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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2004 at 3:52pm
Subject: maybe I am bieng watched and cared for

something awesome has happend to my family that has been a long time mom finally got her disability and it couldn't have come at a better time...just before my tution is supposed to be paid for. she gets a check for 22,000 dollars this month then she gets 1300 every month after that untill she dies. and thats not even the best part...I also get benifits from it because she has been such a consistant worker for 19 years and then abruptly had to stop because of her illness I get 300 every month untill im 18 (which is only 3 months..that sucks) but I also get a check this month for 3600 dollars!!! this really takes a huge load off our backs now we don't have to worry about dad not paying child support or that we cant by grocereies anymore....thank God!!

Jessa are you working for Kirby because Eddie did that for a while and it was a rip off you end up paying out more in new digs and stuff than you actually get....unless of course you are one hell of a seller you probably will get jiped.....but if not I'm happy for you.

well I got a blatter infection and the insanely cute doctor was the one asking all the questions and there is nothing worse than having a hot doctor ask you if you have any irregular discharge! GOd why me.
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07-01-04 7:59pm

Good thing you aren't the queen because I would have to rebel against such a shallow queen.

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Re:, 07-30-04 1:28pm

so seriously, how am I so shallow? cant a person be happy that, after 10 years of being so poor that we ate only hamburger helper and bought clothes from goodwill, now things are happening for the better? maybe you just need to re-assess your own life and deal with your problems. people only put other people down when there not sure of themselves.

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