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anachronism (profile) wrote,
on 5-20-2007 at 7:59pm
Subject: READ THIS.
Ok, so I lost all of my photos. Everything. Prom, graduation, parties, my first trip out of state, artsy shots, hanging out, my first photos with my new camera.. basically every photo in the past two years.

What happened is I deleted my account, because I couldn't remember my password for the life of me. I was asked if I'd like my files moved, so I said yes. Then I was asked if I'd like to delete my account even though my files would be deleted, I then chose no. After I chose that my account was deleted anyway.

I did searches in all drives and found nothing. And yes, I did check the recycle bin and nothing was there either. It's like they were just gone after the account thing.

If anyone has any way of getting something like this back please help me.

Basically I have lost all hope and am sure that everything is gone.

So, I am asking anyone who has any photos from an event I attended, or when friends hung out, Graduation, dances, prom.. please send them to me. Burn them to a CD or something.

Please take the time to help me out. I am completely crushed to have lost all of these photos.
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05-20-07 11:42pm

i am SO sorry. that sucks so much. i will try to find anything but i'm not sure if you'll like the ones i have or anything.

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Re:, 05-21-07 12:09pm

Thank you, anything will help. :)

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05-21-07 11:43am

Oh my god Stacy. I am so sorry. Are there any backup files? Could some type of customer service tech. help?

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Re:, 05-21-07 12:11pm

Well, Christian is the best person ever and got a program for me then connected to my computer and got a ton back. There are still a lot missing, some are just half there, and some won't open, but at least I have SOME back. I am happy to have any back at all. I guess once they're deleted it's not easy to get them back how they were or every single one. At least I got some! I wish it never happened though. :(

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05-21-07 12:46pm

jesus. I pretty much know how that is. My mom's computer loves to freak out and then she brings it to Best Buy... so they fix it by deleting everything. That's happend twice. One time was just a while ago. Luckily I had a few folders on CDs and some pictures at my dad's house. I'll make you CDs of what I have though. I have some prom and your visiting home party pics. I'll do what I can, Stacy! Also, I have no idea what your schedule is or how tired you still are, but sometime me Syd, Amanda, Dave, and maybe some other people are going to go picture taking in the woods and around white creek. I'll leave you a comment to invite you but I certainly wont get my feelings hurt if you don't want to come. :P
My new cell is 788-8855 if you want to hang out and show me photoshop stuff or whatever else.
Good luck with getting some photos back.

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Re:, 05-22-07 12:18pm

That sucks, losing anything is so terrible! Thank you for making the CD's. I am missing all of the ones from that time Syd and I got taped together aswell.. I know you, Amanda, or Syd will have those.

Anyway, that sounds like fun. I'll add your new number to my phone and if I can't go when you all go I'll for sure still want to hang out. I am pretty much rested up, but this week is busy. Within the next few weeks I'll be wanting to hang out. :)

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I have a few, 07-12-07 12:12pm

I might have a few cds full of pictures lying around... where can i reach you? I'm not online very often. Please email me your number ( or call me (my cell number is still the same). I'm in Cedar Springs once a week, usually.

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