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:: 2005 29 December :: 3.00 pm

Yay!! Girls night tonight!!! We are gonna have so much fun! And I guess im getting a lap dance from Ashley for my birthday!! wooh!! Happy Birthday to ME!

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:: 2005 26 December :: 7.33 pm

Oh....if anybody wants my new nextel number....just let me know.


:: 2005 26 December :: 7.04 pm

Pheew. What a Christmas Break I have been having. So many weird, crazy, unexpected things have happened. But its been fun. I got sick a few days ago. It frikin sucked. I woke up at 5am, thought "oh shit" and then ran up the stairs and threw up in the toilet. It was horrible. I havent thrown up in a while.....and i wish i hadent.! Yuck! I couldnt breathe or anything and i got really shakey. We thought I had food poisoning at first, but then my dad said there was a 12-24 hour bug going around that resulted in those symptoms. I still wasnt sure...but now Tony has the exact same im guessing thats what it was.

Umm...well Ben came over today. We had a really good time. He hung out in the room for an hour or so, and then me and him and tony went to check the movies but we missed the times. So then we went to Meijers and....oh we looked at video games, and I got some starbucks!! Yummm. Then we went bowling and then played pool. Then we went back to meijers....and now Ben is gone again. He had to go to a family Christmas party. But we might see him again before he heads back to California. I hope we do anyway.

Well...I guess thats it.


:: 2005 23 December :: 12.05 am

Wow, I had a really good time with my mom today and yesterday. But, man-o-man did she spoil the crap out of me. Yesterday we went to dinner at T.G.I.Fridays and pigged out. And then we went to Woodland mall for 4 1/2 hours!!! Umm...lets see....that day I got...a shirt from hot is SO cute...I don’t know why people think that store is just for rocker/punk/goth kids...their stuff if SO adorable! Anyway...umm...I got a book at Waldens, and Love Spell Perfume at Victoria’s Secret. Then, today, we went to Rivertown Crossings, and were there for 7 FREAKIN HOURS!! Can you believe that?!? Well, we went into JC Penny because my mom needed jeans. Well, they had THE cutest pair of boots there and I just had to get them. They are brown and come up to about my calf, and have a slightly pointed toe. They were originally $100, but they marked all of them $20!! So my mom and I both bought a pair!! You can’t go wrong getting $200 worth of boots for $40! Well...I didn’t have anything to wear them with, so I had to buy an outfit to go with it. I got a matching brown peasant skirt, with a matching brown lace-ish tank and a tan crop sweater to go with it. It looks SO cute! Then we went to Charlotte Russe, and I got this adorable brown corduroy type jacket with faux fur on the collar. I also got 5 pairs of panties there. (they are so cute!! I know someone who will like them!! *cough cough*) Then I got two shirts at Rue21. They are so cheesy but they looked cute on me. They are both brown. One says “Everyone Loves a Brunette” and the other has a picture of a little yellow duck and it says “What the Duck” Aww they are cute. Oh, then I bought a pair of black fuzzy boots. They are adorable too. I think that’s all I got…I’m not sure though.

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:: 2005 21 December :: 12.22 pm

Well, my birthday ended up being ok. My mom called me 2 times to wish me a happy birthday, my sister called, Bri called, and Tony called. And...for the second year in a dad did NOT call. I cant believe I actually thought he would call this year. Its ok I guess.

Im going with my mom today. She is picking me up around 2pm and we are taking off for a night or two. Its gonna be awesome! I really need some mother daughter time with her. Ever since I got my cell phone turned off I havent been able to keep in touch with her as much. Thank God Mama Putt is getting me a new one for Christmas. Now I will be able to talk to my mom everyday again.


:: 2005 20 December :: 3.34 am


....I wonder if Andrea will call me and wish me a happy birthday

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:: 2005 19 December :: 2.13 pm

My 18th birthday is tomorrow!

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:: 2005 18 December :: 10.08 pm

Well, Tony is still in Florida. I still dont know how much longer he is gonna be there. I want him to come home soon though. He doesnt need to be around the people he is around right now. He needs to be home with people who care about him.
I've spent most of the night on the computer looking for Airports near the place Tony is staying in Florida. And then the rest of the night was spent looking for tickets for him. The cheapest one we found was about $260. The rest are anywhere between $260-$400. And thats if he leaves on either the 19th or 20th. If he has to get flown back later than that...well we cant find tickets any cheaper than about $600. And we definitly dont have that kind of money. But I guess thats what this family gets for trusting someone likfe Brad. We all had a bad feeling about this, and should have went with our gut...but no. Now we are gonna get screwed out of a lot of money because Brad probly wont pay us back like we are gonna try to make him do. God he pisses me off. I will be so happy when Tony stops being friends with him.

