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User:blondiegirl05 (user# 22825)
Location: Edinboro, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:amcclintock05
Yahoo! IM:actionashleigh
Bio:The best thing to know about this bio is that you can never know everything about me from it. I think outside the box, I'm unique, I'm creative. I plan on using my journal for many different things. You might find my opinions about makeup on here on Monday, and Tuesday I could be talking about politics. Wednesday might bring a life lesson, and the weekend something completely different. I never could stay on topic, and I got tired of writing about depressing things before. Stick with me, and I'll try to make it interesting. I love making friends on here, so add me.. especially if you're living in Pennsylvania.
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Interests:(2) I have many interests, of which you will get to know by reading my journal. I don't have enough time to sit here and try to list them.
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