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:: 2006 29 April :: 1.38 am

Hey Hey!! I got Prom Queen!! Woooooh!

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:: 2006 24 April :: 5.46 pm

Yess...I WAS on the ballots! haha! I was surprised how many people voted for me. Only 3 out of the whole class I think. But those ones dont count because I was not voted for out of spite. It made for a good laugh though. "ERICA'S on the ballot!?! Dont vote for her, I dont like her" Bah! haha! I had an awesome effing day though. Thanks to all of you guys that voted for me! Your awesome! Now I get to countdown for the next 4 days....yikes!


:: 2006 23 April :: 3.18 am

Ok well...Im hoping rumor is true, or else Im gonna feel like an ass. BUT...rumor has it (and I say rumor as in about 5 pretty reliable people) that I am on the final ballot for frikin PROM QUEEN! Hell yes! Im pretty excited. I want to win, but I am so happy just to be voted onto the court that I will be so happy no matter how it ends. Just thought I would let you all know!


:: 2006 15 April :: 4.12 am

adopt your own virtual pet!

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:: 2006 3 March :: 11.19 pm

I dont know why I am bothering to write in here, but i figure maybe there are people interested, so i will just quick say that i am super excited because tomorrow i am going to meet Batista and i love him! So jealous! haha
Oh, and I got my labret pierced and it looks really cute! But it hurts like a bitch! thats all.

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:: 2006 24 January :: 6.04 pm



:: 2006 20 January :: 7.38 pm

Im at eDen right now with Tony and Ryan. I was playing Battlefield 2 for like, an hour and a half, but then I got bored. I think Im ok at that game. Tony is playing World of Warcraft, and our characters are under the same account so I have to wait till he is done. Its no big deal though... I mean, he has been wanting to play forever and every time we came here I would play the entire night. So its his turn for a long while. Good times.

Im really glad that this week is over. Its been hell. But now its the weekend...and its time to cool down. The end of the semester is always stressful for me, butn ot as stressful as this time. Now graduation is on the line. I want to go back in time to my freshman year and kick my ass for being so damn stupid and lazy! Things would be fine if i hadnt been so immature!

BUT....thats all done and over with, and I think things will be good. There is only like..a few weeks till Spring Hill. Im looking forward to that. It will be fun.

I guess thats it for now.


:: 2006 14 January :: 6.09 pm

Today was the best day ever! Tony took me to Devos Place to meet Chris Beniot! (a WWE Wrestler) And when I got up there, I went right up to him and shook his hand and introduced myself! I told him that I wanted to be a wrestler and he looked SO happy! He smiled and we started talking about trainers, but the security gaurd wanted me to keep moving so he just said real quick that i should call wwe to have them hook me up with one! Eeek! I love him! he was so sweet!

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:: 2006 12 January :: 6.07 pm

Jesus this week is going SOOO slow!! I havent gone to school two days this week and i STILL have one more day to go!!

Well....22 days till spring hill. I still have $70 to pay, but im sure i can work something out with Hazel. Im pretty excited, as far as i know, me, ashley, brittani, trisha, pam, janie, dani, kendra, and i think a few others are all rooming together. It should be a damn good time. We might be throwing a party in the cabin for Dani and Trisha cuz of thier yay for that.

Me and Tony go to meet Chris Beniot this Saturay! Im so excited!

And 76 something days till me and taylor and katie go to florida for spring break. Should be a good time.

I guess thats about it.


:: 2006 10 January :: 5.32 pm

Ugh! Im so bored! There is never anything to do anymore. I just go to school, then come home. thats about it. Its gonna be sad when school is done! Ahh!! But at least i get to TA for Dufty next semester. and everything else is going good!


:: 2006 7 January :: 8.34 pm

I decided to copy the other billions of people who did this....even though at most i will get like 1 response from it. (Dont forget to read my other entry)

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Wanna makeout?
5. What do you think of me?
6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
7. How long do you think we will be friends?
8. Do you have a crush on me?
9. Would you kiss me?
10. Would you hug me?
11. Physically, what stands out?
12. Emotionally, what stands out?
13. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?
14. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
15. Am I loveable?
16. Describe me in 3 words.
17. What was your first impression?
18. Do you still think that way about me now?
19.Have we ever hung out?
20. What makes me happy?
21. What makes me sad?
22. What reminds you of me?
23. If you could give me anything what would it be?
24. How well do you know me?
25. Do you wish to get to know me more?
26. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
27. Do you think I could kill someone?
28. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear my name?
29. What is your favorite thing about me?

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:: 2006 7 January :: 4.06 pm

...oh boy. Here I go again. Shit.
I've been having weird dreams lately, but as "weird" as they are, I find myself not wanting to wake up from them. Maybe its something I'll get over soon.
I had a really good time with Mandy the other day. She took me around in her car and chased some bad guys, and we even pulled a guy over. That was pretty cool. I tell you what, her lights went on and BAM! that guy was on the curb SOOOO fast! It was insane. I love her to death! She's such a sweetie. She's taking me to dinner this Thursday with her boyfriend who is also a police officer, and her best friend! I am SO excited!!!


:: 2006 3 January :: 3.40 pm

Bla, the first day back to school went by SOOO slowwww!! But, all in all it was a good day. Plus, I got some of my Senior stuff from Jostens. I got my Class of '06 dorm pants, a picture album with a really pretty silver frame on the cover, and some sort of memory book. Im so excited to start looking through them!! Im not so excited about graduating though. :(


:: 2006 1 January :: 4.32 pm

Hey hey! Happy New Year everybody. Mine is starting out pretty damn good. Hope all of you have a good start to the year too!!


:: 2005 30 December :: 3.58 pm

Woooh! Last night was so much fun!!! Me, Ashley, Bum, and Eddy went out for a girls night! It was a blast. We went to Steak and Shake for dinner and had lots of fun just talking about b.s and old times, which was pretty fun. Lots of laughing and all that. Then we went to Rockford lanes and bowled three games (two of which we got ripped off of) We took SOOO many crazy pictures! It was great! We definitly have to do that more often!!

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