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skife (profile) wrote,
on 12-9-2009 at 12:16am
some days i feel alone even when i'm not.

been neglecting woohu lately, didn't mean to.

christmas is coming; yay?
college needs to be paid for today, need to go setup a checking account.

the jeep is rusting.

hate using woohu to just complain about my life; there is much to complain about

there is so much good to; lots of good

scool starts in january

jeep still runs

i have work; although its not the best

miss my friends
don't see lizzy or rache enough
wish i had more weekends off to hang out with them.
havn't hung out with anyone but box and justin in awhile :(

still hungry; for food, for adventure, to live on my own.
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12-09-09 9:24pm

I miss you kid.

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12-10-09 2:17am

at least you feel bad about not seeing ppl.
I feel like i am purposely neglecting so may friends just because i can't explain everything to them.

It will work out eventually... at least that's what i tell myself to make it through the day.

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12-10-09 7:25pm

the night is darkest before the dawn....
thats what I have to keep telling myself.
I miss you too man.
20 miles seems like 200 with my car right now.
that seems backward but well. whatever you get me.

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