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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2002 at 2:11pm
Current mood: Happy! :) :) :)
Music: WGRD
Yah! My weekend was great!
Friday, i went to Kevin's house w/ Jessi and Robby. Dusty and Sam were supposed to show up w/ the videocam but never showed...oh well. hahaha.
We goofed off the whole time, then later went to Robby's house and
Then Saturday i went dress shoppin' w/ Jess. We tried on like, 30 dresses.
I picked this one dress for her, and she got it, so we were both happy.
Then, that night was fun! :) :) :)
hehehe...yeah, that was fun, even though we were both tired. (My mom wasn't mad at me either.)... :)
oh yeah...this had to be the funniest thing, probably a "moment thing" though...
But, when we were gonna go back into the dressing rooms, and you know those 3-panel mirrors? Well, as she was going through the doors, i proceeded to go
"through" the mirrors..."whoa! whoa! whoa!" -that was my reaction as i bumped into the wall! dumb, huh. Yeah, and jess and i went crying (from laughing) into the room. hahaha :)
That was hilaryous.
Yeah, and today, mommy and i went on a shopping spree. Fun fun fun. I got some new clothes and some really good smelling coconut stuff...yum yum yum...
and that was my day so far. :)
Pretty good weekend!

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04-28-02 9:22pm

you are such a character, holiday. don't ever lose that. it's so fun to be around and has helped my mood innumerable times.

it's good to see that you have spelled hilaryous in the correct fashion. it gives the word more meaning.

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Re:, 04-28-02 10:28pm

aw, thanx Spud! you really are a pal, a "potato pal" at that, too!

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