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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2003 at 7:34pm
Current mood: worried
Subject: A tad worried...
Dear Journal thingie
Hey how r u? I have had a bad feeling in my stomach and chest since last night... I am worried about Caroline... I know she truly doesn't love this boy "ben" more than a friend... But her friend is kinda pushing the idea into her a bit... I just have a bad feeling about it... I dunno why... I just don't think she should do i... I almost staretd crying this worry inside of me is so great... I guess I just really care about Caroline... Well duh she is my bestest buddy! I just have a bad feeling.... Maybe she''l read this and hear how i feel... aw well

I was very paranoid at lunch today... At school... it seems no one truly understands me... i mean... At lunch I was talking and one girl said ,"I will never love again" But i mean... it wasn't true love.... How could it be at this age... How would we know... All the emotions that you feel...... Like looking into the stars..... The feeling must be undesciubable... And these girls... they think it is their boyfriends of that moment in time... But i don't think it is true love..... or am I just crazy wishing I could find the right one in this universe..?
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02-10-03 7:56pm

Awwww!!!!! i didn't know j00 cared THAT much!!!!!!!! now i feel really loved!!!
Don't worry too much aboot meh, i'm gonna make the right decision, in due time. I'd like to become better friends w/ "B" first...

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02-11-03 5:16pm

I'm sure she'll inform me if I'm pushing too hard. It's all good fun. Ben probably doesn't like the idea anyway. He's too dumb to know what's going on.

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sorry -_-, 02-11-03 8:32pm

i didn't mean to make you mad rachel or make u sound means

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;_;, 02-12-03 5:41pm

Aww, you don't need to worry about stuff like love at this age! We will all get our chance at a taste of it.. some just get it sooner than others. But as for you, sometimes it just takes time... and maybe that's a good thing! Because then you can watch and learn from what others do in relationships ^-^ You'll be ready when the time comes. There's a time and place for everything. I also believe that God has a purpose for everything that happens... so don't give up hope! ^____^

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