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oceanchild (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2009 at 10:21pm
Current mood: disappointed
My sister had a party last night and someone stole my Nintendo DS. Apparently some of her friends had their phones stolen, too. Random people showed up; she didn't know who they were or who had invited them.

I'm really angry and really sad. I bought the DS when I was in Germany, and it was the prettiest turquoise. I liked it a lot. Sadie got me a replacement, which is white, and that was really sweet of her...but I just wish I had my old one back.
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11-30-09 2:56am

I hate people who do shit like that :(

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11-30-09 8:18am

I'm sorry. =(

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11-30-09 10:38am

wts. It's disgusting how people feel so comfortable stealing things like that.

Do you think someone might have just taken it by mistake? It sounds fishy but maybe someone just accidentally took it home with them. Did you let anyonep play with it for a while?

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Re: , 11-30-09 7:51pm

I wasn't actually there -- I had put all of my stuff in my room and Sadie said they wouldn't go in there. Then some party crashers showed up (she didn't know who they were or who had invited them) and started taking things. A few of her friends had their phones stolen, too.

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Re: Re: , 11-30-09 7:52pm

Whoops, I put all that stuff in my original post. I forgot. XPP

Anyway, I wish that someone had just taken it but her friends all said they didn't know anything about it. =(

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12-01-09 12:59pm

Once I got my CD player stolen in art class :(
I love my DS. I can't imagine having it gone. I'm sorry hun, that sucks.

You could order a turquoise one online!

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