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godessalthena (profile) wrote,
on 10-3-2019 at 9:09pm
I can hardly imagine going to an open casket funeral, but to also dig their hole and put them in the hole you dug?

that is some next level shit. natives don't half ass saying good bye.

I just wish we didn't have to say goodbye at all.
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10-07-19 2:42pm

big mood
you doing alright?

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Re: , 10-13-19 10:05am

it gets easier as time goes on, but my sweetie is still having a really difficult time... I haven't gone through anything like this for a very long time, and that was more of a solo experience. ya know?

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Re: Re: , 10-15-19 12:12pm

I do know. Firm believer that shared grief is easier to bear!

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