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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2003 at 7:00pm
i think of how frustrated i've become with everything. Today just pulled my last string with band. After class I went in to tell Mr.Lerner that I was going to miss the Sept 19th gamve vs. Martin County because I am going to be going to Gainesville to meet with the music school up there... Lerner breaks out with "well, you have a commitment to the band, you made a commitment to tuesdays, thursdays and fridays" to which I responded "I understand but that was the only date that I could get a meeting with the administration and I could go up to gainesville" to which hes like "well you have to stick to your commitments" & I said "Well I also have a commitment to myself to go to COLLEGE!" to which he responds "well maybe you shouldn't pick conflicting commitments" and at that point i just kind of blew up saying "If i have to choose between band and going to college, i'm going to college" and dashed out.

Its funny... something i used to love so much has become the bane of my existence. I truly despise what this organization has become. I can honestly say that i am ashamed of meeting other band members after they have seen our show (or lack there of) ... I am co captain of this band, whatever that happens out there is a direct reflectiono n my leadership skills (or lack thereof)...

if things get worse (and i thought i'd NEVER be saying this) then chorus & Mr.Houchins aren't looking too bad...

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09-09-03 7:26pm

*whacks you for considering chorus as a better option*

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Re:, 09-09-03 7:27pm

lol seriously... i know how desperate that sounds :0/

how are you?

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Re: Re:, 09-09-03 10:23pm

I'm friggin AWESOME!! I'm soo loving this college thing.

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09-09-03 7:28pm

yeah. band this year has become quite frustrating. can't he see that we're smart people with lives in our future. we can't just drop everything to stay with atlantic high band & not go onto college. what's the point of going to atlantic ib if you're not going to college? it's a waste of time. seriously, lerner is going to drive our band into nothingness.

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09-09-03 7:38pm

you can always join Id and the Superegos. Thusfar it's been fairly low on the commitment scale. Alive 4 months and not one song! WOO!

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aww, 09-09-03 8:04pm

hey you look... you were right with the college thing.. its what anyone would have done. If Lerner can't understand that then well that happens to be his problem. its something you NEED to do..

and dont even dare start on your leadership skills... your EXCELLENT at that... swear 2 god they couldnt be better... not only are they good, but you make it all fun. Your not just some boring bloke who sits up there preaching about horn angles steps and all actually make it worth it...its people like you that make band fun. i mean most peopel could yell at me and id just take their point and blow off the but not u... i would have more or less kissed ur feet that 1 day u yelled at out my back in line and dam well... Dont be so hard on urself.. the band only had the show for awhile.. its alot of change.. its not ur fault...hell ur the like the best bassoonist n tboner out there... n like i said...its people exactly like you that make band worth coming to. your perfect at it...some of it sucks..ok..every band has their downs...but not u :)
atleast u get to be there...unlike me... dad took me out til my gpa gets better...but hey enjoy NEEDS fun people like u gtg c my gf have fun..n dont take it so hard <3

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09-09-03 8:10pm

Id and the Superegos, I'll have you know, is an excellent band. only we need actual musicians. Tyler and I have been devoted. In contribution to the band, we have had 2 (yes, 2!!!) 20 minute jamming sessions and we consistently break plans on jamming. dave only claims to write songs, where we actually take action...but just dont' follow up.

btw...we need a drummer. kari dropped out, so tristan is our basist now, provided he gets to rant political stuff between songs. and that we don't play funk.

so, drumline people...any takers?

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Re:, 09-10-03 11:10am

Id and the Superegos? That is so IB.

Hey Vi, what did your parents say about Lerner's lecture.

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09-10-03 8:55pm

Hey... one quick question. I don.t really understand your icon. Are you just lettin ppl see down your dress? *Plz comment back on my journal. TY!

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Re:, 09-10-03 8:56pm

that would be negatory.

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Re:, 09-10-03 8:57pm

that would be negatory.

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09-10-03 10:20pm

You definitely did the right thing there.. I can't stand how he reacts like that! IB, school work, other commitments and things.. we do have other important things in our lives!

SHAME! You are an amazing leader! Grrr for doubting yourself there! The band definitely needs people like you to hold onto the strings.. you guys keep it from falling apart. And besides, you couldn't've made us get the show on the field.. that wasn't a reflection of your leadership skills but on bad timing and bad choices by the director(s).
o.O;; Can't believe you're thinking of resorting to chorus..


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09-11-03 4:36pm

yeah. i don't expect you'd be interested, but i can empathize to an extent.

i was cut from the soccer team this year. i mean, i've always been on the outside looking in, just because i'm not inbred like all the kids that are the 'in' cedar crowd.

but they still tolerated me until now. and i don't know. part says i'm better off without them, but i still miss the game.

i have the same problem in drumline. band in general, i guess. there are many times when the people really suck ass, and i want to pull my hair out. but in the end, i still love playing. especially when the guy who's writing our show knows his shit.

so yeah. i'm not sure what i was trying to say. but maybe you'll figure it out anyway.

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09-12-03 5:05am

band is good fun until you get near the end of it...

or you discover it's filthy underbody...

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