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Let's get the story straight. When you're being paid to be a model, you're the one who's supposed to know what to do. <3

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I don't like to be someone else-
because I like to be me.
I like how I am and,
thats how I always want to be.

They said I can't take, what, what do they know, any girl who's anyone is out at the mall and I can't dress up, what, outta control. My friends stand out so I wanna be bold. Even no make-up, what they're outta touch. They think my blue mascara is way too much. It gets a girl wondering what's wrong with this world when a girl can't choose how to be a girl. They said you're going the wrong way, the wrong way to no where but I said it's the right way, the right way to get there. They said I'm too young to follow my own way to the future but I stand in my own way, right or wrong, it's the only way that I'll get there...

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