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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 2:18pm
Music: Bright Eyes - All of the Truth
some random quotes and short conversations that were said..(continued from the last time i posted quotes: 1-18-2004).

you're smart, you idiot -Michelle

the announcements said "amanda marcom please see Mr.A" -Mitch

i want to be an astronaut, fbi agent, fireman! -Mitch

we have the same belt -Stacy
oh my god its like we're..sisters!! -Dustin P

i hate you -Stacy
you didnt in bed last night -Erika

"Jesus loves me" -Stacy
..all night long -Lisa
dude you just made a joke about Jesus! -Stacy

i fucked your mom, than i fucked mine -Becky

them gay guys are somewhat weird they just give off a gay vibe -Joey

there's too many.....uh....what are they callled? -Stacy
distractions? -Lisa
yeah.. i was distracted -Stacy

we should do something sometime because i need someone -Lisa
oh my just hit on me! -Stacy

did you just put Karls cough drop in your pants? -Lisa

the thought of the thoughts that are in your head scare me, did you know that? -Lisa

I laugh at him..because he has a cooler car but see I have a garage and he doesnt -Lisa

if it seems like you are lost..keep going -Worker at Sears
i feel like im lost.. -Stacy
keep going! -Lisa

weeeee -Stacy
..ner -Lisa

my dad said that something smelled like goat crotch -Mishy

she was black..and nice to me and im white -Stacy

i'm not a stalker..more of an obsesed fan -Tony Weir

dude..theres a fork in your toilet -Stacy

does that lady have a mullet? -Dustin
oh my god..she does! -Stacy

mitch..go to hell...quickly...sprint! -Stacy

what do you mean slow? -my grandma
umm....not fast -Mishy
..lacking speed.. -Lisa

im bored - Stacy

a. avril lavigne is dumb b. shes from canada -Kevin C
Kevin..a and b are the same reason -Mitch
haha..c. she doesnt write her own music...four.. -Kevin C
four? you were just at c then you go to four? -Stacy

i came home this morning and my mom had filled the candy dish with m&ms and they're only black and white and im all thinking "wheres the beaners?"...damn racists. -Lisa

do you think the class rooms in Japan are the same as they are here? -Mrs.Babbit
im pretty sure there arent any fridges or stoves -Stacy

where do you think i would like to make some of you go? -Mrs.Babbit
Hell -Mitch

stop being mexican! -Lisa

i had a dream that i made you guys dinner and i served you mashed potatos, corn, and this meatloaf made out of this girl i cut up with blood gravy -mishy
ewww..i hate corn! -Stacy
you hate corn? what about the girl meatloaf? -James
mmmm. -Stacy

dude, why arent you steering the car, were gonna hit the curb! -Lisa
you're the one drving you crazy bastard! -Stacy
that doesnt mean anything! -Lisa

this is a dictatorship and i am the dick....tator. -Mr.Andrus

dont sit at this desk..see the sign says "dont. sit. here." -Mr.Andrus

can you be quiet, im trying to get an education, i want to go somewheres in life -Joanna
somewheres? -Mitch

did you even see that trash can? -Stacy
not until after i hit it! -Lisa

im gonna murder your toilet -Phil

i am anti-dumb people -Mitch

watch your fucking mouth stacy! -Dusty P sorry, i even called someone a tree today -Stacy
yeah, you called them a fucking tree! -Lisa
thats not the point, i could have called them a fucking bastard! -Stacy

hey guys! wanna go play in the trash? -Kate

shut up biatch..yeah..thats ghetto for bitch -James

i hope my fly isnt un-zipped because im not wearing underwear -Brad

farts will always be funny -Ben Birk cheese supposed to be warm and squishy?..because it doesnt taste so good -Stacy

