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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2004 at 2:31pm
Current mood: awake
Music: The Beatles- Can't Buy Me Love
Okay, update on my life:

Kiku-chan and I went on our first date last night ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ 'Twas a school dance... Too much loud music and too many people... *sweatdrop* But 'twas much fun even though Safi couldn't come cos she's sick :( And yes, if anyone wants to know, we did dance ^_^

God I love her ^_^

I took the SAT. In seventh grade. ^_^ And to anyone here who is going to take it anytime soon:
It is easy. Some of the math questions made my brain hurt, but that was cos I hadn't had the material yet.
Kiku-chan was taking it too, but she was in a different room and so I didn't see her at all... :(

And so life goes on in the wonderful world of Arion. Over and out. G'night, Wisconsin.
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02-22-04 10:17pm

Where in Washington do you live?

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Re:, 03-25-04 7:55pm

You live in Washington? God, NO-ONE lives in Washington O.o
Heh... I live kinda near Seattle, style of thing...

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06-27-04 9:02am

were you shy about dancing with her in front of everyone?

thats so cute..was it like slow dancing and stuff??

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