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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2006 at 9:37pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Dethklok
Subject: Jesus H. Christ, I live
Yea, I'm not dead, blah blah blah vague promise to actually update woohu, all that good shit that I say every 6 months or so.

I think my problem is I never have anything to talk about until 6 months to go by. Or I'm lazy. Maybe its a mix of both.

Lets do a quick review of college:
Programming: Gah, why is this shit so hard?
Compys and society: Gah, why is this shit so stupid?
Marketing: Gah, why is this shit so obvious?
Creative Writing: Gah, why is it called 'creative'?
So, I'm really not enjoying myself this year, if it isn't already obvious. I'm really starting to attribute it to being away from friends and family. I'm lazy, but I'm not willing to completely blame my apathy for wasting my parents money. Despite my protests, my parents see no reason for me to try another school, but insist that staying at CMU for 4 years and getting a degree in god knows what is the best decision. My parents have literally told me that it doesn't matter what I get a degree in, so long as I get a job after its over. I agree with that, but only so far. Why drive to central and home again for over 4 years every weekend, paying for boarding, and everything else. To me, I think they love having me out of the house and enjoy all the nothing they do. Literally. They watch that 70's show and eat cereal.

I had more, but I got bored. Maybe I'll try updating this week.
Maybe. I spoil you kids sometimes...
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11-13-06 9:49pm

You drive back every weekend????

Yeah so, lets hang out and not play video games.


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11-13-06 10:58pm

WTF!?! do you have a problem with cereal!?!


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Re:, 11-14-06 9:53am

will you cut him so bad that he'll wish you didn't cut him so bad?

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11-14-06 11:24am

I am so glad I never have to take "Compys and society".

I was rather afraid C.M.U. might demand I take some computer class despite transfering a M.A.C.R.O.A.

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11-14-06 2:21pm

come to CC, all the cool kids are doing it

I pwn you at compys, society as well

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11-14-06 3:36pm

oh yeah, well, "modes of media production" and "society and self: the psychological and sociological perspectives" own your ass and your compy classes' asses any day of the week.

aside from that, you suck, and i'm way spoiled.

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11-14-06 10:16pm

I'm taking CPS 100 too.

It pretty much sucks.

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11-15-06 12:12am

December 2nd.... going away party....

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