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glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 5:03pm
I hate you for tearing this too pieces just to put them back together again, and who knows if you'll finish the puzzle.

I hate people who smell bad. I LOVEEEE LOVEEEE people who smell good.

I hate the movie King Pin cos Collin is stupid and made me rent it.

I hate that I don't like Anatomy because then I never pay attention. Why I took that class I don't know because it will never help me because I want to be a teacher slash little kids basketball coach.

I hate that this is still my junior year cos I want it to be my senior year soooooo bad! I would do anything for this to be my last year so I can go to CMU and forget high school. I want to go to college so bad cos i hate hate hate!! high school!

I want someone to have and to hold. without getting involed, scared, and running away from it.

I hate my mom and what a terriable mom she really is.

I hate that I ahven't talked to my pretty pussy Jess in like 3 days. :( Where are you pussy???

I hate that you call at the worse of times.

I hate that I can't find a job.

I hate that I can't drive.

I hate that every time I see you I want to smack you for not seeing how great things really are, and how great they could be for you, but I just don't say anything because the thought of fighting with you, again..breaks my heart.

I hate that I have red hair, boo I'm sick of it. and It's "lucious" curls as Andy perfers to call them.

I hate that I'm ACTUALLY wearing the thongs that Joey got my for my birthday lol. What a faggot.

I hate that I've sold ONE add total in yearbook class, and I know how to do absolutely nothing at all!

I hate that I'm obsessed with Rascal Flats and everytime their song comes on I honestly flip a nut.

I hate that school is back in session tomorrow :( ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I h ate that I'm so upset over nothing and sometimes I get so worked up just for the hell of it, and I can't help it and nothing can stop it or make it okay. I just ugh hate it.

I hate I hate I hate kdjfakjdfkasjdf

No one understands how I really feel about anything...because no one knows. I bet my soul..that no one will ever even be able to understand how I feel about a single thing.

<3 Jess

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11-28-04 7:59pm


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11-29-04 10:07am

i'm in love with that song the broken road or whatever by rascal flatts its sucha pretty song!it makes me want to cry! last night it came on the radio and i turned it up so loud...anyway i just thought i'd tell you i was looking at you today in anatomy lol and i think you're so beautiful! and i love your hair i wish i could make mine curly like that, not all frizzy like're an awesome girl and i hope you cheer up


<3 jessie

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Re:, 11-29-04 10:43am

and oh yea, if you ever need anyone to talk to about being upset about nothing you can talk to me....or maybe you get upset about things that other people think are stupid but they'rea big deal to you...i really do understand and i know how i'm explaining it, it sounds confusing but as soon as i went back thru and re read your jounal, i can remember feeling the same exact way all the time. so dont feel alone jess. i really really want you to feel better because i know how it is to cry at night and being really sad at school and everything else. now that i feel better i want to help everyone else to!

ugh i have so much more to say but mr. carr is making everyone log off..but i'm here for you k?

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Re: Re:, 11-29-04 8:51pm

Awww Jessie omg I love you so much you have no idea. I want YOU to know that I have ALWAYS thought that you were gorgoues! I think you Jess, Cass yeo, Heather Helbling, and Kate Schaub are the most beautiful girls in the entire school. YOu have ALWAYS treated me with your heart and I love you to death. I'm going to talk to you more in Anatomy tomorrow, but awww im so glad you left me those comments. You are the biggest sweetheart ever! And I look around and honestly hate almost everyone I see unless im super close w/ them, evne some of them i really dislike but not you because you are wonderful and I hope you are begining to see that. I love you Jess! Call me sometime 648-3771

Love you Jess

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