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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2005 at 3:27pm
Current mood: chipper
Subject: random bitching
well it's 19 years old. big frickin woot.

tommy and amanda took me out to lunch even tho i have a develish eye.

ive been thinking. what is the point to all the shit that i do? is it really worth it to sleep around and get drunk every other nite? what benefit does it do for me? i dont do it for anybody else - jus for the hell of it. i quit smoking pot and shit like that...random drug tests at michigans adventures are to thank for that one. but why? why do it? i have no idea.

my ma is worried. she thinks that im not taking care of myself just cuz i lost 2 lbs in two days. who cares how much i weigh. i know i dont care. i eat when im hungry and i eat what i can afford...which pretty much consists of ritz bits and pringles. i like fake cheese. it's delicious.

i get to see my hailey gorgeous today. shes getting so big. she'll be 1 in a week!! i love that girl so much.

im gunna head out to my ma's pretty soon so im out - cya.
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07-07-05 4:32pm

Happy Cake-day!

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Re:, 07-07-05 7:28pm

thank you!

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Re: Re:, 07-08-05 2:49am

So how's life been for you?

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