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godessalthena (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2003 at 8:53pm
Current mood: good
Music: t.A.T.u. - Malchik Gay
Subject: What fun!
Well... Today was a pretty good day, if I do say so myself... I went to school and did some work... I finished my art project... Then I did pretty well in band... Then I worked 'hard' in keyboarding... Well, I really just stole the anwsers I didn't know from Scott and he stole some of mine...

Then lunch came and I went to the 3rd floor to talk to Julius... He's accutally depressed to the point where he won't drink Dew... I think something happened at Homecoming between him and Amber... I don't know what to think about Amber... She's nice, but she really enjoys sticking her head in my lap... And snooping, don't forget the snooping... I felt really bad for Julius...

Then we went to the Japanese room and I met Tawny... She is so freaking good at drawning it makes me feel bad... She said she liked my drawning style... She said it was very cute! I want it to be a little more serious...

Then I went to all my other classes and found out that I didn't get behind by missing a day... For the most part they were all free periods...

My Tamagotchi died though... in Keyboarding... Just upped and died...

Then Lauren came over after school and that was fun! And James was over and we all decided our roles... James is the Love Interest, Ori was the Sexy One, Lauren was the Monster, Dale was the Annoying and Sparatic One, and I was the Innocent One!

It was a good day! Yay! YAY! Yay!

Cherish every moment,
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10-27-03 9:09pm

Glad you had an excellent day.

I love you.

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Re:, 10-28-03 12:03am

well what am I then.. I was there for a while! More than dale was! -cries- I even bought you a thingy thing at the store!

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Re: Re:, 10-28-03 10:15am

you can be the... Whinie One :P

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10-28-03 12:33pm

Spiffing! Glad you had a good day :D

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Hiyee..!, 10-28-03 7:46pm

Hello Amelia..! I figured since I was all snoopy in Lauren's journal I might as well come bother you too..! Yay..! *botherbotherbother* ^^ I'm totally out of the loop on your personal life (we totally have to get together sometime..!) but...I don't think you should give up on Julius..! The will of a maiden's heart is strong..! Your someone just for you is hopefully not too far away..! *huggles* (Coming from a girl whose eyes are constantly glazed over with ponderings/wonder/desire and whose heart is eating her from the inside out...ouch o_x;;) I need to be supportive about boys for some reason...I suppose it's a comfort zone...meh. (That and wait, not penguins..! That's a step backwards..! Why does he love penguins..?! *weeps*) ^^; Weeell, enough of me rambling like a moron, (I have frightened you, no..? ^^) hehe..mata ne..!

+ elizabeth..! +

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Hey Millie..., 10-28-03 8:20pm

how could u have been listening 2 tatu when DALE had the cd???? ARG! u need 2 burn that 4 me! n.n

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10-28-03 9:15pm

oh! coolz you both read it!

Well I have t.A.T.u. on my computer too :P

Lizzy! DO you have a journal here too?? I wanna see it!

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Re:, 10-28-03 10:05pm

Well no, but after endless berating from Marty, I've finally decided to get myself a livejournal (yes, I gave in to peer pressure..I'm such a horrible person..! XP) So I guess then that will be the members of traipse/you guys ^^ I'll let you know when I get it though..! Luv ya..!

+ Elizabeth +

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