I want triscuits -Lisa
fuck triscuits! -Dustin C

God created farting, so if you dont laugh at a fart its like dissing God -Ben Birk

im giving cheese to the homeless -Dustin
shut the fucking window! -Lisa
you sound like my grandma -Dustin

he would be hot if he wasnt asian -mishy and stacy

lets do commentary for the midget..since we cant hear her-Stacy
Mr.Reybrun is now telling her that shes short. at first shes confused, she tries to understand, then realizes all this time she thought that everyone was standing, they were really sitting down. -Stacy

i love cookies -Stacy
..i wish i was a cookie -Tony

hi, you're hot..can i fuck you? -Stacy

all hot guys, take off your clothes and start fucking eachother now. -Mishy

if you masturbate it stunts your growth -Mitch
so thaaats why im so the hell are you so tall? -Stacy

i think that you should only be allowed to be a lesbian if you're hot, because ugly lesbians...well no one wants to see that -Stacy

i wish i had poison -Mitch
so you could kill people like me? -Tony
not people like you, just you -Mitch

im gonna put deodrant on my balls -Jay

i didnt clean up after i fucked your daddy -Brad

thats not lisas mom on the answering machine -Mishy
yeah, you're right satan doesnt use telephones -Stacy

im not racist! i just hate niggers and beaners. -my dad

why did you just honk at black people? -Stacy
the light wasnt supposed to turn red -Mitch
lock the doors! -Stacy

i hope you have aids! -Jay

we dont have money because our school spends it on telescopes and pig feet -Mr.Andrus

my car is 10 years old so i can say its a classic -Mr.Andrus

my teeth are fucked up..they look like rabbit teeth, look at em! -Stacy

old people have the ugliest ears -Lisa

she wants everyones cock, even mine! -Stacy

my dad has a big penis because i came out of it -Brad

i have never sat in a giant carrot chair before -Kate

i like to open my mouth wide for a lot of meat -James

keep it on the down low, dont let grandma know -Kate

i started choking on my orange -Dustin
ok...finish choking -James

we are such bastards -Kate

is there anyone i wouldnt make out with? -Lisa

these two gay guys were hitting on me -James

you smell like crayon -Kate

you can burrow into my vagina -Emily R

im gonna lay a lincoln log on your chest -James

james and brad say way too many fucked up things so its hard for me to quote them -Stacy

man, I gonna cut you so bad, man.. that, you, you gonna wish i didn't cut you so bad, man -James

i should get implants -Brad

if you aint white, you aint right -Brad

i was a little spermy -Brad

penis face! -Denee'

its because im black isnt it Mr.Cooper? -Denee'

theres a hole in my butt, does that mean its broken? -James

how do 'its' have sex? -James

i have no clue how many times i have seen brads ass, but i know its a lot -Stacy

i have DRUGS!..and my face is soft -Raych

my mom said she'd be in bed so i wanted to ask her if she'd be naked -Lisa

puberty..that word is weird, kinda like vagina and penis -Denee'

i just farted -Denee'
does it smell? -Stacy
like chicken crap -Denee'

i think you and kate should be lesbians more -my mom

you'd look hot bald -Lisa

they sprayed my hair with water that smelled like feet or ass -Stacy

put your chips in your crotch -Stacy

If I had a penis, Id name him after you, and cuddle with him everynight! -Raychie

you are such a klepto! -Lisa

i cant take it from him, hes mexican -Stacy

you're hot for a 5 year old boy -Mitch

--thats all for now kids, once again..they were much better being heard. i hope ya'll continue to say stupid shit so i can quote you. hehe.
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04-10-04 3:14pm

Hahahahaha, wow, that was awesome...half that stuff I didn't remember saying for a second...then I realized...Hey....maybe I did say that...then I was like...hold on a second...maybe she's just trying to mess with you....then i slapped myself into realization that you wouldn't make me hit myself!

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Re:, 04-10-04 3:17pm

I don't get what I just said...BUT I SAID IT DAMNIT!

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;), 04-10-04 4:05pm


you sure did.

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04-10-04 3:54pm

I WILL murder your toliet!

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04-10-04 10:36pm

why'd you put the blind girl joke up here? she might see it!

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Re:, 04-10-04 11:24pm

hahaha. that is so mean, but oh so great.

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04-11-04 11:47am

We're all so stupid sometimes, its hilarious. i laughed my ass off reading these, probably because im in more than half of them. hahaha. we need more quotes! go make some. hehe.

dont even start with the blind girl and the horses on diving boards. hahaha. :P

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04-12-04 2:01am

and some more [hahaha]


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04-12-04 11:59am

Thats beautiful.

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