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Location: Rockford, Michigan, United States
Bio:My name's Hillary. Joey gave me his old journal just so I could be a part of woohu again - thanks Jo-Jo! :) It's been so long since I've posted anything on this site. Anyways, I'm 19 now. I'm going to attend Baker college for pharmacy tech. CAN'T WAIT for something real to start career-wise. I'm sick of the crap at the community college, etc. I still love my friends, hanging out, but I'm way too much of a hermit to admit. And a workaholic at times. I have 2 jobs. I am always in need of money, and new clothes. I hate credit cards.
Friends:(4) acidtears, losrnancr, silentlyscreaming, xjayk
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Interests:(25) Alicia, and many other things.., anything chocolate, camping, cheesecake, Chris, computers, dancing like a goon, downtown Holland, friends, going on trips, going out to eat with friends, hanging around being a homebody, Joey, laughing 'til I cry, movies, Music, my 'boyfriend-fiance' Shane., My cat Sassy, photography & other art related things(, playing PS1 with Chris, roller coasters and other rides, singing in the car with Leesh, working with cool people, writing
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