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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2007 at 4:11pm
Subject: Random Journal Spree...
Was anyone else aware that 90% of the people on woohu are from Cedar Springs Michigan?
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02-25-07 3:35am

yeah cause the creator of woohu is from Cedar Springs,


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Re:, 02-25-07 12:46pm

Well, Paulio, I do also miss our endless and often meaningless conversations on the ways we dreamed of changing the world.

And sex, and such of course. =D

You ARE able to read all my "Friends Only" entries, right? Because the mass majority of them are like that.

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02-25-07 12:50pm

No shit.
I noticed that a while ago, but somehow it still surprises me when I see that the person's journal I'm looking at doesn't live in Spokane...

Yeah, I'm retarded, I know :P

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Re:, 02-25-07 4:11pm

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