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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 9:35pm
Current mood: tired
well it;s been an absolutely exhilerating weekend. I've been having a headache for about a week. and later on last week, my tonsils started to swell up. i diagnosed myself with tonsilitis because it hasnt been the first time ive had it. anyways, my ma made me a doctors appt friday afternoon. when i went, the doc gave me a strep test (not a rapid strep test - he claims that he doesnt believe in them) and made me give blood for some sort of mono test. he said that i would know my results some time this week. until then i was put on penicillan. if the results came back positive for strep, i was to keep taking the penicillan for 10 days. if it wasnt strep, then i was to stop taking penicillan immidiately. well, needless to say i got worse over the weekend. the penicillan didnt touch it at all, and my tonsils completely closed up my throat. (oyea and i couldnt work). so to make a long story short, i have mono - and one of the worst cases he;s ever seen. so im on a diet of water and prednizone (some kind of steroid) until thursday, and then we'll see how they look then and go from there. needless to say, i feel like shit. i cant work or go to school until at least the 24th. im stuck on this i-cant-eat-delicious-food-even-tho-im-extremely-hungry diet, and i cant work. which means no income. ahhh. and i feel really bad cuz jami's getting sick too. i just hope i didnt give her anything - even tho i wouldnt be surprised if i did seeing as we spend all our time together. argh. but even after my mono goes away, theyre still contemplating taking the tonsils out. how exhilerating. have a lovely day.
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01-17-05 10:35pm

Do you want some healthiness? I can throw you some.

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01-25-05 1:28am

Sorry to hear you're sick. And I'll save doing the real lsd for doing it with you!

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