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eyesofcrystal (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2005 at 12:05am
Wow, I had a really good time with my mom today and yesterday. But, man-o-man did she spoil the crap out of me. Yesterday we went to dinner at T.G.I.Fridays and pigged out. And then we went to Woodland mall for 4 1/2 hours!!! Umm...lets see....that day I got...a shirt from hot is SO cute...I don’t know why people think that store is just for rocker/punk/goth kids...their stuff if SO adorable! Anyway...umm...I got a book at Waldens, and Love Spell Perfume at Victoria’s Secret. Then, today, we went to Rivertown Crossings, and were there for 7 FREAKIN HOURS!! Can you believe that?!? Well, we went into JC Penny because my mom needed jeans. Well, they had THE cutest pair of boots there and I just had to get them. They are brown and come up to about my calf, and have a slightly pointed toe. They were originally $100, but they marked all of them $20!! So my mom and I both bought a pair!! You can’t go wrong getting $200 worth of boots for $40! Well...I didn’t have anything to wear them with, so I had to buy an outfit to go with it. I got a matching brown peasant skirt, with a matching brown lace-ish tank and a tan crop sweater to go with it. It looks SO cute! Then we went to Charlotte Russe, and I got this adorable brown corduroy type jacket with faux fur on the collar. I also got 5 pairs of panties there. (they are so cute!! I know someone who will like them!! *cough cough*) Then I got two shirts at Rue21. They are so cheesy but they looked cute on me. They are both brown. One says “Everyone Loves a Brunette” and the other has a picture of a little yellow duck and it says “What the Duck” Aww they are cute. Oh, then I bought a pair of black fuzzy boots. They are adorable too. I think that’s all I got…I’m not sure though.
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12-23-05 12:57am

You've become such a preppy girl Erica. Lol. :D Love ya!

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Re:, 12-26-05 6:59pm

Pssh....I am not!! :)

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12-23-05 11:12am

i was at rivertown yesterday too.

i went to sears for a toolbox, then went to the food cort for some stuff, wich sucked by the way.
then went to victoria's secret to get beth a present for christmas (its not underwear! lols)

but yeah.... total time in the mall.... >45 minutes :D
i'm a power shopper.

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12-23-05 8:05pm

and you look beautiful in all of it:)
im so glad to be home

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