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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2003 at 11:30pm
sooo....i was random journaling due to the extreme boredom i am facing..and i came across many intelligent statements. they are as follows:
mah bitches.
down ass bitch.
go 2 were i wuz.
Ima be a single chicka... ima live it up.
i started diz journal 2daii..and can u puhleaze tell me.. iim siitiing mii azs here beiin bored..dis be crazii.
whudz up?..nada ladaz here juss chyln.

..and the best quote of the day would have to be..
"I want to be different...just like everyone else"
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12-05-03 11:54pm

It's almost like reading another language.

Were they serious when they said "I want to be different... just like everyone else" ?

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Re:, 12-05-03 11:56pm

i know... ha ha

and yes they were serious, sad huh?

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Re: Re:, 12-05-03 11:58pm


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12-06-03 12:09am

That is freakin halarius

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12-06-03 12:27am

*laughs* Isn't it pleasant to know how intelligent people are?

Meh. And it is almost like reading another language. I don't know how the hell they even type it. Ugh.

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12-06-03 3:32am

silly stacy, only you would go and make a genious update like this. i feel smarter when i read it. now iima buzt up outta heya and go on wit meh shizzle mah bizzle aight?


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fer sheezy., 12-06-03 11:39am

aight d-o double gizzle, fer shizzle, catch ya on da flip side, alrightizzle?


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12-06-03 11:01am

dosent it make you just want kill people
its crazy
how they talk like that. freaking wiggers.
and posers too.

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12-06-03 1:47pm

Damn people and their ghetto shit!.. its wonder we havent busted caps in there ass..

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12-06-03 4:12pm

Well, just remember, that your unique... just like eveyone else. I hope that makes you feel better. ;-P

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