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jeeber4u (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2006 at 9:52am
I've been so confused and lost lately, yet I know exactly where i'm going. I know the exact location i'll be 1359 days from now, and I mean the exact Lat/Long coordinates! I've had to stop and view the map of life a few times, but i've got the GPS of family and friends to help me along. The beginning is DEFINITELY the end! We all have moments where we slip, and it comes around to bite us later. We just have to hold on, even if by a thread, because

I'm so glad that I have all these amazing friends, they're SO awesome! D@ve and (hu(k kick ass and can relate to me on a level that nobody would ever understand. K@t!e and K@te have been the best thing to happen to Amanda since birth! She's never had friends as good and i've never seen her so happy before! It's so nice to be able to just hang out around people who are down to earth and actually get what life is all about! No being 'fake' or 'plastic', no having to tip-toe through being friends, just the pleasurable feeling of having people who know how to feel.

Love is something that most people don't understand. Everyone I know aside from aforementioned individuals don't actually know what love IS, rather they lust after what they want. Sooner or later they'll come to the realization of their mistakes and learn what it means to truly love. They can't help it though, they're a product of the society and situations they put themselves in.

Black is white.
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Chopped liver here :-'

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I love your journal. :) It's peaceful.

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