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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2004 at 9:46pm
Current mood: thoughtful...
Subject: think...
Beat Mainland like 37-3 today...haha rock on creek...varsity baseball game tomorrow :)!!

~!Just some thoughts!~
Have you ever...

1)sat and just thought about what ur doing in life and if its how u should be living in it
2)stood in a storm and felt the drops of rain drip down ur face
3)sang on the beach
4)fallin for someone too fast
5)felt a special connection between u and a that significant other...
6)had your first kiss
7)wished for someone u could never have
8)laughed till u were crying
9)felt as if a friendship was being hindered by something or someone
10)wanted to know what its like to be in love...
11)wished u were a lil kid with no problems
12)wanted to be a bum and eat animal crackers for the rest of ur life...(that would probablly be only me lol)
13)made the realization that a life without God is empty
14)gone a whole day without frowning
15)felt as if everything was perfect...
16)wished u could be someone else
17)wanted to reveal something to someone but couldnt...

Most of those yes, i have experienced...
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02-19-04 10:21pm

18) worried about something so much that an hour later is meaningless
19)just not done something simply becasue you didnt feel like it
20) laughed... and laughed.. and laughed... for no appearant reason
21) ran around in the rain--singing "I'm singing in the Rain" --its a wonderful feeling...just singing in the rain...
22) Wanting to quit but knowing that you just couldnt
23) Looked at something so perfect.. and knowing that you cant have it
24) Jumped up and down--gone crazy- and realized that you dont give a crap what people think
25) Known that the Father is there.. He knows you better than you do...
26) Shared something you so deeply believe in.. and getting rejected...
27) Failed.. at anything...btw... it stinks!
28) Gone up to someone and saying something COMPLETELY random... see what they say
29) Realized who your true friends really are
30) Cleaned for no reason
31) Wanted to impress someone..
32) Gotten all "done up" to go sit in a dark movie theater for 2 hours...
33) Written a poem..
34) Made up your own joke... that isnt funny... then telling everyone in sight
35) Got carried away.......

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Or...., 02-19-04 11:08pm

36) stared in people in adjaecent cars and they look at you and look away quickly but keep staring so when they look back to see if ur still staring they see u and ur still staring
37) been lied to be a good friend...
38) ...repeatedly
39) Been torn between the conflicting intersts of friends
40) Tried to do something even tho u knew u would fail
41) Had milk come out your nose
42) Tried to see if you could make a baseball break orbit by throwing it really hard
43) Heard some1 say something really dumb and pretend not to hear it but keep they keep saying it
44) Given up and tried again anyways
45) repeatedly
46) done stuff ur not gonna put on this list

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OR...., 02-20-04 9:45pm

47) Run away because a catfish was chasing you
48) carried a humungous (sp.. lol) bouncy ball around to see how many stares you get
49) Worn your pants backwards
50) ... on accident
51) beat up...your pillow
52) done the chicken dance in public (or for that matter any dance..the robot..the i duno.. dont ask)
53) felt so bad for someone, yet theres nothing you can do
54) put this many things on an online list....
55) had a life

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Re: OR...., 02-20-04 9:56pm

56) Held vacuum cleaner races... with dust mops on your head...wrapped in cloaks....and taken bets

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or or..., 02-24-04 8:40pm

57) tried to plan somthing "secret" and ruined everything
58) forgotten someones bday
59) yelled and screamed at the tv (or computer) like its going to change something
60)baked cookies..and ruined them..because you tried to "change" the recipe.........

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