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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2005 at 10:03am
Current mood: blah
life seems so pointless right now. it's so routine. go to school. go to work. go home. throw in a weekly get-together at missy and davey's and thats about it. what do i relly live for? another day of driving priveleges? it jus seems as though nothing is really worth it at this time...either that, or i jus dont have the balls to do anything. like my guys - 4 of them are getting shipped off to the marines from march to sept. i need to hang out with them again because it may be the last time i see them. aaron - i truely care about the kid. i love being around him. talking to him. i know that i dont have to "look good" for him. he likes me for who i am. he doesnt judge me. he truely cares about my well being and wont hesitate to tell me if im doing something stupid. but im torn as to whether i should go hang out with him again because i dont want it to turn into a purely physical relationship again. i jus dont know. life is confusing; very complexing. and is it really worth it - to sit here questioning. i dont know.
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02-22-05 11:47pm

I know what you're talking about...

Without, you know, the guys...

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02-24-05 5:11pm

Definitely go see aaron and whoever else. Regrets are the worst.

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