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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2005 at 3:27pm
okay so. . .every time i walk my building i am screaming in my head. not any words, but yelling.

there's something creepy in my room and i think it's going to kill me.

i am going to freak out because i'm not sure what's going on.

am i being picky and judgemental and mean? am i really trying?

yeah. so i bet god is way pissed at me because i can't even bother to be sincerely nice.

ahhh. i don't know. i just don't like it. am i supposed to like everyone? am i supposed to be good to those i like the least. it's hard. it's really really really really hard. and i'm not even good at faking things.

plus i'm really petty. seriously a hugh bitch is what i am. and i hate pretending. i hateeeeeeeeee ittttt.

ugh, but other people have told me the same thing, so it's probably not just me. still. i'm not being good.
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10-06-05 9:01pm

eh. don't be mean. but you don't always have to be nice.

just be as nice as you can without faking it. if god was the one that built you, he must know exactly what amount of niceness you're capable of.

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Re:, 10-06-05 10:32pm

hey. thanks.

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10-06-05 11:10pm

i understand what you are saying. everyone that i am 'friends' with are getting on my nerves. it is driving me crazy. so all i want to do is sleep.

you truely don't have to be nice, be yourself. express yourself. if they don't like you it is their problem not yours. you are an awesome person.

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10-06-05 11:32pm

sometimes being mean is better than being fake. so if you feel the need to be mean, bring it. hahaha. well i saw your mommy at the store the other day. I wasn't sure if she remembered me but she did. See you tomorrow maybe?

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