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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2006 at 5:47pm
Like a here it is in a
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02-01-06 5:50pm

Those are some nasty-ass balls.

And you're a nasty ass for polluting woohu with them. >_<

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02-01-06 6:04pm

Sometimes I think that you aren't right in the

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02-01-06 7:09pm

I am seriously considering deleting you as a friend for a period of time so I don't have to look at that every time I sign on to my friends page...

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02-01-06 8:20pm


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02-02-06 12:34am

um, i convulsed a little because i clicked onto y bookmarked friends page and that picture is all that i could see in teh browser window....i concur with amanda ricci and jason though jeeber, you are too strange for words...

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02-02-06 1:11am

I don't mind balls, but those aren't pretty.

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02-02-06 4:14pm

Like a scrotum here it is in a nutshell!

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