2007 10 July :: 1.34pm

Things are ok. I'm really frusturated with everything going on but I shouldn't really be complaining. Got a new job, sooo sad to leave my old one but it's ok. Probably starting my new job the end of this month because they have to wait for the background check, and fingerprints and everything so I have time to move to my grandfathers. Hopefully starting school in August, well, the end of August so that'll be really good. A year after I start working at this job I can probably go into partnership with her when she opens up a daycare and that would be amazing, yeah. Not really much else is going on. Things with Joe & I are going well. He got a job, he hates it but whatever, he'll live.

Just wanted to update so that everyone knew I was alive and whatnot. I'm at the library, then I'm making a copy of my social security card.'


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:: 2007 8 May :: 8.12pm
:: Mood: blah

I never update here anymore, cause no one ever reads this. I feel that honestly when I update I'm updating for myself because people BARELY comment or read. I'm a pretty busy person but basically I try and get on once a week to comment on all the recent entries. I don't know, I kinda just feel that updating this is pointless.

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:: 2006 5 December :: 11.42pm
:: Mood: frustrated

Sooooooo I've sent countless emails to many people for babysitting positions and I'm just waiting on getting replies, I've looked into live in positions as well so that way I could move out of the house, and that would be nice. I'm not getting my hopes up though. All I really need to make is like $250 a week and I should be ok. I put an ad up on craigslist too and hopefully that brings a few responses. I made a channukah list which consists of:

1.a pair of uggs
2.the rent soundtrack
3.panic! at the disco CD (which my moms ex boyfriend broke)
4.the movie patch adams
5.the movie jack
6.the movie click
7.giftcards to stores
8.a juicy tracksuit, or just the hoodies

and I haven't really though of much else yet.

So, I'm waiting on my capital one card to see if I get accepted and I applied for a bloomingdales card so I can get 10% off when I shop. I feel bad cause I told my sisters that I would get them uggs for channukah and if I don't get a job before then I definitely wont be able to afford them but whatever, it isn't my fault, my dad had to fire me righ before the holidays.

You wanna hear something really fucked up? The day my dad fired me, like, before we got to work, he let me buy him breakfast. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT? Whatever.

My mom wants me to see a psychiatrist and I should go but I don't know, I guess I will, whatever.

That is all for now, kinda tired so I'm gonna get off the computer soon.

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:: 2006 16 November :: 3.38pm
:: Mood: calm

It's my birthday.
Happy 18th birthday to me!!

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:: 2006 13 July :: 11.35pm

sometimes you are granted the privelage of taing a step back and seeing yourself... maybe not literally in you but seeing something that just makes you realize soemthing that youve needed to see forever...and sometimes things can change and can grow and you can learn... because learning is so important... learning how to love and how to care and be with someone... to worry about them and pray for their success...im not sure what im even rambling about... but i know you understand... maybe im reading all the signs wrong... maybe there arent even any signs....whatever the case may be.... i saw myself today... and i saw myself loving you...

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:: 2006 1 June :: 10.05pm

so its been a while since ive typed in here

alot of things have changed...

i guess daner and are closer... and went to see my mom in florida... and bonnaroo is in 2 weeks!!!

so me n danas anniversary i guess is officially september 7th haha

hmmmmm its tough trying to catch up on things when so much has changed.

just went camping in the cape with jimmy dana timmy jimmi christina stacie ryann sarah keri lindsey tristan and a bunch of other ppl it was fun lol

hmmmmm well idk right now thats about it

ohgh waitttt

prom! haha daner and i went it was fun i love him

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