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:: 2005 18 December :: 12.33 am

*sigh* each day is getting harder and harder. Im so worried that Tony isnt happy right now. I want him to be having fun while he is in Florida, not worrying about when he is gonna get home.

Tony, I know i have told you this about a thousand times, but we will get you home. Your Aunt Lisa has already said that she will pay for the ticket with her credit card and brad will pay her back every cent if he doesnt get you home when he said he would (which is the 23rd at the absolute latest!!) I love you! And I will see you soon!

Oh, good news Tony, I found your free movie pass!!!


:: 2005 16 December :: 11.53 pm

Ok wow! This is total bull shit! This just proves that our frikin school really only cares about sports. Ok, so we had a snow day today, but we still had the basketball game tonight at the high school. But because of the snow day we had TODAY, they are cancelling the dance that was supposed to be TOMORROW!! How much frikin sense does that make!??! That makes me really angry!

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:: 2005 16 December :: 2.10 pm

Im sad....the dance got cancelled!! This sucks.
Oh well, I didnt have a "date" anyway.
My birthdays in 4 days! yay!
Oh, everybody wish and pray that Tony comes back before Christmas cuz I guess he might not and he really really wants to and I want him to too!

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:: 2005 15 December :: 9.08 pm

Wooh! I made honor roll. Go me.

Its weird...but I've decided that I miss Andrea a lot right now.

I think Im starting to like the fact that no one reads this anymore..I might actually be able to write whatever I want for once without people giving me shit about it.

Well....Tony is in Florida right now...or at least on his way there. He's gonna be gone for my birthday :( But its totally cool cuz I know he is having fun. Or at least I hope he is. Well, I miss him. But I know us being apart a little bit at a time is gonna help us alot. SO yea..

My birthday is in 5 days. (December 20th) so Im looking forward to that alot. Saturday Im going to a birthday dinner thing and then to the Winter Snow Ball....which I have nobody to go with since Tony is gone. This is gonna be really weird. I havent gone to a formal dance alone ever. Im gonna feel like a loser!!

LOve you Tony, and I miss you.

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:: 2005 20 November :: 9.12 pm

Holy Crap!! These past 4 days have been INSANE!! I spent most of those 4 days at school. On Thursday, i was at school for 16 hours (7 in classes and the rest doing stuff after school for the play) Friday I spent 17 hours there, and then Saturday I spent 13 hours there. All of this was for the play. And after being there early in the morning and then late at night, i had to wake up again today and spend 4 hours sewing with my mom for school!! Yikes. I love being with my mom, but not when all we are doing is sitting there sewing!!

So i should sleep good tonight...and thank God there are only 2 days of school this week!!

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:: 2005 13 December :: 4.15 pm

What a boring frikin day! Jesus Christ, i do not know what i am going to do when Im done with school. If i dont get my scholarship i think i might just die. I go crazy over some weekends and summer imagine what will happen when im done with school.

As of now, i am playing Soul Calibur III, but i needed to take a break because i was on the brink of smashing either the playstation2, the controller, or the tv. And we dont want that. I have been trying to beat this frikin guy in the game for about 3 hours, i finally did....and then about 5 minutes later i got my ass whipped and lost the game. Then, i got lucky one more time and beat him again after about another hour, but then in the middle of the game, i set the controller down, reached over and got a drink of water, accidentally pulled out the controller, and i guess thats bad because once i did, the game stopped and went back to the main screen and i had to start over. Grrr. I hate when video games get hard.

*sigh* other than that i suppose things are going good. There is only a month and 7 days until my birthday. Yay! I turn 18! Not that its a super huge deal. Theres only so much more you can do at 18 and thats smoke, which i dont do, go to strip clubs, which i wont do much ;) haha, gamble, which i might do, and vote, which i will do. Oh, I do get to try to get my licence though, so hopefully i can get a car, but thats not looking like it will happen when i wanted it to. I guess i should stop hearing people wrong. Ohwell... thats al for now.



:: 2005 29 September :: 1.11 pm

Today was alot better. I was in a pretty good mood. Im really happy too because I got my Powder Puff Jersey and my yearbook today! Wooh!

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