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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2006 at 3:41pm
my dad decided it'd be fun to plan another family vacation this summer. except he's not listening to where we want to go, and decided we're heading out west anyway (barf). he wants me to plan all the details still though.

he's really the only one in the family that likes it out there in the middle of nowhere tourist-trap places
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04-16-06 7:11pm

well hey cheer up... roman and his family went out west for a vacation once and he loved it, maybe it wont be so bad. it's reallly pretty out there with all the mountains.

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04-16-06 9:58pm

sorry you have to go there.

i hope you have fun anyways?

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04-16-06 10:25pm

it's not that bad... I went out west. Lots of things to see. Tell your dad to get a plane to fly over the grand canyon. THat was a blast.

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04-17-06 12:34am

you should go to yellowstone and hassle gunnie.

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04-17-06 8:07pm

funny story, all these suggestions above have been previous out west family vacations. i think he's planning on taking us to glacier national park this time

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04-18-06 11:51am

where would you guys prefer to go?

write up a petition! make it happen!

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04-18-06 8:42pm

lol, my dad likes to take us to amusement parks and what not. I think the only thing sight seeing we did was a day trip to chicago where we went to the ghetto and went to the aquarium.

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04-18-06 9:35pm

I hate family vacations... and tourist traps... you should burn down the west

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Re:, 04-21-06 8:44pm

it's sure as hell tempting

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BITCH, 04-23-06 10:16am

I don't wanna go to the West, its sooooo boring. Waaaaaah!
Do you know where I get to go?

We own horses, jackass, I ain't doin NOTHING ever.

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Re: BITCH, 04-23-06 1:14pm

i blame the economy

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