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lookatmemynameisdustin (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2003 at 10:03pm
Music: "only in dreams"-weezer
i went camping.

i was talking to my uncle about the book i was reading (the perks of being a wallflower) and he says "dont belive that" and i say "dont belive what" he says, referring to the title, "dont think you dont need friends, you arent really anybody without friends"

i disagree. ive pretty much lost all of my friends to one of my closest friends recently and i can tell you that it may be very very lonely at times i dont have to deal with ....anything. i talk to people sometimes and im very selictive about who i talk to now, (theres pretty much one person i talk to and occasionaly i still talk to the friend i lost but its still hard so i try to keep my distance) i dont think i can stand caring about what somebody said to me or wants to do to me or what they think of my relatoinship or (espically) who "did" things together. i really think thats what killed my relationship. everybody else.

there is just so many things that come with groups. id rather establish a strong connection with one person than feel akward coming into a group. there is so much drama. even in the band, it just got really stupid.

im sorry for going on. i just think people are too dependent on others, im not one to talk. its just sad. for everybody. really really sad.

thanks for listening,
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06-22-03 10:55pm


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06-23-03 4:10pm

you make an excellent point.

i'm here, you know this.

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06-29-03 12:28am

So sad, yet so true. I would have to say I definetly agree.

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